Maybe Marge Greene was trying to atone in her own fashion for her Jewish space laser idiocy of yore. In any event, she sent a misspelled greeting to the Jews along with a picture of a Hannukah menorah, which is the equivalent of putting the caption Happy Easter on top of a Christmas tree. She was quickly ridiculed and so deleted the tweet. Here it is in all its glory.

It’s g’mar chatima tova. So Marge’s greeting is the equivalent of Mury Chrestmas, but hey, good hearted folks will get the message. So think of a Christmas tree with Mury Chrestmas and you’ve got it. Or better yet Merry Fucking Creeesmus, to bring Melania Trump, another holiday expert into the fold.

I think she’s legitimately sloppy and stupid, but I suppose it could have been done on purpose. Anything is possible.

Oh, Marge. If you would just delete yourself from Congress, that would be the one gift that we would cherish forever, people of all races, colors, and creeds.


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  1. Just once it would be nice if during an on-camera interview (one of those live ones in the halls of the Capitol) someone would ask “Do you come by it naturally or do you have to work at being so stupid and offensive?”

  2. Truly, bigly offensive, especially when you know what Yom Kippur actually represents.

    As for “working on it,” I’m sure the regressives’ “brain trust” worked very hard to find something as offensive as they could that would get not intelligent people to see it and go: “Gee, what’s so offensive about that?”

    See, it worked.

    No more Fs to give to these sorry bastards.

  3. Actually, and far be it from me to come to MTG’s defense, but the fact she wrote “Gamar Chasimah Tova” tells me how she even learned the expression.
    My guess would be she learned about it from an older Jewish person who actually speaks yiddish.
    Here’s why (and please excuse this long explanation, but Hebrew is a totally different language than english, so,,,)

    ื’ืžืจ ื—ืชื™ืžื” ื˜ื•ื‘ื” = “May you finish with a good inscription”, ie on Rosh Ha Shanah we do the Jewish equivalent of confession (we do it once a year whether we were perfect or not) and on Yom Kippur God “seals” his plans (inscription) for you for the year. Now hebrew is written only in consonants and the vowels are implied (except when kids first learn, then they are shown) , so the first word (reading from right to left) has three letters that mean “finish” or “end” or “at the end”. But the grammatically precise meaning is a function of the vowels that are not shown, and if you are not fluent in hebrew, it is the easiest thing to read those three letters correctly as “G’mar” (passive voice, in this case “your FINAL inscription”) vs what she wrote “Gamar” which is closer to “are you FINISHED”? or “I’m FINISHED my homework”) Exact same root, so while she was careless (the internet could have sorta explained this to her) she was not way off.
    And as to “ChaSima” vs “chaTima”, hebrew makes the T sound with 2 different letters, but in yiddish, the second letter of the second word ” ืช” (taf) is actually pronounced as an “S”. That’s why it’s possible she learned of the expression from someone who actually speaks yiddish much better than hebrew.

    But as for the Menorah, well, that’s just hilarious! (And careless)


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