I am not a big fan of Joe Scarborough‘s morning show, mostly because I found it unsettling how quickly he jumps from one bandwagon to another, going from a cozy relationship with candidate Trump in 2016, and definitely easing his path to the White House, to being virulently Anti-Trump after the Orangeutan showed exactly who he is, which Joe and Mika should have already known.

But when he loudly denounces the pro-insurrection, Trump loving Southern Evangelical prig Mike Johnson for his description of America as “dark and depraved” he has my attention:

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“MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough rebuked House speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) and other Republicans who seem to “hate” American values.

Video has surfaced of the Louisiana Republican taking part in a prayer call early last month with far-right Pastor Jim Garlow with the World Prayer Network, and the “Morning Joe” host was troubled that Johnson suggested the nation deserved God’s wrath for its “dark and depraved” culture.”

Because it seems to me that if that truly represents the Speaker’s worldview than he is definitely in the wrong line of work.

The Representative from northwest Louisiana should be in Congress looking to help the people of his district rather than tossing around rhetorical bombs at an Evangelical Conference.

“He ran the big lie on Capitol Hill,” Scarborough said. “Preach about that, Jimmy Swaggart, right? Go to your motel room and start faxing around, you know, conspiratorial documents. There’s so much hypocrisy. Whether it is Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker, Jimmy Swaggart. There’s so much hypocrisy to go to here, about a guy, again, trying to undermine our institutions. The guy who led in the House of Representatives the attempt to undermine the United States Constitution in an attempt to end democracy. Suddenly, this great prophet, this Jeremiah of our times, went quietly silent, as mobs rushed the people’s house where he was, and battered and abused police officers with American flags that our soldiers, sailors, Marines and airmen took into battle over 200 years to defend this country. The hypocrisy, in the words of, I think Homer Simpson when someone accidentally threw communion water in his eyes, it burns. There’s so much hypocrisy.”

Exactly right Joe, it’s almost as if he knows a good part of his constituency in their hearts truly hate America and are willing to put Dotard drumpf back into office to punish us all for our belief in an egalitarian, multi-ethnic and socially just society.

“Johnson specifically cited the growing acceptance of LGBTQ people, specifically teenagers, and the decline in church attendance as deserving of divine judgment, and Scarborough suggested that the apparent turn away from conservative values had much to do with Donald Trump.

“I have to go back to the question I asked yesterday, I’m serious – why do Republicans hate America so much?” Scarborough added. “I’m an evangelical. I believe, whether people think it’s crazy or not, I believe, you know, what the Gospels say. I believe what the Sermon on the Mount says. I believe in Jesus. We’re all sinners, we’re all fallen, right? But I’m very optimistic about America’s future. I see the good in people, I see the good in the country. It is interesting, he is trying to dig statistics about, I don’t know, drag queen shows or something. What I see is that, not so long ago, teenage pregnancy at an all-time low in America. That’s something we always heard about, you know, in the Southern Baptist Church growing up. Child poverty over the last year, like a 50-, 60-year low. Our economy is doing well. A lot of things going in the right direction.”

Right again, Joe.

If you keep talking like this I might have to reconsider my viewing and tune in occasionally.

Here’s the discussion:

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  1. This man, Mike Johnson is scary! VERY VERY SCARY!! What the hell kind of people do we have running our government? I almost hate watching TV anymore. :/

  2. These con xtians, con ‘pubes, etc. do not care about teen pregnancy per se. They care about making sure the law of the land destroys female teen dreams and lives. Teenage girl (and younger) gets raped-these evil beings do not care about her. They just want to make sure they have the best chance of having an ignorant young mother raising future ignoramuses that the cons have a chance to influence. If they can keep females out of college, better yet keep them from graduating H.S., they have the best chance at having future followers or at least people who do not vote-‘pubes win when the population is ignorant and when people don’t vote. Teenage pregnancy plays into that scheme.

    Uneducated mothers often produce uneducated children. This in turn produces a workforce that will remain poor (and likely to work for shit wages which pleases con campaign donors). We can see how uneducated, working poor whites have been flocking to the cons because of the con messaging and faux populism. If we want to get rid of the problem of con xtians and ‘pubes, and we must do this, we need to do everything in our power to get the female portion of our population educated–as much as they can or desire to be educated. That will throw a wrench into con xtian/’pube works.

