Mar-a-Lago is a ghoulish place. You see the strangest looking people there and they all look vaguely alike, having used the same cosmetic surgeon.

It is a place where women carry bejeweled Trump clutch bags, costing many thousands of dollars and where champagne popsicles are served for breakfast — at least when Ivanka is in town.

It is a place where the Secret Service hovers, protecting its balding blonde charge. That must be one hell of a gig. Here’s what that all looks like.

At least it’s mercifully short. And don’t you love it when the mini skirted Kimberly shuffles along next to him?

Yes, folks, this is “dancing.” Trump’s been perfecting these moves for a long time.

It’s the nature of the grotesque that you can’t look away, that you find yourself riveted.

Maybe Trump and DeSantis can have a dance off. Since Trump wears platform shoes and DeSantis wears high heels, this ought to be amusing.

And you knew this was coming, right? Trump takes the mic and instead of “Happy Birthday to Kimberly, the latest addition to our wonderful family. She and Don Jr. are so great together…” No way in Hell. Trump starts talking about himself.

You’ve heard life is but a dream. Unless you’re Donald Trump. Then it’s a non stop campaign rally.


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  1. I wish he’d buy some new F’ing suits. I’m so sick of seeing him in that ugly blue suit, white shirt and red tie!! He’s one ugly piece of excrement!!!

  2. That’s called dancing? Looks like he’s drying his shoulders with an imaginary towel. Hey, I’ve been in relationships with black ladies since 1998. If they saw that, the laughter and derision could be heard in Florida. He gives white men a bad name. The good news is Elaine from Seinfeld finally has someone with worse dance moves than hers. The plus side for humpty dumpty is that’s the most exercise he’s had in a while. God, how anyone could admire this pile of self righteous goo is beyond me, much less think he’s the poster boy for virility.

  3. Can we stop calling it dancing? As a former dance teacher, I find this repulsive. And what’s with KG’s mini skirt? She’s a bit long in the tooth to be dressed like she’s 19.


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