I just wrote an article in which I opined that only a total scumbag like Donald Trump could turn a hardcore porn star like Stormy Daniels into a sympathetic figure. Just think about that for a minute. Here you have a former President of the United States making observers and even jury members feel sorry for a porn star! Am I the only one here that finds this unbelievably creepy and otherworldly?

But one must recall, Stormy Daniels isn’t the only Trump dalliance that Traitor Tot tried to bury in the lead up to the 2016 election. In fact, pretty much the only reason that former AMI CEO David Pecker took the stand was to explain in exquisite detail the catch-and-kill protocol at the National Enquirer that Pecker used to bury the story about Traitor Tot’s alleged long term affair with Playboy Playmate of the Year Karen McDougal in the days leading up to the 2016 election.

But if Stormy Daniels was incredibly damaging to Trump’s case, Karen McDougal will be 10X worse. After all, Stormy Daniels is a sex pro, she knew what she was doing every step along the way in her brief interaction with Trump. But Karen McDougal is not a sex professional. She took her clothes off to be the Playmate of the Month, and she took them off again to be the Playmate of the Year. There were no other people in camera range for the shoot.

Stormy Daniels wanted to sell her story about a brief quick bang interaction with a future President of the United States. The story McDougal was peddling that David Pecker bought and killed was a totally different thing. McDougal’s story was of a nine month affair with Trump. And in that time, McDougal became emotionally involved, at least in her own mind with Trump.

Now, let’s be clear here. You don’t take your clothes off on a photo shoot set without knowing what you’re getting into. Karen McDougal is actually a certified fitness trainer, in fact one of the perks with her deal with AMI was that she got to write two fitness articles that were published in Fitness Magazine, which AMI owned. She had an agenda to advance her career.

But unlike Daniels, who took one brief fling and kept everything afterwards on a purely professional level, mostly trying to snag a spot on Celebrity Apprentice. But that’s not what Karen McDougal will testify to in court, if she’s called.

McDougal will testify to an affair stretching more than nine months, an affair of love-on-the-run. An affair when she developed actual romantic feelings for Trump, and believed that he had developed them for her. McDougal may not have been born and raised on the farm, but she sure comes off like she just left there.

From everything I’ve read and seen, Karen McDougal thought she was grabbing the brass ring. She had to know that Marla Maples had grabbed the brass ring with Trump when he was still married to Ivana, and that Melania had grabbed the brass ring with Trump when he was still married to Marla Maples. Why shouldn’t she grab the brass ring from Melania with a rich man who was getting too old to keep trading in wives?

In her 60 Minutes interview with Anderson Cooper, McDougal came across, at least to me, as a woman who was totally grounded mentally. She knew exactly what she was doing, and what she wanted to accomplish. But that won’t change her effectiveness as a witness.

Stormy Daniels came across as exactly what she is. A seasoned sex professional taking a roll with a rich married man, with the hopeful outcome of an appearance on Celebrity Apprentice to try to start to legitimize her career.

Karen McDougal is not a seasoned sex professional. She was a young woman with ample sexual charms and questionable marketable job skills. She got involved with Trump in an attempt to steal him away and try to increase her professional credentials to make her way. And Trump cynically used her gullibility and dreams.

And if she testifies, she will present the jury with an interesting dichotomy. With Stormy Daniels, Trump purposely set up a quick booty call, while holding out the possibility of an appearance on Celebrity Apprentice on return for possible future booty calls. With Karen McDougal, Trump played on her insecurities and ambitions to string her along for nine long months, with veiled hints and promises of a long term relationship he never had any intention of fulfilling.

All of which leaves the jury with only one inescapable conclusion. Donald Trump is a complete and total sh*t, a human toilet bug. He’s willing to be a complete *sshole with a porn star to get a cheap lay, and he’s also ready to manipulate a star crossed woman for an extended affair. Why wouldn’t he be willing to make hush money payments under the counter more than a decade later to keep them from f*cking up his chances for the White House.

These two women hold the key. Karen McDougal can confirm David Pecker’s testimony of his catch-and-kill to keep her story from going public. And the documents and Keith Davidson’s and Michael Cohen’s testimony will cement the fact that Trump personally engineered the payoff for Stormy Daniels, and then tried to cover it up as legal expenses. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, Payback is a bitch, and she’s in heat.

I thank you for the privilege of your time.

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  1. To be honest I find all of this article offensive. I am sorry murph your description of the women and their motives and actions is disgusting. I was going to type something else, but wont. you should know better.

    • I think the article is spot on, especially this passage which summarizes the whole sordid affair(s):

      “Donald Trump is a complete and total sh*t, a human toilet bug. He’s willing to be a complete *sshole with a porn star to get a cheap lay, and he’s also ready to manipulate a star crossed woman for an extended affair. Why wouldn’t he be willing to make hush money payments under the counter more than a decade later to keep them from f*cking up his chances for the White House.”

    • Murph simply called it as he saw it and, as a FYI, I saw it in exactly the same light (and I’ve been following the ins and outs of this almost from the start over here in Ireland – not from any salacious or prurient interest but a desire to see w miserable excuse for humanity get what he deserves)

    • describing women who marry someone, or want to marry someone, for their money is merely that-a description. None of these women deserve one hell of a lot of respect because marrying for money is prostitution. It pretty much goes without saying that receiving money for services rendered (sexual) is also prostitution. Murf didn’t call them whores so what’s the problem? He was being pretty restrained as well as accurate.

      Trying to figure out what is so offensive here dude.

      • Murph’s accurate, but dispassionate analysis and writing style may have thrown OGD for a loop, but to me he was somewhat charitable in describing both Mss. Daniels and McDougal.

        Stormy responded to the lure of an appearance on the Celebrity Apprentice by granting VonSchitzenpants a roll in the hay; her trial testimony indicates she found it less satisfying than any of her filmed/video sex scenes. No appearance? No big deal; she’s gotten on with her life.

        Karen either led herself or was led by Trump to believe that she could take over Melania’s role as trophy wife, and IIRC she took it very hard when that pipe dream went up in smoke. I don’t have any insight into this, but I wonder if she had any thoughts during the affair about her possibly being a homewrecker; Trump probably led her on, then tired of the game he was playing, wanting to move on to a new conquest.

        Melania is the wife who “knew what she married”. Ask Marla about Melania, and the answer will be close to what Ivana would have to say about Marla if Ivana was still alive.

        Pearl Baily once sang, “It takes two to Tango”, and the common partner in all these fandango is the lowlife we call VonSchitzenpantz.

  2. McDougal is “grounded mentally”? And she wanted to take Melania’s place? I’m still trying to figure out wtf was on Melania’s mind when she hooked up with mango man. You’d say the money but he’s been in the financial shit-house for a while now: please remember the folks putting together The Apprentice needed a person with a famous name AND in serious need of money. Trump fit that bill perfectly. He’s been in hock for years and his bankruptcy agreements allow him a certain stipend every month/year but his billions are totally based on his “brand”. Never did know why rich people lists would ever include anyone who uses their brand value to make up the lion’s share of that person’s wealth. Seems to me like you can pretty much make up sh*t and get on those lists.

    Any women after Ivana, and certainly after Marla, thinking they were going to keep him married to them were delusional.

    • Melania saw in the Mango Moron a way out of Slovenia for her and her parents, and while Don John had caused several bankruptcies by the time they met, his personal cash flow was relatively unaffected; it’s repoted he was insulated by the licensing and management contracts he had with the failed businesses.

      The story is that he greased the proper palms to get her an immigrant visa she didn’t deserve, and later got her parents into the country under provisions in the law he tried to repeal while in office.


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