Mark my words. Donald Trump has finally played out his long string of thumbing his nose at authorities. The Washington Post reporting tonight that specifically posits that Trump is a subject of a federal criminal investigation almost certainly seals his fate.

Let me illustrate his peril for you with a hypothetical. Let’s just say that you’re a low level used car dealer. Most of your stock is shit. But you also have some nice, later model cars. Basically because criminal boosters steal cars, bring them to you, and sell them to you. Your auto body boys alter the registration numbers, you cobble up fresh paperwork, and then sell them.

Now, let’s just say that one day you sell a junker to a couple of scruffy looking foreigners. You turn on the news a day or two later to find that they used the car to bomb a federal court building. Which means, of course that the FBI will be investigating the crime.

And they’ll trace the vehicle back to YOU. But you didn’t do anything wrong. You sold a car, that’s what you do. But because the FBI likes to be thorough, they’ll search back through your records. And they’ll find the evidence of multiple illegal car purchases, fraudulent registration changes, and fraudulent sales of stolen vehicles.

But you were innocent of doing anything wrong in selling the vehicle to the terrorists. But what does the FBI do? Do they simply walk away because you were innocent, or do they drop a big, fat file on some prosecutors desk for further investigation and prosecution of your former sins?

That’s Trump’s biggest legal risk right now. Seditious conspiracy and obstructing the performance of an official duty are difficult charges to prove, especially for a former President. But with Traitor Tot becoming a subject of an official DOJ investigation, Trump’s life is now an open book to the DOJ. They can subpoena records, phone logs, you name it.

And if the DOJ can’t criminally charge Trump with seditious conspiracy, or attempting to disrupt an official government function, their reach is broad. But what if the DOJ uncovers evidence of criminal conspiracy.  Like Trump’s phone call to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to provide dirt on Biden in return for weapons. And how about possible charges of Emolument Clause violations for foreign governments pumping money into his hotels?

And that doesn’t even cover possible state and interstate violations that the FBI might uncover in their investigation. Do they throw those out, or do they turn them over to various state and local prosecutors for further investigation and possible prosecution?

Once the DOJ gets their hooks into you, you’re theirs. They have resources that the J6 committee can only dream of. And if they find evidence of state and local crimes, then hell, law enforcement is a brotherhood. And they’ll share.

Now that the DOJ has its hooks into Trump, this can’t end well for him. He has been too stupid, arrogant, and lazy to not leave a trail of breadcrumbs  wide enough for a myopic mole to follow. To sum up. One way or another, Trump. Is. Going. Down. 


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  1. Not soon enough. Wipe out his political future and wipe him out financially. And while they’re at it, can they kindly prosecute him for rape? And make it abundantly clear to his anti-choice minions how many abortions he has bankrolled?

    • His political future is ALREADY wiped out. Murdoch publications have been making that plain enough in recent weeks. As for the rest, learn how the legal system works before assuming you know anything.

    • I was thinking he has to have paid for many abortions. But Rs don’t really care about fetuses. Just money. Even the evangelicals. Tgeyvwill.just say he is,a baby Christian and got Jesused so all those abortions no longer matter. Hypocrites.
      Does he pay support to the centerfold he had a kidcwith?

  2. Let’s get this straight. You are saying because corrupt federal law enforcement that gets their hooks into a Citizen, who was voted on by the people, and acquitted, whose deposition is on ice in New York State, under a fraud investigation no less, will never be let go of until he goes down, because of the “brotherhood” and that his big file will be turned over to make that happen, or until the emoluments are finally found, of which they did not already split when letting go his big corrupt D.C. hotel, and where the corrupt law lived out of a floor of his other home, in a state that refuses to prohibit him and his Revocable Trust from operations that made it all happen, but now this it! The guy who does not get his promised spot on the big bad conservo-Court is going to finally show us that America does not take it lying down, and we will take solace in a prosecution of that citizen, a President, who said grab them by their hoo-hoo’s and the court said “hell yeah!” and the people will say thank god for the brothers in the hood? I mean do you think Garland will be running down the hall like Comey, ready to open mouth and insert foot? The only smoking gun here is trying to keep fooling the dumbest people that all they have left is to find any other idiot who can be voted for and lose because at some point there will not be “burden-sharing” for Traitor Tot, there will be a loser not too much different but who can say “I lost” and these folks will need to know that this person’s loss is not the end of their lives, or their party, or the reason to attack our system, they just need to get out there and BUY it like everyone else, because of Citizen’s United, er I mean your time honored and protected democratic vote. Or he gets to be President and so we and you can live high on the blog. Putin says take your pick America, gulp.

