I really like the analogy, Marge, except for the fact that Congressional Republicans are far move venal and destructive than the Cosa Nostra ever was.

As Kevin McCarthy’s Kindergarten caucus veers toward default and the wrecking of a now thriving American Economy (which is probably their ultimate goal ahead of next year’s election) MTG posted a tweet comparing the GOP to the Mafia’s Five Families:

Ron Filipkowski explains the brouhaha that prompted her bleat over at Medias Touch News

“Drama unfolded on social media and on conference calls on Sunday night as Punchbowl News and the Washington Examiner reported that a secret deal on a CR had been reached between the establishment Republican “Mainstreet Caucus” and right-wing “Freedom Caucus” members. However, after news of that leaked, a full-scale revolt played out on Twitter from the far Right.

The deal was negotiated between Byron Donalds of the Freedom Caucus and Dusty Johnson of the Mainstreet Caucus. The problem is, Donalds apparently has zero control over his members and apparently didn’t check with them on the parameters of it.

Several other Republicans chimed in as Members were apparently informed by leadership on Sunday night. Dan Bishop, Matt Gaetz, Ralph Norman, Tim Burchett, Tony Gonzales, Eli Crane, and somewhat surprisingly Marge Greene all made it clear they were voting NO because they believed that the compromise was too close to current spending levels passed by Democrats last year…

… It will certainly be interesting to watch this play out, as Kevin McCarthy hasn’t yet been able to put together a majority to vote for a substantive piece of legislation. With the narrow Republican majority, it seems clear that if there is a deal to be made, it would be easier for McCarthy to make it with Democrats to pass a bi-partisan bill but doing that just might cost him his Speakership.”

I don’t see McCarthy cutting a deal with democrats, if we are going to avoid an end of September default, the Republicans will have to stop acting like warring gangs of children and do something responsible for a change.

Fat chance, right?

Here are Ron’s followers on Marge’s five families comparison:



And working on #3.


But leave the cannoli.




That’s really scary.

Marge’s idiotic comparison is so far off the mark because… number one… organized crime was, you know… organized.

The Republicans in the House are much more like The Gang Who Couldn’t Shoot Straight, and if they are allowed to have their way it just might be our American experiment with democracy that ends up dead in the barber’s chair.

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  1. Hey, you got the five families. And like you say, you got everyone running around like they escaped the kindergarten class. You think we could get Arnold Schwarzenegger to come in and clean this up. I’d say get Steven Segal but he’s got a habit of shoot first and ask anyone still alive to surrender. Although the thoughts appealing they might get pissy about a bunch of dead congress people. Yep, I do believe Arnold’s our man.


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