Ever since Special Counsel Jack Smith unsealed the indictments against Trump in the DC case, including six “unindicted co-conspirators,” the media has been having a field day with it. Thanks to specific information and quotations listed in the indictment, it was fairly easy for the media to identify five out of the six. I nicknamed the sixth one Austin Powers, International Man of Mystery.

But on The beat today, Ari Melber solved the puzzle. And he did it with world class style. He not only identified the miscreant, he played exclusive video of the scoundrel setting up the plot.

The sixth unindicted Trump co-conspirator is none other than our favorite cartoon character, Roger Rabbit Stone. I told you guys we weren’t through with that scumbag yet, he’s like bad weather, everywhere. But I didn’t have him pegged for this. I had Boris Epsteyn fitted with that particular toe tag.

It’s fascinating how Ari got it. Several months ago, when the DC investigation was steaming more and more towards indictments, Melber had a documentary filmmaker on his show. The documentarian was doing one on Roger Stone, and he was embedded with him from mid October until sometime after January 6th. Ari aired several clips of stone making an ass of himself in public, marching around with Oath Kreeper bodyguards on January 6th, and just generally making a pompous, self centered horses ass out of himself.

Anybody who knows anything about the movies knows that for every one minute of useable film you get, five minutes end up on the cutting room floor. Especially in a documentary, where so much is unscripted, and you have to be lucky enough to have the cameras rolling when it happens.

And the cutting room floor is where this clip came from, and it’s devastating, not only for Stone, but for everybody in Trump’s circle, especially in Georgia, who have claimed all along that they were acting in good faith. They honestly thought that Traitor Tot had won, and the election was being stolen from him.

In the clip, Stone is sitting at the head of a conference table, with an aide next to him, and others standing or sitting around the table. Stone was dictating a letter to the aide. But the content is everything. In great detail Stone lays out a plan that would have Trump operatives contacting GOP legislators in critical GOP controlled swing states, showing them how to use the excuse of rampant voter fraud to throw the results back to the state legislatures, where they would name Trump electors, giving him his second term. Sounds familiar, right?

But here’s the McGuffin. Roger Stone was dictating this letter on November 5th, 2020. Yep. Three weeks before Kenneth Chesebro raised the idea, and more than a month before John Eastman came up with his power point presentation of what Peter Navarro dubbed The Green Bay Sweep. But most critical for all, Stone dictated the precise plan two days before the media called the election for Biden! Counting was still going on. But there were already Trump co-conspirators were already fomenting a plan to steal the election.

In addition to the clip, Ari had the documentarian back on to set up the clip, and provide color commentary. And the best part came when Ari asked the guy if he had talked to Stone after January 6th. He replied that he had, and that Stone was panic stricken. He was sure that the plot would be revealed, and absolutely paranoid that he would be one of the first to be locked up and charged. He was busy doing everything but rolling himself into a carpet and having himself delivered to the Oval Office to try to get in touch with Trump to beg for a pardon. Which never came.

Funny how things work out sometimes, isn’t it? Months ago Ari Melber puts on an entertaining guest with some good dirt on Roger Stone, gives him some air time and plugs his documentary. Months later, when the documentarian finds this clip, who does he call? His old friend Ari, who did him a solid. And by the way, Ari asked the documentarian if he had turned this clip over to the authorities, and he responded that the FBI has had the clip since July of 2022, Stone is toast.

I’ve been saying all along that the whole lot of these jackheels combined don’t have enough brains to fill a thimble. Comedian John Oliver has dubbed the whole mess as Stupid Watergate on his show. But when you think about it, if there’s one person likely to roll on Da Boss to keep his scrawny ass out of prison, it’s the guy who literally begged Traitor Tot for a pardon, and couldn’t get his phone calls returned. I said it before, and I’ll say it again. We haven’t heard the last of Roger Stone. He’s just to sleazy and too much of a born patsy. Besides, like FrankenTrump, he lives for the spotlight. Who else invites a filmmaker to follow him around while he plans and commits crimes.

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  1. I’m going to check out John Oliver. This is Stupid Watergate. Stupid Surreal Watergate. My favorite new word is surreal, because all this lunacy is just altogether next level.

  2. Well, for me this is good enough to say Stone is the “unidentifed man.” Now all six remain unnamed, but no longer unknown. In an admittedly shameless self-plug I think it makes my article about why the hell Stephen Miller hasn’t been indicted makes that question all the more worthy of consideration. I mean what the hell? A commentor had suggested he was the mysterious person no one could figure out the identity of. Now it looks like Miller is still out there apparently escaping justice (PRISON) he so richly deserves.

  3. Gee, didn’t Roger and his Ratfu*kers start out with Tricky Dick? There was a whole boil of them, altogether too many of them still running around free.

  4. I’m willing to go out on a limb and say that Stone will claim he was “just playing for the cameras” which is possible but NORMAL people would make sure the person filming is also in on the “joke” just in case something “leaks” to the public.
    Stone will have a VERY tough go of pulling off such a claim. Even a “Scooby-Doo” bad guy wouldn’t try something this asinine–even without a bunch of “meddling kids” getting in the way.


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