    When females are reduced to breeders for the state, it is not only dehumanizing and degrading, it brings the entire country down. Cons don’t care if the U.S. becomes a second or third world country so long as the top 1-5% get theirs.

    • To add to your comment about xtian churches and attitudes toward woman, we need look no further than the Catholic Church (from which I am fully recovered) and their rulings on birth control.

      Lots of babies mean lots of future faithful to tithe their earnings to the church. It always comes back to $ and controlling those pesky women, whether it’s for the repubs or for the church.

    • Boy; are you kidding? Thats a lot to lay on women.” we need to do everything in our power to get the female portion of our population educated–as much as they can or desire to be educated.” Holy cow, and so many agree? Maybe men should be more careful in keeping it wrapped. Maybe men need to teach their sons what not to do or how to do it safely. Maybe men should pay women equally. I think there are more women then men seeking higher education now. Biden got elected by suburban women, where were the educated men?

  3. Jesus preached against religious hypocrisy and the mistreatment of the poor, the outcast, and those who’s beliefs were rejected by the Jewish leaders. He didn’t ask the Samaritan woman at the well to convert,(it was a taboo for him to even interact with her),or agree the adultress they brought to him should be stoned. He broke taboo after taboo. These modern religious hypocrites and LIARS have NO faith that can be connected with ANYTHING recorded in the new testament. FACT. They worship power and money. Jesus, if here, would be in prison in a heartbeat or executed. Read John 8:42-47 where he called the religious leaders ‘children of the devil’ because of their hypocrisy and mistreatment of the poor. He also defined the devil as ‘the father of all lies and when he lies he speaks his native language for THERE IS NO TRUTH IN HIM. There’s NONE in the GOP and they want a SERIAL LIAR back in office. Any phucking questions Maga members? Now YOU know who you are. Children of the devil. Oh, and I know many of you think the whole idea of a ‘devil’ is superstition. Have a near death experience and then see what you believe. Anyone who thinks they know for certain what lies beyond death is a goddamn fool. Tic tok. Don’t worry…each of us is on our way to finding out. I suggest you follow truth and reject evil. We are temporary manifestations in the flesh. Fact.

    • Johnson is one step.above snake handling. Maybe he should start tossing rattlers around, and rid us of his hypocritical,***, sanctimonious self.

      *** Hypocritical.because he claims to.have no bank accounts or credit cards. Pretty sure he doesn’t waddle around with bags of cash to.buy airline tickets to fly home–or to Paris. He is lying. What is he hiding? My bet is a porn addiction and hookers.

      • You could be right about porn addiction. He’s sharing porn monitoring software with his teenaged son? How would one monitor porn without watching it? His he trying to assuage his guilt by using this software?

        Methinks he protests too much about things that happen in other peoples’ bedrooms.

    • Well, not every near death experience is all halos and light. There are some pretty dark ones actually. And the fallen angels, led by Lucifer who is the devil, are from.Genesis. The appearance of Lucifer, however, is the result of the medieval.church turning the Horned God and the earth demi gods like PAan, fauns, and satyrs into evil beings because they were pagan. They were never evil, but they were fertility gods and thus sexual, and the church has,always been sexually repressive.
      I do.agree that evangelicals prefer the Old Testament and the nastiest bit of Paul.to.the Gospels. The Sermon on the Mount requires them to.get off their cuffs and actually get their hands dirty, helping all those who are in need,,and not just members of their church. They like to.interpret “brethren” as only applying to their kind of Christian (in other words, not liberal churches or non-Christians). Apparently, they ignore the parable of the good Samaritan.

