Mike Lindell is rapidly becoming the poster child for Wingnuttia. At first it was believed that he was embracing the Big Lie to sell pillows, and that’s a reasonable assumption to make. Then it was said that he is a True Believer that Trump won by a landslide but commies stole the election, using bamboo ballots and pandas; lots of evidence for that as well. But now, four documentaries on election fraud and dozens of sweaty, manic appearances later, he’s still beating the same old dead horse and declaring that it will turn into a unicorn and fly — and there’s always a new deadline.

He is beyond the boy who cried wolf. Lindell is next level delusional on this topic. They might as well name a syndrome after him: “Lindell Syndrome: When the truth bites you in the ass resoundingly and routinely and yet you still deny it, until you have no ass left.” Whether he started out as grifter or true believer, he can’t get off the horse now. He’s got to ride on until he goes over the cliff, evidently. Or until it does turn into a unicorn and fly him to Never Never Land.

Excuse me, I’m a cynic, I’m going to get the fixings for steak tartare and stand at the base of the cliff and wait for the inevitable.

He mentions parties where they “destroyed records” in the 70’s? Did I sleep through that or something? Maybe it happened that snowy night in college when the TV went on the fritz and nobody told me about it later? Anybody here know WTF Mike Lindell is talking about? I didn’t think so.

There’s always a trustworthy soul on Twitter who can find obscure things. Maybe this is what Lindell is raving about. It’s either this or Hitler burning books.

This is an interesting article. Apparently in the summer of 1979 in Chicago’s Komiskey Park baseball stadium, a “disco demolition” took place, but soon segued into a black music demolition.

Then, only Dave Marsh of Rolling Stone suggested that there was something distinctly ugly about the vast crowd of white men publicly destroying music predominantly made by black artists, dominated by female stars and with a core audience that was, at least initially, largely gay. “White males, 18 to 34, are the most likely to see disco as the product of homosexuals, blacks and Latins, and … to respond to appeals to wipe out such threats to their security.”

Ironically, and inadvertently to be sure, Lindell may have made a very savvy analogy here. Yes, the insecure white males may indeed want to attend a destruction party and savage voting machines, because the Big Lie is their means of acting out their fears that The Other is taking over, so why not externalize their violence on the machines? And better they should savage voting machines than cops and innocent bystanders in another insurrection, no disagreement there.

Sixty court cases lost, Giuliani on the verge of being disbarred, disbarment proceedings proceeding against Sidney Powell in Texas, but yeah, Mike, your side is going to come out of this smelling like a rose. Trumpty Dumpty didn’t fall off the wall — or if he did, he’s coming back as Trumpty souffle to reign supreme.

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  1. Other than the Komiskey Park incident, the only other major record burnings I can recall hearing about was in the 1960s after John Lennon made his infamous “the Beatles are bigger than Jesus” comment and a number of Southern communities (led by offended Baptist preachers) rounded up as many Beatles records as they could get and burned them (I’m pretty sure other records found their way in the piles but the Beatles records were the main draw).
    And there was a “Waltons” episode in which the “good folks” in the community were egged on by their preacher (played by John Ritter; not his only appearance on the show, for the record) to round up all books in German and burn them as a “protest” against the Nazi book burnings. John-Boy intervenes, trying to show the community their action is just as bad and as he grabs a book from the pile, he gets a look of shock on his face. He asks one of the locals (a German immigrant who was trying to keep her background a secret) to read it and she begins reading from it in German, while everyone just looks on in disgust. John-Boy then asks her to translate what she’s read and it turns out she was reading a German-language copy of the Bible and the entire community realizes their mistake. (But, again, that was on a TV show set during the Depression with the story loosely inspired by some real anti-Nazi/anti-Bundist events in the 30s.)

  2. “He’s going to fix things like great business men do” He had his chance for four years in office. To my recollection he only fixed things in order to rip them off. I guess old Mike is looking to be a beneficiary of former guy’s riggings.

  3. That guy is such an ignorant asshole that I would be surprised if I discovered that he can actually take care of his own shit (meaning the real stuff).

  4. This doesn’t have anything to do with pillows or whatever else this clown sells. This is about Lindell lobbying for a high level cabinet position. And he’ll, pence took a powder on the vote deal so Lindell probably telling trump he wouldn’t do such a bullshit thing.

  5. I remember Steve Dahl’s “Disco Demolition”
    If you brought a disco album to a White Sox game, you got in for 98 cents (WLUP was 98 MHz FM).
    So many people turned up, they had to be turned away and tried to climb the walls of Comisky Park.
    Between the first and second game (double-header), Dahl, dressed in military garb, rode on to the field in a tank and applied pyrotechnics to the pile of records. He ended up destroying the field and the Sox had to forfeit game two.
    All this because Dahl lost his previous job when WDAI changed format from rock to disco so he started the “Insane Coho Lips” anti-disco army.
    Ah, the 70’s.

  6. Valuable info. Fortunate me I discovered your web site unintentionally, and I’m shocked why this coincidence didn’t took place earlier!
    I bookmarked it.

  7. That link to the incident in Chicago was NOT destruction of black music-I know, I was there at Comiskey Park. It was Disco Destruction Night. The blackness or lack thereof was not the point and considering how many BeeGees albums made it into the pile, I’d say it was more of a wypipo records thing.


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