Truth is indeed stranger than fiction, especially for the denizens of MAGA world. I mean, who could have predicted a short few years ago that Mike Lindell, who hawked his crummy MyPillows to insomniacs on Fox News, would now be hawking MyCoffee, which will create the insomniacs? You have to admit, this is an enterprising notion.

Lindell announced this, where else, at the Trump rally in Illinois, which provides him a chance to play his cut rate version of P.T. Barnum selling snake oil.

Starbucks is not committing mass suicide, last we knew.

Okay, let’s go for the obvious, here: What is MyCoffee made of? Does he have some patented blend? Is he going to to chop up the styrofoam into even smaller bits and put that into the MyCoffee? After all, waste not, want not.

Hey, I got a better one: this will be the new Soylent Green. I can see it now, “What is the secret of MyCoffee?”

Lindell is as roasted as his coffee beans on any given day, so this is a good match.

I think this is very sagacious and true. Lindell wants to be in the limelight. He loves the notoriety, the cheers of the crowd, being somebody in MAGA world.

He loves Donald Trump because pre-Trump, there was no way some pillow manufacturing clown from Minnesota was going to be strolling in the White House or speaking at the podium of the Rose Garden. That’s the lure for Lindell. He’s an upwardly mobile kind of a guy and flying high in those circles was the turn on for him.

He’s gone to all lengths to stay in those circles. Now, it appears he’s clearly going broke. Or else why is he branching out into the new field of selling coffee?

Maybe he can do a package deal with Jim Bakker. Bakker’s got his apocalypse food and his magic blanket, where you put your bills underneath and they end up paid. So, add to that MyPillow and MyCoffee, and it’s a whole lifestyle, right? You can listen to Bakker and Lindell blather about their version of Christianity, while you while away the time in the bomb shelter, waiting for the Second Coming or whatever.

At this rate, Lindell will be out there in the streets panhandling for money to buy a cup of MyCoffee.


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  1. It would not surprise me in the least if pillow man purchased cheap-ass store brand coffee/swill and slapped his labels on the cans. Well, actually, that would be the best we could hope for.

    I guess I wasn’t paying attention, and I don’t where x-tians are concerned, but is that “magic blanket” actually something being hawked by Bakker? If so, you have an accurate indication of the stupidity of conservative x-tians who are his audience and market share.

    Our country is in deep, deep, kimchi.

  2. My husband and I had the unfortunate luck to meet this jerk. He IS as creepy as he seems! And now we never ever bought any of his JUNK.

  3. I for one admire his grit even though he canceled me from his My Store. If it’s true he has the evidence than in time that will be revealed. There is no stopping him in putting an end to ” the machines” that were not supposed to have access to the internet but surprisingly they did. That revelation alone should give you chills. But what do I know? I’m just the father of #ergoActive movement on a humble mission to end Sedentary Death Syndrome ☠️

  4. On “Lindell tv” (lmao), he’s going through great lengths to put the name of the writer to this story on blast and telling his followers to let her know how they “feel” about this article. To say he is PISSED off about this, is an understatement!

  5. Pillow guy is an embarrassment. He is going broke because he couldnt keep his mouth shut about his scew on politics. Why in the world would some infomercial pillow salesman think anyone cares what he says?

  6. i love my pillow and have used them since 2014 and it was a god send for me after 2 car accidents in which i recieved bad concussions….knock him all you want…he made a good product and just because he politically supports the wrong guy for president, does not make his product bad……even my doctor recommended his pillows…get the politics out of all this business and get back to being America. He has the right to his opinion just as you and i do . Do not like him, then just turn the page or the channel. Nice to see someone stand up for this country and not bash it at every turn………….



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