A couple of weeks ago, after native Alaskan Mary Peltola defeated decidedly non-native Alaskan Sarah Palin in a special election to become Alaska’s first indigenous member of the U.S. House of Representatives, Luke Skywalker…er… Mark Hamill, whose force is always with Democrats, transmitted a congratulatory tweet to her sector of the galaxy, which Ms. Peltola responded to in a very cool way (and which I could not resist augmenting for the top photo)…

The exchange:

But the real fun began when twitterers intercepted the message and began transmitting themselves:

You can say that again, Christophe, bring the Death Star down we will.

I’d call that the Baby Yoda Bump…

Concur, Dan.

Hopefully until November…

Donate we all shall.




Wouldn’t it be cool if she were the one to keep Nancy in the captain’s chair?
🥂 🙌 🙌


She sure did. Cograts to Mary, who was sworn in today.

May the Force be with her on Election Day!

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  1. Ms. Peltola…you’re the master of marketing yourself. Please don’t accept any calls from anyone named Oz asking for your help. He’s toast. Let him go back to selling snakeoil. May the force STAY with you. Signed, a fan from NC.

    • OMG. You’re voting for someone into office and you don’t even know what they will do to us once in office? No wonder we’re in this economical mess.


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