Sightings of Damar Hamlin have been scarce, which is sort of normal for a guy who just three to four weeks ago needed CPR until his heart was restarted. The fact that he can get out at all is a minor miracle. He face chatted with his friends. Indeed, Damar was able to attend the Buffalo Bills’ playoff game when the cameras focused on him in a luxury box. Unfortunately, amidst all the snow, it was hard to get a good view of him.

And you will note that they don’t show Hamlin’s face, which would be impossible with the hood on him and greeting Bills’ fans. The child next to him must be his son. Who else would it be?

Damar also visited the Bills’ locker room prior to the game. But that isn’t good enough for the MAGAs. They’re convinced that Hamlin died and a body double is being used… I guess so that the NFL doesn’t look as bad, and they can continue to blame the vaccine.

If one Googles Damar Hamlin, the first three choices are “body double” and “died.” As an example. From Newsweek:

Buffalo Bills star Damar Hamlin‘s release from hospital and ongoing recovery did little to quash the rampant conspiracy theories that followed his collapse during the game against the Cincinnati Bengals earlier this month.

The 24-year-old safety suffered a cardiac arrest on the field and received CPR while being treated for 30 minutes by medical staff at the game, before being rushed to the hospital, where he was on a ventilator for two days.

Even before any official statements had been made addressing the possible causes, Covid- and vaccine-related misinformation flooded social media, with Hamlin’s name getting dragged into familiar “collapsed/died suddenly” anti-vaccine conspiracy narratives in the ensuing weeks.

Utterly disgusting. Twitter is even worse. That is where the conspiracy theorist haters come out to play and why Elon Musk should really reevaluate his life.

He is scared and shy, having faced death, maybe having a near-death experience, and very shaken up?

Fck both of you.

Just shut-up, shut-up, shut-up. Take your COVID Vax issue somewhere else.

If Damar Hamlin is dead, his team must be some of the greatest actors in history because they sure seemed to have lived this reality out.

As I have said before, the goal of propaganda isn’t to convince people of any one thing. Propaganda is meant to lure people into believing there is no “truth” anymore. Everyone has their own angle their own interpretation, and the media and Big Corp cannot ever be trusted. Sick of this shit.




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  1. I wish I could say I was surprised by this BULLSHIT but I’m not. After all, these are people so removed from reality they think JFK Jr. is alive and waiting for the right moment to reveal himself and take over as leader of Q and then the whole country and world. (and many think his dad is still alive too!) But they are stupid to the point of “stoopid”, delusional and if that’s not bad enough sick and twisted too.

    • Right, JFK Sr. and Jr. are both alive and Biden and Hamlin are dead and have body doubles. The stoopid just gets stronger every day with those people.

  2. Me too Jason. The laws have allowed and promoted this cultural disaster. Nixon put cannabis into schedule one against science and facts so he could lock up black activists and pot smoking anti war activists. FACT. It’s been in place since 1970 and tens of millions have been criminalized over a fucking LIE. Meanwhile truly dangerous substances like alcohol, tobbaco and pharmaceuticals have been promoted yet killing tens of millions. FACT. Oh, and the profits have been used to put more liars and hypocrites into power. What is the cost to our culture? And that’s just one example. There are plenty of others. A culture that allows deadly hypocrisy to be codified into law is one headed for disaster. And here we are. This is far far from over. Until we honor truth by codifying it into law, we will continue to go down the rabbit hole. Welcome to the Mad Hatter’s teaparty!

  3. What is so unknown about what happened? It was a sudden shock to his heart, and it’s happened to others in the past. Did everyone forget the medical people discussing it the first couple of days?

  4. Is there ANYTHING that isn’t too fucking stupid for these people to believe? Is there a bottom to this well of asinine beliefs? Do these people know how to read? I ask because if they can, surely they could pick up a mother-fucking dictionary and obtain the definitions for facts and fallacies, possibilities and impossibilities, probable and wildly fucking no way in hell not gonna happen.

    WTF is wrong with these fucking morons? The one thing out of this I hope happens is that the player and his family read/hear this shit and laugh themselves silly over something so fucking insane.

  5. Spike to answer your question…no there’s nothing out of bounds for a cult. Remember the 900+ that drank cyanide to see Jesus. They fed it to their children. Goddamn them all.


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