The whole problem with being a prophet in the wilderness is that nobody else ever quite seems to realize what a f*cking genius you are. J’Accuse, Marjorie Taylor Greene.

MTG came into the House of Representatives as a freak, an anomaly, elected by uncaring imbeciles in a safe red district. And in any other congress in history, Machine Gun Marjie would have remained exactly that, a freak show in bad taste, relegated to a seat in the far corner of the House chamber.

But fortunately for Taylor Greene, she was blessed with friends in low places. She walked into the House surrounded by mental defectives like Jim Jordan, Sugar Daddy Matt Gaetz, Chip Roy, Paul Gosar, and James Comer. You all know them, the Freedom Caucus. 

And Machine Gun Marjie had a new home. An insaniac surrounded by other insaniacs. The motley crew that, in defiance of all common math and sense, managed to engineer the ousters of House Speakers John Boehner and Paul Ryan.

Taylor Greene was like a pig in slop. A true performance artist, MTG had no interest in actually governing, and every interest in increasing her face time in far right media, increasing her national fund raising database, and generally being an all purpose pain in the ass. And it worked.

But she made a fundamental error. She backed Cave-In McCarthy for House Speaker. It was a nightmare. In 14 straight ballots, Democratic challenger Hakeem Jeffries scored more votes for Speaker than McCarthy did. And when he finally got the gavel, he was already a dead man walking.

And when the time came for McCarthy to go, it was her own associate, Bratty Matty Gaetz that led the charge to expel her own choice from the Speakership. This was a direct slap.  To her self esteem, and it left a sour taste in her mouth. And Taylor Greene carefully plotted her revenge.

From the day that MAGA Mike Johnson was elected Speaker, MTG put him on a choker chain. She almost immediately threatened a vote to vacate the Chair if Johnson strayed from the MAGA reservation. This was her petty revenge on Gaetz for ousting her choice.

But now the simple math has caught up with MTG. Mike Johnson didn’t actually want this job, nor do I honestly believe he cares if MTG takes it away. Johnson was smart enough to do the math, and realize that he could actually do his job and pass meaningful legislation. The fact that he used Democrats to do it was the kiss of death. He laid the challenge directly at MTG’s feet.

And he’s about to reap his reward. MTG has already announced that when the House comes back into session next week, she is going to lay her motion on the floor to strip Johnson from his Speakership. And it’s a suicide run for MTG. Moderate HOP House members are sick of the bombastic bullsh*t, and only want things to bring home to their districts to run on in November. And if necessary, enough Democrats will cross over to make sure that MTG gets her mug bloodied. She’ll lose.

But she doesn’t care. MYTG is sick and tired of the internal nonstop fighting in the House GOP caucus. She is a shoe in to be reelected in November, and she has a long term plan already in place. In her first term she was a perpetual no-show for votes, mostly because she was crisscrossing the country to set up a national fundraising database. And now it’s time to put it to good use.

She’ll almost certainly get reelected to the House in November, and then will almost as certainly announce her candidacy for the US Senate against Democrat Jon Ossoff in 2026. After her inevitable failure in the House vote to remove Johnson, her influence will wane even further. And if as expected the Democrats retake the House in November, then MTG would become inconsequential.

MTG has run out her string in the House. Her only bet is to make a run for the Senate so she can piss off 99 new people. Can she do it? Two years is a long time. Don’t touch that dial.

I thank you for the privilege of your time.

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  1. Two things. I think you’re spot-on about her announcing her intent to run for Senate by this time next year. It hadn’t occurred to me so kudos for pointing it out. However she’s got a problem. She might live in blood red district that would vote for Satan even if the Democratic candidate was their Jeebus the pretend to worship/follow, but the primary will be statewide. I’m pretty sure a much more palatable GOP candidate or two will run for the seat. Kemp perhaps unless he’s looking bigger (I think he is) and intending a run for President. MAGAs might need some convincing but he can win them over. I think. I’m sure there are others but the point is that she’ll never win the GOP primary to run against Ossoff.

    I also think you’re right about Johnson. I think he’s done more math than vote counting. As Speaker he gets an extra forty grand or so a year and he needed the money for sure. By the time next January rolls around he’ll have banked a good $400k or so. Even after taxes that’s a nice chunk of change for his kid’s college funds. Sure, he’d probably like to keep getting that extra scratch but he won’t be broken hearted if/when it gets cut off. He’ll have gotten what he needed, and I’m sure more than once he’s wondered if the job of Speaker was worth the extra money. But he’s needed it so he’ll collect while he can. And probably be glad to hand over the gavel come January.

    If he’s willing to relocate his family he could probably have a more lucrative career and income by becoming one of the K-Street crowd. Live a quieter life too.

  2. The way you connect the dots makes total sense. I suspect she’ll learn the hard way that successfully running for a statewide position is above her mental and moral pay grade, just as running for president painfully exposed DeSantis’ mediocrity.


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