One could accuse avid straightriot, lover of women, Bible reader and mall Santa Gary Petersen of many things, and, believe me if you peruse his Twitter threads he has been accused of almost everything… but never accuse him of not being a serious artist, I mean just look at that likeness of the Orangeutan and his lovely escort – the likenesses are simply remarkable!

Following Gary Peterson on Twitter has profoundly changed my life, challenging everything I thought I knew about art, life, family and now… religion.

His latest work, which I consider his pièce de résistance, has me rethinking my profound skepticism of the Orthodox faiths:

But, as John Quincy Adams O’Toole said all those years ago – “When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign, that the dunces are all in confederacy against him”…

And that can’t be good!



But, but, Peterson is a serious artist!


But enough of the critics! Let’s get to know more about the man himself…


You must be a proud papa, Gary!



My hero!

Can’t wait to catch you all at my local lanes!

Lol, Barney got much better looking.

Yes, yes he would, Gary 👍

Run Gary!




What an honor!


Jesse is gonna have to get in line behind me, straightriot.

I can’t wait for your next work!

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  1. Dino, what is this guy? Other than “pseudo” everything? And if he’s supposed to be a portrait artist—-well, he’s a bad one!

    Also, where in the Bible did Jesus-called-Christ preach, “Fine, if we can’t kill them, we’ll fucking torture them instead”???

  2. Its a curious thing that so many human brains tethered to the planet by gravity have become so delusional. There just aren’t enough locked psychiatric wards to treat them. Cyanide grape juice all around. Then the rest of us may have a shot at believing that good will someday triump over evil.

  3. Everything he does is a joke. It’s got to be. But…..doing the joke seriously has the RW thinking it’s real. Plus……he got this diary – right?

  4. His Andy Griffith looks like Tpom Selleck. His George Burns looks like Paul Lynde. And his TFG for look like Lindey graham, except in the Madonna oe, which looks likea constpated TFG (althoug I can’t be sure, since that’s apparently the one thing he never is.)

  5. It took me a while to figure out what was going on, I had to go back and re-read all his tweets to see that his tongue is firmly in cheek. This guy is a character! His Andy Griffith is Barney Miller’s Hal Linden. His George Burns is Milton Berle. The only one he did a genuine likeness of was Queen of Frown, Melanoma, although the Virgin looks more like dumph than the grinning idiot he portrays next to Melanoma. And I sincerely hope that isn’t his son in two of those pictures. He looks like he could be the next school mass shooter.

  6. I love this guy. We have very similar beliefs in our fiery love of America.

    One example, not enough people talk about Eric. Sure Don Jr. is dashingly handsome and Ivanka is so amazing she should be married to her father the savior. But Eric is clearly the Golden Child and we all need to respect that.

    But my main agreement is MTG should be broadcast in every school in every democracy on the planet. Have you seen your kids textbooks lately? I am disgusted by my sons books. There is so much filth, I can’t even hold them.

    Thank you Good Sir Gary as you verbalize every thing I’m thinking!


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