The Jan.6 Hearing today is making big news, but I want to talk sconces. And so does the host of the fabulous “Mueller She Wrote” Podcast, who posted this tweet…

…of Rep. Loudermilk’s fabulous eagle sconce which the guy who wanted to yank out Pelosi’s hair and ruin Mike Pence’s day found so photogenic.

It’s a lovely sconce to be sure, but perhaps not so impressive from 30 feet below; but what do I know from sconces? Perhaps this is the Pietà of sconces, a veritable Sistine Chapel like work of art that would only truly appeal to a cultured cognoscente like the hillbilly who wanted to yank out Pelosi’s hair.

What say you, Twitter?

That’s a possibility.


Methinks we have a winner, folks.

Thanks to the lovely Allison Gill from Mueller She Wrote, who looks much better than the lighting fixture, for this..

I’ve been dying to see that Sconce!

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