Voters turned out in droves across the state of Georgia in the first day of early voting today, dwarfing the number of votes cast in the first day of voting in the last midterm election in 2018 and virtually tying the record set in the 2020 election that turned Georgia blue.

Very good news for Democrats.

Today’s numbers:

The record turnout in 2020 looked like this:

“128,590 Georgians cast ballots in-person on the first day of early in-person voting for the November 2020 general election. This represents a 42% increase over the 90,688 voters who cast a ballot in-person on the first day of early, in-person voting during the November 2016 elections, the last record first day of early in-person voting.”

Mr. Sterling puts the number of votes cast today at “north of 125,000”. How far north we won’t know until tomorrow. But contrast that number with only 72,000 cast the 1st day in 2018, when Stacey Abrams was nearly elected Governor, and we can hope that today was a very good day for Democrats.

Many of Mr. Sterling’s followers think it was…








Yes, keep it up Georgia, and hopefully your example will resonate in the rest of the country!

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  1. still.likely to win. And Walker should be easy to beat, but the red necks like him.Because he was NFL.and shares their violent tendencies,and their shitty values. We can only hope every Semester votes blue. It isn’t a given.
    Left GA,after 12 miserable years,so I know whereof I speak.


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