Yes, Marjorie Taylor Greene teased her announcement this afternoon, noting she was going to give a “major announcement on Tucker” tonight. She showed her hand early. It wasn’t exactly a surprise when it came out. Here is the workup:

‘Antifa are the ground troops for the Democrat Party. Democrat House Minority Whip Katherine Clark’s son was arrested at another organized Antifa terrorist attack. No, not Atlanta. It was Boston. Democrats not only support Antifa, they give birth to them and raise them.

That’s a bold statement coming from someone who A) endorsed tweets advocating killing Speaker  Pelosi, worked in cahoots with several right-wing groups, and B) felt the need to beg Trump for a pardon on his way out the door. And, of course, that wasn’t for her child. It was for her, who couldn’t C) get on a committee because last time around, she was a huge embarrassment. This time, she might be the most powerful GOP representative yet.

Want a more furious one, less tethered to reality:

Troops on the ground usually have organized ranks and a top man or woman. Can you name the top Antifa “fighter” yet? We can name the head of the Proud Boys, the Three Percenters, and those organizations. They meet – officially – and make plans. Near as I can tell, “Antifa” is a loosely knit group of people who oppose fascism in some way, not necessarily peacefully.

It got better when MTG made her announcement. She wanted Antifa – which can’t be defined – as a terrorist organization. Sure to cover her ass if someone notes that she was in the middle of the Proud Boys, Oath Keepers, and Three Percenters comes out.

And some of the reaction was hilarious:

And here is the best one:



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    • I think there are more than a few with undiagnosed schizophrenia and bipolar disorder among the various extremist groups. They latch onto to a word. Toss in racism and misogyny and insane conspiracy theories and you have a,perfect storm for insurrection and violence.

  1. Move over Santos! MTG is challenging you for the title – claiming powers not merely as a single Representative but as a House Committee Chair, Speaker and even President (and with it control over the FBI, DHS, etc.) by her “officially” designating Antifa as a terrorist group. Antifa…conservative’s ultimate boogeyman. (Or is it Soros? I guess it varies) There’s more than one thing about their (conservative’s) obsession I don’t get. Riddle me this – those Antifa folks they insist are everywhere – when was the last time you saw one? Many years ago yes, you could sometimes see some people in those distinctive ninja looking outfits battling conservative protesters. But it’s been four or five years since I’ve seen any pics like that. Also, the name Antifa – anti FASCIST. That’s a bad thing? Hey you conservative asshats that visit this site (I DO mean asshat because of your MAGA hats!) are you butt-hurt that your attitudes and actions are so often actual FASCIST stuff and some folks not only refused to be intimidated by you but literally fought back when you tried pushing them around?

    • Soros provides the money for antifa to pay the crisis actors impersonating victims and whipping up otherwise peaceful protesters. You didn’t know that? Poor you, sitting in the dark,believing Demon lies.
      snark in case,anybody v missed it.

    • No they are MST!!!! Mobile Shock Troops!!!! They are scattered all around the USA and when the Dems need them to do some totally stupid stunts????? Why they just call in Sgt. Nick Fury and his Howling Commando’s aka ANTIFA!!!!!! They parachute in to cause max mayhems and then just drift away like smoke in the wind. Till the next time some brain fart of a Dem President calls them to action again like the Avenging Valkyries of old. Beware! Beware! Beware! Do you know that that blonde liar is being paid 174 000 yearly to sit there doing that? And wouldn’t you lust love the chance to hold Tucker down and take a huge satisfyingly rich dump on that phony pretend outraged smirk on his face!!!!!!! Runny diarrhea type stuff!!! oooohh

  2. Damn! I thought her big announcement was going to be a tutorial on how to make pipe bombs, place them in front of your ‘enemies’, (i.e., people who support democracy), and saunter away without charges on your way to a committee assignment to block investigations into your criminal activities. Now that’s an important announcement!

  3. On the one hand it seems a terrorist like Marjie Kooky Pants would know a terrorist organization when she sees one. On the other hand the moron believes in Jewish space lasers so one has to wonder what the fuck she sees when she views anything.

    • Only a rebuliQanon like Marge TRAITOR Greene can “see” something that does not exist! There is no “Antifa” as any kind of organization. I should know, I have bee trying to join for years! Every true American should want to join an organization that (if it existed) has as it’s only purpose to fight fascism!!

  4. I would like to designate MTG as a one pig terrorist organization and a sexual deviate. Other than that I think she’s just swell.

  5. I think there are more than a few with undiagnosed schizophrenia and bipolar disorder among the various extremist groups. They latch onto to a word. Toss in racism and misogyny and insane conspiracy theories and you have a,perfect storm for insurrection and violence.

  6. Why would anyone but ole’ Tucker listen to a Q? The woman is obviously nutso, and believes in jewish space lasers, among other notable, crazy things. Twenty yrs. ago who would ever believe we’d have someone in congress like her? She’d have been ousted in a nano second, but now here she is, a Queen of McCarthy-ism. Get ready people.


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