I love the smell of conspiracy theory in the morning. It smells like raving lunacy. And nobody in Trump world is a bigger lunatic right now than Mike Lindell. Sidney Powell is busy recanting her lies, Fox News is sullen and defiant, Lin Wood is obsessed with his sanity test and then there’s Rudy….say, anybody know where Rudy is? He’s been awfully quiet lately. Maybe somebody ought to check on him.

Lindell says that Donald Trump is making an August return, and that’s August as in the month and august, as in with great pomp and circumstance.

The fascinating thing about Lindell is that he really believes what’s coming out of his mouth. Bannon knows it’s hooey, and he seems more than a little distracted these days, which makes sense since his presidential pardon won’t save him from state charges. Oh, well, do as much airtime as possible and bank a few bucks, right Steve?

I like Lindell’s alter ego better than him.

What do you expect will happen first?

  1. The Rapture?
  2. Lindell being restored to sanity?
  3. Rudy leaving public life via flying saucer and taking Andrew Cuomo with him?
  4. Trump returning to office?



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  1. None of the Above. I think a high profile personality will be arrested i.e. Rudy G, or Ted Cruz for doing something stupid.

    • Rudy could get arrested for something stupid. Ted is stupid but not that stupid, I think. Rudy G. has no idea where the lines are drawn.

      • Let’s let the DOJ determine how stupid Ted is with whatever indictments they send his way. Frankly, Ursula, he strikes me as EXACTLY that stupid as to catch a sedition charge.

  2. I’m thinking about this in the same prism as I do the Georgia voter suppression laws. Both strike me as less bring about American apartheid (though if they could pull that minor miracle off, it’d be great in their eyes) and more about keeping the grift going beyond 2020. This kind of agitation has always been a for-profit business designed to fleece the rubes and/or keep certain despicable people afloat financially. That this is the best they can come up with speaks volumes about how far they’ve fallen.

  3. Rudy has probably been stuck at the auto repair shop again getting the transmission fluid in his head changed. All those faulty & broken gears grinding up there between his ears wears out the transmission fluid pretty quick and turns it into that nasty brown color we saw leaking from his head in that infamous press confernce!

  4. Off topic, unless topic is stupid. I live in a medium sized city. A man and his buddy were drinking the other night and buddy gets injured. So first guy steals a front end loader from a nearby work site and puts his friend in the bucket, and drives it to a hospital, getting stuck in the ER entrance and blocking other vehicles. Emts took care of the injured man. Cops charged the driver for felony theft, DUI, and driving on a 15 year suspension. I don’t have the imagination to make this up.

    So Lindell predicts the millenium? Been done, never happens.

    • Let me go you one better, KT, with a true story from several years ago. Woman buys cocaine from her dealer and thinks it fake. So she takes it to one set of experts to know if it’s legit…THE COPS. It’s the real deal so she gets busted for possession. That’s the level of thinking most of the January 6th insurrectionists operate out of.

  5. 1: More likely he’ll be eaten by the veloci-rapture
    2: You can’t return to a place you’ve never been
    3: Only if they’re invited to a Greek wedding
    4: Maybe if they have an oval shaped cell

  6. I’m sure the geniuses at QAnon will be happy to hear that their Messiah will finally be installed as POTUS in August. After all, he missed the March 4th and 20th dates they had counted on! LOL

  7. I’ve always said that President Trump would be back but I believe it may be sooner than August. Why, I don’t know, just a feeling in my Spirit, but I’ll are August over nothing. This reporter might want to be careful with his sarcastic remarks…I have a feeling that he may be eating the. Come summer. And when Trumps team is silent , we’ll just say that things are getting ready to happen. When silent that’s the time to be cautious. They always say that if you have a lot to say your not doing squat, but when your silent things are cooking your doing much. Here’s to Trump 2020!


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