  3. The day when I can quote H.G. Wells’ self-written epitaph at every Debbie Downer and Negative Nilly on this matter draws ever nigh. For the record, here’s the quote: “God damn you all, I told you so.”

  4. I wouldn’t write off Formerly’s chances of being indicted for seditious conspiracy and obstruction of an official proceeding so quickly. For some time, as many have railed against Garland and the DoJ, I’ve been calmly reminding them Garland is the man who (with others) brought down Timothy McVeigh and the Unabomber. Garland knows the tightrope he and the DoJ are walking like the contents of his wallet; I have no doubt at all he and the still-loyal-to-America staff at the DoJ hit the ground running in February 2021, and ever since have been quietly, methodically, ruthlessly and most important of all, *legally* building an airtight, virtually bulletproof-on-appeal case against The Head Treason Weasel, not merely his coffee boys. Just check out Garland’s history as a prosecutor. That’s just the way ‘ol Merrick rolls.

  5. I can’t wait for them to put that crimnal away he’s getting away with too much things ..all he wants to do is hide in the white house and cover up is dirtness them ,put that he devil 😈😈 sway please do and throw away the key

  6. I am so tired of people always talking shit about Trump .Keep trying to get him on anything you can everytime they tried they couldn’t find anything .Hang it up already Trump is a great President he had this country up and running we had closed borders gas was low people fighting and stealing .WTH Biden is in office 1 day and he stopped the pipeline opened borders shelf’s at the store are empty this man and his administration all need to go to jail but no he destroyed this country the only thing the damn Democrats want is Trump not to be in office they are scared of Trump …Trump will be back the Democrats are going down just like they are taking this country down .Vote REPUBLICAN in Nov

  7. That’s what I never understood. The moron had it going on laundering money for Putin and the boys. Banging strays with Epstein and buying any golf course he played at. Building motels in far away places. Then the moron runs for president. What a moron. He needs to go to prison. He’s a freaking career criminal that’s never been caught. Hopefully he has been now.

    • There is a theory that all his presidential campaign was was a PR stunt to promote whatever big enterprise he was pushing at the time. Then he won. Then he made the mistake of thinking business and politics worked by the same rules. We all know what happened from there.

      • There’s some credence to that theory. He likely didn’t think he’d wind up winning but kinda hoped he would. But until Comey’s October Surprise he probably knew it wasn’t going to happen but the plan of raising his profile and raising tons of money had worked like a charm. In those final days though I suspect he thought it might actually happen. And he experienced a combination of “Oh boy!” and Oh shit!” feelings. Being a pure grifter he surely thought about the scams he could pull (he was already raking it in with his DC hotel) but it wasn’t until he was actually in Office that he realized just how much power he had and how much he could grift. Not being as smart as he thinks he is it took him a long time to fully capitalize on his Office but he learned, and steadily got rid of those who would try to rein him in if only because so much couldn’t be hidden and it was bad for the GOP. There has been corruption in the Oval Office in our history but NOTHING on the scale that took place with Trump. Small wonder he didn’t want to leave!

  8. I read today that Cassidy Hutchinson is cooperating with the DOJ investigation, and so it seems pretty obvious that Trump is in deep doo-doo. I also read that the RNC has told Trump that if he runs again for pres. on 2024, they will stop paying his defense bills.


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