Maybe this will be like a game of perpetual musical chairs, the inauguration day for the return of Donald Trump to power will just keep going out into the future, extension after extension, rationalization upon rationalization. As of today, March 20 is the new date. We don’t know what happened to March 4, we just know that now it’s March 20.

Not sure how anyone was able to see the Biden/Harris inauguration before it aired, time travel maybe? Who knows?

Check out this guy’s bona fides as a wingnut.

Now here’s my favorite shot of Home Sweet Home.

I am very enamored of the levitating sofa. However, some kill joy down thread pointed out that it’s something called a “couch swing” and you can see the ropes. Ruined my day, because I was thinking that here was evidence at last that these people are from some other world. Nope.

Put March 20 on your calendar. It’s the Spring Equinox, as good a day as any for a presidential inauguration. Personally, I’m going for April 1 as Inauguration Day, because then I can cop out and laugh “April Fool” and dance away. Hey, it makes as much sense as any of the rest of this nonsense.


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  1. So much for the theory that only sober people can be rational. WRONG. I was more in touch with reality while peaking on acid. Maybe they should try it. Of course, if you approach Mr. Natural with fear…not good. Seems every neuron in their brains are on the edge of panic. Yes, donny, as the movie line said, “death smiles at all men. The only thing a man can do is smile back.”

    • 12/7 is a reference to Pearl Harbor Day when Obama left Hawaii’s back door unlocked so the Japanese could sneak in and establish Imperial Socialism and sushi trucks……..or something like that.

    • 12/7 is the anniversary of Pearl Harbor Day when Obama left Hawaii’s back door unlocked so the Japanese could sneak in and spread Imperial Socialism and anime throughout the US

      ………or something like that.

  2. That couch swing had me going. My eyesight is better but even knowing there are chains I can’t make them out but I’ll take other’s word for it. The setting however takes me back to an old PBS show which I sometimes caught. It made me start looking for duct tape, or maybe to be “fancy” the chains are wound up duct tape in keeping with a staple of the Red Green show. The show ended long ago, and it looks to me like this guy decided to squat in the old Possum Lodge and let it run to seed. The dude looks about the speed of a person who thought the characters on the show and the Possum Lodge were real!

    As for his comments about the “real” Inauguration being in the Constitution, like idiot GOP Rep. Lauren Bobblehead he needs to be clued in on something else in the Constitution. The parts about Amendments and Congress ability to pass laws that change stuff that was in the original text of the Constitution!

  3. If 45 shows up at some rally or something that folks believe he will be inaugurated – is there anything illegal about it?

  4. The original inauguration date was March 4. If they’re going to play by that set of rules, then that one should still be in play, for those who can’t read amendments other than the second.

  5. This is beginning to sound like those clowns predicting the “end times”.
    The world will end on this date.
    Date passes and we’re all still here.
    Oops, forgot to carry the two. Send us more money.
    Lather, rinse, repeat.

  6. It’spossible that the date in March is so that St Patrick can travel from Ireland, set up his snake-ejection gear and clean the swamp, paving the way for the anointing of Donald the Great who shall reign forever and ever


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