Like a trail of breadcrumbs, small signs are appearing here and there that the twice impeached, one term president might be adding thrice divorced to his list of descriptors, because nobody has seen his wife since Mother’s Day. She’s doing a Greta Garbo. First of all, Michael Cohen cracked wise a couple of weeks ago, “Nobody’s seen Melania. She and Barron might be up in the space shuttle with Jeff Bezos for all we know.” Then the real tell was she didn’t show up to Donald’s 75th birthday. But then neither did Ivanka or Eric and their spouses. Why bother? Trump’s out of the White House and they’re trying to save their own butts. Ironically, Donald Jr. and Kimberly made an appearance and Junior is predicted to be the first one under the bus when the kids start flipping on each other.

No, Trump spent his birthday with the likes of sycophant Lauren Boebert and Jim Banks, who’s an obscure Indiana congressman. Now ask yourselves, friends, who among us has a 75th birthday party, a milestone birthday, and the only people to attend are new acquaintances from work, while family shines you on? I don’t know of a soul I can say that about other than Donald Trump.

Now of course the fact that Melania didn’t show at the birthday party is being taken as a sign of a rift in the marriage, but I don’t think so, since Jarvanka also said FU and spent the time leaking to the press about the revisionist history book that Jared is writing to gaslight people that he gave really great advice to Trump but Trump ignored it and went his own direction on COVID, etc. The chances of that being believed are zilch. But Jarvanka has to try because they’ve got to get back in the graces of high society, or bust. My prediction is bust. They’re hated in New York.

Then this interview snippet from Newsmax is the icing on the cake and is what got Melania trending on Twitter today. (The entire clip is at the bottom of this piece.)

When Trump makes a complete non sequitur like that, it means he doesn’t have a clue. Remember the famous clip where he’s being asked about his favorite biblical passage? He hems and haws and says “It’s a private thing.” He never cracked the cover of the Bible and wouldn’t unless you told him there was something useful in it like hookers’ phone numbers.

You know what occurred to me? Bill Gates is single now and he’s got a shitload more money than Trump, she ought to get with him. Gates can afford to build her a mansion like Vladimir Putin’s got — on Mars, even.

Here is the clip of the Newsmax interview and as you will see Trump is asked “what is Melania doing?” and his reply is non responsive. He talks about her modeling career, her character, and hilariously, how she “rebuilt the Rose Garden… the dashboard of a Boeing 757.”

2:48 and it is a lulu

A real class act, the Trumps. At least we know one thing. Jill Biden will not be displaying her nipples on the 4th of July. And she wore hose when she met the Queen of England. Melania presented herself to the Queen barelegged, like a Piccadilly tart.


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  1. I’d imagine she longs to take her payoff from hubby (which includes a nice, fancy condo in NYC) and return to New York but she’s even less welcome back there than Jarvanka. DC is no place for her either. I’d imagine between bouts of whining she’s quietly having long visits to places where she might live out her days and still be able to experience a little glitz and glamour. Ironically, that place is probably in the country where she grew up. I gather she still has some sort of celebrity status there. Of course, it’s a far cry from what she’s gotten used to in recent decades. And as with anywhere else there will be whispers aplenty amongst the regular folks. The thing is, she will have to pretty much abandon her son as I’m pretty sure Barron wants no part of living in a former (and maybe again) Soviet satellite country. But “Melanie” in the end is going to tend to her own needs. Personally I think she was always wired that way but in her time with Trump that instinct has surely been reinforced.

    • I have a friend in Manhattan and he says that the kids are hated worse than Melania. That makes sense. The kids were actively grifting and tearing down the government, Melania was merely ineffectual.

  2. His comment about “she loves to help people”, wow. When and where has she ever helped anyone, besides herself? Please inform me.

    • Of course, seeing her favourite person is herself, that’s what she’s been doing.

      Don’t forget she helped an elderly couple get immigration status – the fact that they happened to be her parents is, of course, pure coincidence

  3. OK – so she did a great job as a model (just how many ways can you take your clothes off and do what a photographer tells you?)
    The Rose Garden is more complex than the instrument panel on a Boeing 757? Keep in mind that the 757 is designed for short strips (where Melania did complete strips)
    She, personally, dug it up and replaced the wiring? Her input was probably the same as Daddy Bigbucks – wave a hand and let those horrible minions decipher her drawing and actually do what she demanded (the fact that it was a blank picture meant ‘remove everything’)

  4. I read that she is so wonderful. I don’t see it. She is a duplicate or worse than The Donald himself. She isn’t leaving him. Dhe supports his every single act. Beauty comes from the heart. She isn’t a beauty. She is a Trump. I never saw her do a thing like other first ladies have.

  5. That photo of her next to the extra terrestrial is so spot on perfect! I’ve always thought she was ugly – squinty eyes, thin lips, harsh facial lines and perpetual scowl, all reflecting her rotten insides.

    • Squinty eyes, yes, Botox lips. She would have been better off with what nature gave her. The “scowl” you refer to is supposed to be smouldering sexuality, BTW.

      • Her eyes are the eyes the people from the region of europe she hails from impacted by various wars and such from folks even further east than her country: I wouldn’t be surprised to find Mongol or Tatar in her DNA. Quite frankly Ms. Faw, I really expected better of you.

        Mrs. D.J. Trump has plenty of screw-ups of her own one can point to without bringing her looks into the equation. The biggest one I’d have to say is, knowing what she was marrying, still marrying it.


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