It just so happens to be that my daughter has been sick the last two days with a head cold and fever. When I made a doctor’s appointment, I was told that I would need to get a COVID test (Free, covered by insurance) and test her at home before I would be allowed to take her to the doctor. I was told, “We have so much COVID and RSV going around that we like to rule out COVID before they come in the door.”

It seemed reasonable to me. I got the test. It was negative. Off we went.

I am going to encourage my doctor’s office to call Rep. Marjorie Taylor-Greene, who just happens to be the head of the COVID Sub-Committee – which is what happens when one’s ego is so craven that he’ll give away the House to be Speaker. It is always a good idea to have a science-denying and vaccination-lying chairwoman as head of the committee.

Thankfully, in her “wisdom,” Marjorie has declared the Day of Jubilee in our victory over COVID. By the power imbued to the Sub-committee chairwoman on COVID, Marjorie has declared COVID “Over.”

So there it is, America.

It will be extremely gratifying to tell my daughter’s doctor that the office doesn’t need to have people take COVID tests anymore, given that COVID is entirely over.

She is actually, once again, extremely dangerous as she has been since she gained a voice. This is the type of declaration that gets people killed (along with the demonization of the vaccine.) But that is the modern GOP, consistently bringing harm to the country.


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  1. Covid is over. Of course. That explains why there are still infections, the rate of which is increasing in certain countries. Yep. That means it’s over.

    What. A. Fucking. Moron.

  2. I guess Santos-ism is spreading in the House GOP. (Not that delusions of grandeur in imitation of Trump’s weren’t already there!) Now MTG seems to have awarded herself with not just an MD but Board Certification in Epidemiology. Or maybe those titles and the “knowledge” on which they are “based” is the product of Trump using his “very fine brain” to do it by thinking it.

    • Aha, there it IS, no longer should we bother with facts, while we consider what to do to protect our families from the Trumpian Covid-19 fiasco he created … how many more deaths from this horrible pandemic can this country tolerate? Was over a million NOT enough?

      This dumb person needs to be censured by the Democrats in the Senate, for endangering our lives and well-being, maybe make some of this crap against posted laws …

      Peace out there Denis, with this being just another blast of stupidity from the NEW GOP in our house, we will have to remember to duck once in a while, to avoid pressure cleaning at the car wash … 🙂

  3. I hate that I feel this way but if all her idiot supporters (and every other anti-vax covid denier) get it and can’t afford the treatment or are already compromised by other diseases, it just means there will be that many fewer idiots.

  4. If Covid is “over” then how come there were (and still are none) no available beds at the local hospital over New Years Eve and New Years Day? I was told they were full of mostly Covid patients and the few that weren’t had life threatening cases of Flu. One person died of Covid, and a person that had been waiting in ER all day was moved into that room as soon as it was cleaned and sterilized.
    Marge TRAITOR Greene is a waste of oxygen!


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