They are very mad. The Republicans, nearly all of them, are really mad. And I am mad that this is happening in 2023 with Trump leading in Republican polls. The charge everyone knows is coming is the case in which Trump conspired with Michael Cohen and that case could have been done on January 21st 2021 when everyone hated Trump. He would have had NO sympathy.

The ONLY saving grace is that there are indications that the indictment could be far broader than just the Stormy Daniels. There are witnesses that had no ties to the Stormy Daniels case. I hope so because the time lag looks bad. Unless indictments come soon from Atlanta (What the hell are they doing there?), prosecuting Trump on the Manhattan conspiracy alone – without other crimes like fraud and tax evasion, without the tax problems would worry me from a political point of view.

Here is the most cogent argument from Gov. Chris Sununu, who is not a MAGA:

Despite the comment above, there is a touch of real politic in Sununu’s argument. The lag time looks bad.

Pence is always ready to defend the man who said, “Maybe Pence does deserve to die,” and arranged for a crowd to yell “hang Mike Pence” while running through the Capitol:

Despite the fact that Michael Cohen went to prison for the exact same crime (and I don’t recall Trump pardoning Cohen, saying it never happened and it’s a witch hunt, do you?), Rep. Comer says that this is just an effort to distract from the banking records showing that Hunter Biden accepted payments from the Chinese Communist party.

From Politico’s Playbook, Lindsey Graham is also taking the “sympathy” line:

Sen. LINDSEY GRAHAM (R-S.C.) speaking at an event in his home state, said that Bragg had “done more to help Donald Trump get elected president than any single person in America today.”

Rick Scott takes a different tact and says that this all makes us look weak and why isn’t Mitch McConnell out screaming? (I know why!)

And this is from yesterday, and have to include it because Randy Quaid is such an ass:

Right. We know.

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  1. Randy Quaid. An ass? He’s mentally ill. He’s delusional. We all watched two impeachments with no accountability. We’re waiting for NY to do their lawful duty. Georgia. Jack Smith. We watched all that 45 has done criminally (so much we don’t know.) Emoluments clause galore. If he isn’t held accountable – no matter the threats of violence – democracy is lost.

    • I couldn’t agree more.

      I said the timing worries me from a “political point of view” – THIS CASE in particular should have been brought in Feb. 2021!

      I also want the case in Georgia charged ASAP bc that is so egregious and on tape. I don’t know what Jack Smith is doing (he’s working hard) bc it doesn’t look like he even could indict before mid-summer, and that’s too late for any federal trial. Any GOP win makes it all worthless, he’ll just be pardoned or pardon himself.

  2. The former guy wants it to be done in front of cameras, live, so he can get sympathy form his followers and the dimbulbs in the media.
    What they usually do, for Big Names, is prearrange the time and use the back doors/service doors at the courthouses/police stations, and it’s usually very early in the morning.
    They haven’t named a day for this, for very obvious reasons.

  3. Interesting how they can fabricate complete lies about Hunter Biden and ‘The Chinese’, while completely ignoring the many facts of Trump’s children actually dealing with China. (Let alone the $2 billion Saudis paid to bail out Jarvanka)

    Repeat a lie often enough…


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