Think about how far we’ve come as a culture, and just how far Donald Trump has devolved as an alleged human being. Let’s be blunt. For most of her adult life, Stephanie Clifford, aka Stormy Daniels has made her living by tossing her clothes off and performing sexual acts on camera so that moron Incels have something to drool over. It is not an honored profession by any means. But only a predatory, sexist pig on two cloven hooves like Donald John Trump could turn a porn star into a sympathetic figure.

because tonight, most people who have gotten updates on today’s salacious testimony actually feel sorry for Stormy Daniels. God knows I do. Sh*t, I wouldn’t even shake the hand of that two legged stool, and she had to go The Full Monty. And she didn’t even get paid for it! Just a lousy room service dinner she couldn’t even enjoy since Traitor tot weas such am arrogant, intrusive chauvinist.

Trump and his attorneys ran into a buzzsaw today. Look, if you’re a porn star, you don’t normally delude yourself into thinking that your off screen persona is more like Mother Teresa. Stormy Daniels knows exactly who and what she is, and exactly what most people think of her and her profession. But she took the stand and gave a calm, dispassionate, heartfelt recital of her brief encounter with El Pendejo Presidente almost two decades ago.

In her testimony Daniels never even attempted to con the jury that she was just going to some rich dude’s room for a no-strings-attached dinner. She knew that the jury knew what the story was. But what Daniels didn’t expect, was that Trump was such an arrogant, sexist, offensive buffoon that she couldn’t even eat her dinner in peace.

Trump is in the hurt locker. Daniels testified that when she knocked on the door of the suite, His Lowness answered in silk lounging pajamas. This struck Daniels as so over the top for dinner that she quipped, Hoes Hugh hefner know that you stole his pajamas? When Trump continued being crude and abusive, Daniels said, What you need little man, is a good spanking. At which point Trump rolled up a magazine with his face on the cover and handed it to her. Whereupon she said, Turn around and bend over, and swatted him with the magazine.

Daniels crucified Trump on the stand today. In their opening statements, Trump’s lawyer stridently denied that any such sexual ancounters had taken place. With the quiet confidence that only one who is used to engaging in sec for a profession, Daniels described their encounter in intimate detail. My favorite part was when she referred to a brief, unprotected sexual encounter. I love that brief part. I have a nickname for dudes like that. I call them Briggs & Stratton. You know, the original two strole engine? She left the impression that Trump had no more staying power than a 16 year old with a six pack and a copy of Hustler.

I can’t help but wonder that Trump’s slobbering, lower education base thinks of today’s testimony? After all, Trump is their bull stud, a secual Superman. If there’s one witness they would all want to hear from, it’s a porn star. Hell, I’m betting that a good portion of them have hade repeated nocturnal emissions over Stormy Daniels. I wonder how they liked hearing that she ridiculed his silk pj’s, spanked him with a rolled up magazine with his picture on the cover, and just didn’t have the mustard to cut it in the sack?

But Trump has an even bigger problem. In their cross examination today, and likely to continue into tomorrow, Trump’s attorney tried repeatedly to claim that what Daniels really was was an extortionist. She was trying to extort money from Trump in return for her silence. This is a blatant lie, and the prosecution is going to nail them to the wall with it in closing arguments.

If I come across some photos or video of one of you in a compromising position with someone else, and I send you copies of the photos or video, with a demand for $25,000 to bury them, that’s extortion. But if the other person in those photos or video is me, then I’m simply looking to capitalize on my good fortune by selling my story to the highest bidder. If that’s you, then fine. But if it’s not, then tough sh*t.

Look, the jury doesn’t have to like Stormy Daniels, they just have to believe her. And somehow or other, it’s hard to believe that someone who is open enough to describe in intimate detail a purported seduction that turned into a sleazy wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am can’t come off as believable.

And in closing arguments, not only can the prosecution prove the contact with Daniels’ testimony, destroying the defense’s contention that it never happened, but Rachel Maddow just put the cherry on top that at the time, Trump never suggested or ordered that she keep the affair secret. It was only in the last days of the election cycle that the McDougal and Daniels NDA catch-and-kill agreements were signed, but that once the election was over that the NDA’s were vacated. That’s the kind of evidentiary timeline that’s hard to beat. Hell hath no wrath like that of a woman scorned.

I thank you for the privilege of your time.

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