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You know, I don’t begrudge anybody the right to be stupid. I’ve been known to be stupid myself on occasion, and you guys love to call me out on it. But if there’s one thing that really pisses me off!, it’s when people are willfully, deliberately stupid. Like Justice “Brewski” Brett Kavanaugh.

Look, it’s not like he didn’t give it a thought, like he didn’t know the consequences of his own actions. Shit! In his questioning of the Texas lawyers in the Texas SB8 case, Kavanaugh was like Babe Ruth, he called his shot! He said, paraphrased, If we let the Texas law stand, I worry that it will lead to other states, with more liberal legislatures, creating laws that allow individuals to sue for a bounty if anybody, say, sells an AR-15. No shit Sherlock. But when the time came to stand up and be counted on the side of the constitution, Kavanaugh provided the critical swing vote that let the Texas abortion law stand.

Here we go, and it didn’t take long. Today, California Democratic Governor Gavin Newsome almost gleefully announced that he will introduce a bill into the California legislature that would give individuals the right to sue, for a cash bounty, anyone who sells a semi-automatic weapon. Hell, why not

After all, it isn’t like they don’t have a point. For, as the far right NRA crazies love to point out, the Second Amendment ensures every citizen the The right to keep and bear arms. But nowhere does the Second Amendment ensure the right for anyone to sell arms! Or ammunition either, another fertile field to plow.

Shit, Kavanaugh’s stupidity just ensnared a case that the SCOTUS already has under consideration! The court just heard a NRA inspired case concerning New York’s concealed carry law. Let’s just say, as seems safe, that the court rules on behalf of the gun nuts, people with concealed carry permits issued by other states can pack heat in New York. The New York legislature passes a law authorizing every citizen the right to sue, for a $20,000 cash bounty, anyone conceal carrying in New York without a NY concealed carry permit?

The fun never ends. How about a GOP state with heavy Evangelical population passing a law allowing anyone to immediately sue, for a cash bounty, anyone found guilty of committing blasphemy against the Lord? Forget that pesky First Amendment shit, wingnut Evangelicals can’t be getting their delicate snowflake fee-fee’s hurt.  And what about a law allowing suits against anyone wearing a hijab, for being unamerican?

Mark my words, this shit will happen. California is already getting ready to start the ball rolling. And in 2-3 years, the Kavanaugh Court is going to find itself embarrassing itself trying to uphold the revocation of constitutional rights they approve of, while striking down rights they disapprove of, no matter what human and legal pretzels they have to turn themselves into.

One nice thing about the Texas abortion law decision, it has only solidified the opinion that an out of control, activist court must be reformed if the Democrats maintain control in 2022. The only thing now is electing enough Democrats with the balls to make it happen.


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  1. I’m confused but I’m sure I’ll get straightened out if I’m wrong. It’s my understanding that the SCOTUS ruling on the TX law was to deny an injunction to prevent it from being in force while things go through the courts. Their ruling didn’t speak to the merits (or more accurately lack thereof) but rather that there wasn’t enough legal justification to block “enforcement” of the law while it is fought in District and the Appellate courts. The effect is of course devastating, and SCOTUS doesn’t want anything to do with having to issue an opinion on the Constitutionality of the law for the very reasons stated in your article. What even the conservatives want is for the law to be struck down by lower federal courts and then they can deny “Cert” – refuse to hear the case and let the damned thing die the death it should already have been consigned to. It’s a legal Pandora’s Box that’s been opened and if Justices like Brewski Brett are running scared of what this law will lead to you know it’s a really bad idea. He and the other Federalist Society Fuckwads just don’t have the guts to stand up and say “Not only no, but HELL NO!” to Texas and the anti-abortion zealots who got them where they are. Worse (from their perspective) is that this makes their intent to overturn Roe more complicated. They were already trying to figure out how to provide a legal fig leaf to hide behind as they fake-piously claimed politics and their personal religious views had nothing to do with it, and now THIS mess is front and center.

    Of course, in the end I believe they are gonna dance with who brung them and kowtow to the religious fanatics. And shred what’s left of the credibility of SCOTUS in the process.

    • As I understand what the Court did was to rule that the Texas law remains on the books BUT abortion providers can now COUNTERSUE anyone who takes *them* to court.

      In other words, let’s say some nut decides to sue Dr John Doe for accepting a patient who’s seeking an abortion. Under the law the Texas legislature passed, Dr Doe couldn’t sue the nut in return (on any grounds). The Court basically said, “Abortion providers can be sued but they can sue the person bringing the suit in return.” (Again–that’s my understanding. I ain’t nowhere near no kind of lawyer but it looks like some members of the Supreme Court ain’t nowhere near being no kind of lawyer neither.)

      • “Again–that’s my understanding. I ain’t nowhere near no kind of lawyer but it looks like some members of the Supreme Court ain’t nowhere near being no kind of lawyer neither.”

        Joseph, truer words were never spoken! ????

        • Oh, they’re lawyers. The problem is that they are advocates (and of their personal religious beliefs) rather than judges, much less Justices.

    • This court is majority papist now. Only one of that number gives a flying fuck about the Constitution (Sonia). Papists were, before that idiot evang joined in the abortion fray, were the only ones wanting to put potential death sentences over every woman’s head (the woman was not allowed to have a pregnancy terminated if proceeding would result in her death). We now have the highest court int he land stuffed to overflowing with not only papists, but five absolutely rabid ones. Put simply: our nation is fucked up the ass sideways.

      The only bright spot on the horizon is the fact that if SB8 is upheld it would open the door for laws such as what CA is putting together: putting gun and ammo makers out of business would be a very good thing for our country. I do think however these yahoos will find some way to hypocritically justify a way to overturn what CA is going to do.

  2. Congratulations to Newsom for picking up on Brewski s great idea. See, Mr. Kavanaugh, it’s not so hard since you started to stop making us read between the lines.

    Murfster’s got the idea: hajibs, blasphemy…

    I think we oughta expand the list.

    OK, get rid of politically appointed Republican election overseers and Republican State legislatures that will be stealing elections next November.



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