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Whacked Republicans have a difficult time with “cause and effect.” The problem, one associated with one party, prevented noted legal scholar Marjorie Taylor Greene from correctly analyzing the Fox News settlement. MTG stated that the Dominion lawsuit against Fox, you know – the one that Fox News paid nearly $800 million to avoid, was bullsh*t because…


“We have food critics that criticize restaurants, consumer reports that criticizes products, auto critics that criticize automobiles, and conservative Americans have just wrapped up a week of nuking a beer company, but you can’t criticize a voting machine company or you’ll get sued for millions and millions of dollars.”


See, the problem, Marj, is that Fox News didn’t “criticize” Dominion. They knowingly reported to the nation that Dominion had problems and played a big role in the “steal.” And that’s one thing you just can’t do.

You can criticize a restaurant, saying the service was slow, or that the soup was cold, the salad wilting and everyone understands that it’s a subjective opinion and one written by a person paid to write a subjective opinion. However, if the opinion writer had a personal feud with the owner (a conflict of interest) and reported as “fact” that there were larvae in her couscous, knowing it was false and said with malice? Yes, that reporter/food critic can, in fact, be sued.


Fox did not “criticize” Dominion. Fox lied about Dominion and it was done “with malice” because their ratings depended upon going along with the lie.

It really isn’t tough to understand but noted legal scholar Marjorie Taylor-Greene is a Republican and despite her deep knowledge and scholarship in law, she has a cause-and-effect problem.

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  1. The 3 toed hoor is an idiot. That’s a known fact. The fact that fox paid dominion 700 million is of no consequence. The fact that fox and the 3 toed hoor are still big mouthing with no real repercussions is the REAL problem.
    That and our broken judicial system……

    • Can we please refrain from criticizing women with sexual innuendo, e.g. referring to them as “hoors” (or whatever term you prefer that won’t get PolitiZoom in trouble with Google)? MTG is dripping with horrible character traits that can readily be exploited by the insult-minded. It’s sexist as heck and just plain lazy to use a person’s sex or physical attractiveness against them in an argument. I’m personally sick of the misogyny in America, and the day SCOTUS overturned Roe v. Wade was the day I stopped letting it slide. Do better, Ptg, or STFU.

      • Well said. We have three males who regularly comment on this site that are quite misogynistic and insulting to women. They think nothing of it, and at times have even rationalized their use of the ‘c’ word. Enough already. Yes, MTG and Bimbert try our patience. They are loud, belligerently stoopid, and have no place in a position of power. I look forward to the day when they receive their comeuppance. In the meantime, Ptg and the others, raise your game. This is not a back alley where anything goes. We have intelligent people here, readers and authors. Show some respect. Leave the misogynist and other garbage elsewhere.

  2. MTG looks like a madwoman in that photo, a suitable depiction of this horrible excuse of a human being. Food critics? I don’t think restaurants that receive poor reviews usually pay close to 800 mil to their critics to compensate for a bad meal.

  3. This dumb-ass c*nt does not know the difference between criticizing and defamation. She does not know the difference between opinion and fact. She really does not know much of anything. The picture of her at the start of this article is perfect.

  4. I have to.wonder how the adulterous bimbo.managed to graduate from.UGA. Dud Daddy pay someone to take her.tests and write her papers? Or just bribe her profs or make a big donation to the college? I cannot imagine any English prof who would pass her in a Composition and Lit class unless money changed hand. And I have taught that class on a military base. I would have flunked her.


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