      • Gillian…Paul wrote there are ‘principalities and powers’, talking about entities in darkness. Without stirring up a sh*tpot, I know from DIRECT experience that supernatural dark forces exist that I didn’t previously believe existed. I’m educated, having attended a ‘public ivy’, and I took classes in 22 departments, including high level math and sciences, and stayed on the Dean’s list. I once belonged to Mensa, because my prof in grad school sent my name in, after I scored very high on an IQ test. I will make the story short, from an experience 50 years ago, that is as fresh today as it was then. I was told by a dark higher power,(who suddenly halted the hellspeak that had increased in volume), I was dead. After being immobilized in a sudden impenetrable darkness that shut out all light, I was surrounded by hellspeak, not human, not exactly wild beasts, but very menacing. It reminded me of the Island of Dr. Moreau, where he created hybrids of animals and humans. To this day I don’t know how long I was in it. When the devil(?), told me i was dead it was believable. After all the voice belonged to someone that had power over the other dark entities. It ended in a twinkling of an eye,(like the book says), when I prayed,(not verbally since I couldn’t speak or move or see), God help me. It’s one of the reasons I ask people to remember DEATH is coming and no belief system or education will prepare you for what lies ahead. It’s why I have ZERO interest in messing around with the evil powers that exist. It’s also why I value truth over lies.
        The movie Constantine comes close to my experience with ‘demons’. Hey, does anyone seriously believe all those references to evil in the new testament are false? I don’t any longer. In the movie, the rational detective told John she believed people were evil, and she didn’t believe in the devil. He said, that’s too bad…he believes in you. Nothing in life will prepare any of us for the reality beyond the grave. Better get your house in order,(your heart, mind, and soul),…there are, as recorded in Hamlet, more things in heaven and earth than dreamt of in our philosophies. Some might find this as funny, or deluded. Easy to say when you’re breathing. Just wait til the fat lady sings and your life is over. None of us can say we weren’t warned time and again.

  4. I might consider watching Morning Joe if it becomes Morning Mika. For years Mika was mostly relegated to nodding in agreement while Joe pontificated, and introducing guests and segments. When she did comment, he interrupted and talked over her.

    Now Mika comments more and I like to hear what she has to say, but he still interrupts her.

    The show has improved with his expanded panel and guests, but I Still don’t find it worth staying up for or recording.

    • You’re right on about those two. Mika talks, as a woman who’s ALWAYS been rich and privileged, about empowering women but allows Joe to treat her like a servant. I’m glad they are calling out Trump now, but Joe’s always talking up that evil pissant Reagan, who should have gone to jail over Iran/Contra.

  5. Johnson is one step.above snake handling. Maybe he should start tossing rattlers around, and rid us of his hypocritical,***, sanctimonious self.

    *** Hypocritical.because he claims to.have no bank accounts or credit cards. Pretty sure he doesn’t waddle around with bags of cash to.buy airline tickets to fly home–or to Paris. He is lying. What is he hiding? My bet is a porn addiction and hookers.

    • I would doubt if he’s even at a snake handling level – after all doesn’t he have Gaetz, Santos Boebert and Green in his group (not overlooking Gymslip Jordan) and he can’t handle them very well

      Speaking in forked tongue level maybe

  6. Just the evening MSNBC ads for Joe are too much for me. It’s like he talks in CAPITALS and exclamation points!!! Every sentence a pronouncement. He thinks way too much of himself. Just another arrogant repug (in Dem clothing, for now).

  7. Barry Goldwater: “Mark my word, if and when these preachers get control of the [Republican] party, and they’re sure trying to do so, it’s going to be a terrible damn problem. Frankly, these people frighten me. Politics and governing demand compromise. But these Christians believe they are acting in the name of God, so they can’t and won’t compromise. I know, I’ve tried to deal with them.” Think what you may of Goldwater, he was in this instance a prophet.

    Mike Johnson is a very dangerous man, because he thrives on his own self-righteousness. His type of “Christianity” is mercantile commodity. Elmer Gantry, move over. In true form, Johnson is that wolf in sheep’s cloth. Gospel of Matthew, 7:15, “Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.” I believe I am better equipped to voice the faith as an ordained graduate Seminarian. The fact that Johnson’s wife runs an organization specializing in homosexual conversion therapy, a horrid form of imposed denial of one’s own nature. Johnson is no choir boy. I DO wonder what is in his closet. Fear of his inner queer, perhaps?

  8. I try to watch Morning Joe everyday. And Joe said they knew Trump from before he ran for office. He also said he didn’t know why people voted for him. Joe is a conservative. But he says he doesn’t get today’s Conservative Party. It’s like Adam Kissinger. I’m originally from Illinois and had heard of Adam. And he was in Trumps pocket at first. But when it came to the J6 thing I think almost getting taken out by Trumps mob was a truly enlightening experience. And I read some of the stories about his family disowning him. That is true. I don’t care how they got there if they are opposed to the yellow snowflake now.


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