Congressional Republicans, most notably for this article Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene, are big mad that a jury has found Hunter Biden guilty of a crime he was actually charged with – failing to disclose his drug usage on a federal gun permit form – rather than the litany of unsubstantiated slanders they have leveled at him and his father in committee hearings ever since they took control of the House in 2023.

Proving yet again that the Republican Party, as presently constituted, is in no way responsible enough to control any instrument of government, Gaetz and Greene yesterday not only reiterated the lies the MAGA block of the party has tarred both Hunter and the President with, but amplified them to new, ridiculous levels:

Raw Story

“WASHINGTON — House Republicans’ impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden all but unraveled, but you wouldn’t know that from talking to House Republicans this week.

They’re out for Biden family blood more than ever.

The GOP’s cheering of a damning verdict for presidential son Hunter Biden — found guilty of lying on a federal firearm form and illegally owning a gun — have proven short-lived.“

While it is entirely predictable that in this election year House Republicans will not easily relinquish an issue that has been foisted upon them by their liege, master, and Presidential Candidate Donald Trump, the pure exuberance with which they repeat and embellish their lies only further emphasizes the degenerate state of their party and its discourse:

“No one’s taking it seriously, because the Department of Justice, if they were actually a real justice system, they would have charged him for FARA [Foreign Agents Registration Act]. They would be charging him for human sex trafficking,” Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) told Raw Story while walking to the Capitol to vote Wednesday.“

Why the restraint, MTG?

Why not charge him with war crimes, kidnapping and genocide in your attempt to mitigate the charges that will be soon brought against your paymaster Putin, or are we only going to try to soften the blows of you and your cohort’s own future entanglements – for violation of the Foreign Agents Registration Act in the parroting of Stalin Jr.’s disinformation in your case, or for Gaetz’s own future sex trafficking reckoning?

Speaking of billboard forehead:

“Even though his committee has failed to make the case that Biden corruption is a family affair leading all the way to the White House, Gaetz dismisses the Hunter Biden gun case as “dumb.” He says DOJ lawyers need to do more — and broaden their investigation.

“I identify strongly with the statement from the Trump campaign that it was a distraction from the real Biden crimes. These guys are moving around millions of dollars in Chinese bribe money, and what we got him on was lying on a gun form? It’d be like getting Jeffry Dahmer for littering,” Gaetz said, referencing the convicted serial killer.”

Clearly no restraint on your part, hey Matt?

You must be making your case to be drumpf’s V.P. pick, tossing around rhetoric like that.

But that is what the Republican Party under the influence of the Orange Menance has morphed into, an organ of treason, treachery and fantastical lies, all committed with the sole object of destroying the norms that bind our flawed but once functioning Republic so that it might wobble and ultimately succumb to Trump’s cherished dream of autocracy in his image.

No matter who or what is destroyed in the process.

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  1. Meanwhile, Trump has been guilty under the same charge, but a related section, he is a felon with a gun in his possession at Mar El Largo.

    But Hunter only had his gun for eleven days, Trump has already had his for twelve days, (and counting).

  2. I’m sorry but when is pizza gaetz going to be brought to trial for the charges of having sex with children?

    One would think the fool would keep his head down especially since McCarthy could bring that whole ton of bricks down on the pedo’s head.

  3. Well, if it hadn’t been for those meddling GOP Congresscritters raising a fuss about the plea deal that had been struck with Biden fils, there wouldn’t have even been the jury trial in the first place. They were more interested in trying to get Hunter through Congressional “hearings” (aka “witch hunt/kangaroo court”) and the plea deal would’ve screwed that. In the end, of course, the GOP’s own “hearings” fell apart because they couldn’t even count on their own witnesses’ testimony holding up (or even being what the GOP-t*rds had expected it to be).
    I’m not one to wish for natural disasters but it would be so lovely if a series of F5 tornadoes were to touch down each day at the Fiserv Forum in Milwaukee from July 15 through the 18th. If they just happened to take out every single delegate (including the likely numerous members of Congress who’ll be in attendance), I wouldn’t be shedding any tears.


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