Forget about the mouse that roared, this is more like the weasel that wailed. After all the prep and ballyhoo, only a small crowd showed up to the “Make America Straight Again” hate rally in Orlando, Florida, put on by the New Independent Fundamentalist Baptists.      The rally was carried live on YouTube, until YouTube shut it down, and this was not the first time that has happened to this crowd, apparently. And they’re miffed when it does. Hemant Mehta, Friendly Atheist:

We have to hide our YouTube sometimes — some of our worst sermons — or our best sermons, I think — but you gotta hide them because the YouTube JewTube mafia is gonna come in and take your channel away. What happened to free speech?!

Yeah, man, why can’t you get on YouTube and advocate violence and the obliteration of an entire group of humanity? Huh? What’s up with that?

And not only has YouTube forsaken the fundies, so have the cops. Yahoo News:

The Lake County Sheriff’s Department in Orlando rejected the church’s request to privately guard the event, which begins on Friday, days after the three-year anniversary of the Pulse nightclub massacre that killed 49 people.

“We turned down the church’s request to hire privately-paid, off-duty officers for their event because this pastor thinks the government should execute the gay community,” Lt. John Herrell tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

Herrell also told the Orlando Sentinel, “It looks like a hate group, and we decided we didn’t want to be involved…”

Well, that’s cold. However, despite the disrelish of the cops to lend support, the religious rancor fest went forward Friday, in a secret location — which could be obtained if you dropped by church headquarters, pictured above, located in the shopping mall off Hwy. 27.  Here are some low-lights.

If we can get the queers to go back into the closet, that’d be great. I mean, if we can get the government to actually do what it’s supposed to do and put them to death, that’d be amazing.

Let me just say this: They are worthy of death… Let me go ahead and give the disclaimer: We are not advocating that you go out there and have violence against sodomites. That is not what the Bible teaches. The Bible teaches that this is something that the government should do… [God] put the death penalty on homosexuality… We’re not advocating taking the law into your [own] hands. But here’s what we’re saying… If the government would put them to death, it would make America safe again… And here’s what we’re saying… When they die, we don’t feel bad about it… When they die, we don’t care!

I must have missed that chapter and verse of the Bible about God ordering the government to execute gays. I mean, Hitler did it, but so did God, and it’s in the Bible? It must be contained in one of the Books of Apocrypha, 1 Wingnuttia. “And lo, thy government shall be tasked with eliminating anybody who pisseth thou off, because they are different from thou. How the f**k dare they be?  And if thy government isn’t doing its job and blowing away thine enemies, especially the ones thou hast never met, and hast never harmed thou, but nevertheless who thou knowest are responsible for all of thine troubles — then thou must not be voting for the right Republican — although Matt Gaetz is a step in the right direction, yea, verily.”

“Thou shalt go forth and actively recruit the most deranged that thou meet and encourage them to run for office on the GOP ticket. Because sayeth the Lord, ‘the world isn’t going to destroy itself.'”

“And forgeteth not the most important precept here: The gays are out to get thou. They think of nothing else but thee, 24/7.”

If you think that’s exaggerated, here’s a few more quotes from the conference:

They’ll attack you. They’ll hurt you. These people are extremely dangerous.…

These people are predators. They’re rapists. They’re given over to a reprobate conscience-seared mind. And they will hurt you. And they will hurt your children.

The Bogey man is gay, and must be wiped off the face of the earth. Message received, from the Twilight Zone.

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  1. “These people are rapists” – most rapists are heterosexual, because it’s about power, not sex. (I wonder how many of them went to fundy churches that told them that they were the god-ordained masters of the universe.)

    • It’s amazing how homophobia plays out that way. I remember back in the late 70’s, when I was doing talk radio, that people would call in on the topic, “You just wait. The homos are going to come into your house and get you.” That’s a quote. Another time there was a guy, “Captain Kennedy,” who called into the station frequently. He was an airline captain, he said, and Alan Berg (my friend who was murdered by Nazis in 1984) said, “I don’t want him flying a plane I’m on. I don’t even want him serving me my Coke.” The Captain came to the station once, to talk to Alan personally, he was so alarmed at Alan’s liberal, pro-gay, live and let live approach to the subject. For reasons I have never understood, gays terrify some people.

  2. Usually when I learn of another example of these kinds of wingnuts spouting their hatred and claiming gays will destroy our way of life I’m reminded of a classic Lewis Black rant from one of his stand-up specials on TV years ago.
    Here’s the link

    The thing is, it’s hard to laugh at it the way I did at first because these folks coming out of the woodwork these days really believe this kind of shit and worse.

    • That clip is hysterical. I’ve got to watch more of Lewis Black. He’s got it nailed. With all the real issues in the world, the big one is gay people getting married? The climate crisis will cease if the gays stop getting married? Hostility in the Middle East will cease if only the gays stop getting married? The economy will boom, if the gays will just go back to the closet? I mean, that’s how insane it is.

      • What makes me both laugh and go off on rants that would make my Drill Instructors nod with approval (at my “colorful” language) is how these assholes are always citing the Old Testament. It seems like NONE of what Jesus focused on in the New Testament means a thing to them. For damned sure nothing about love, acceptance and forgiveness. No, these goobers want fire and brimstone, at least for their phantom/made up enemies. Even the Old Testament barely mentions gays, and when the cite Leviticus they only cite that one part and ignore all the other common shit so many of them do and/or have no problem with that offers equally harsh judgement as it does towards gays.

        I bring this up because in that same show, Black also has a hilarious bit about the Old vs the New Testament. The clip starts out with something equally appalling (Bush visiting troops in the hospital) but stick with it because if you liked the clip I attached before you’ll love this one:

    • A gay friend of mine told me that he thought that the gay prejudice in the Bible came straight from the church, and had nothing to do with God or Jesus. The church wanted a person to reproduce. Women who were lesbian could still be raped and forced to reproduce. Men, OTOH, had to engage with a woman at least a portion of the time to procreate, or they weren’t doing their “job.” That might have made sense thousands of years ago, but on a planet with seven billion people, grossly overpopulated, we should worry if people don’t have more kids?

      • Despicable people. It is so hard to understand their lack of humanity. Everyone is different, I don’t look at people I pass in the street and wish they were dead. Sickening.

  3. I think anyone who believes that there should be no gays should be required to live without any advancement in science, culture, or whatever, made by gay people. What would that look like? Well, the earliest gay people we know existed (Achilles and Patroclus may have been mythical) were in 5th century BC Athens, they would not be allowed those amenities, like democracy, and that would put them in the Bronze Age. I’m sure they don’t know a thing about the Bronze Age, so we who are knowledgeable would have to set up a territory (maybe in Siberia? Antarctica is not yet available, and I’d rather not wait until it is) where there are no resources except those that were available in the Bronze Age, put up a wall (electrified) around it, and shuffle them all into it. It might be overpopulated, but not for long.

  4. It’s such a coincidence that you wrote this article. I just saw yesterday “Boy Erased”. Wow, what a movie.
    In my experience as a homosexual man who was outed when I was 16 yrs. old, as in the movie, anyone who has had a problem with my homosexuality has been because they themselves were either homosexuals or bisexuals and didn’t want to confront the reality that the mirror revealed to them every morning. The heterosexuals in my life, most if not all, accepted me. I remained part of the football, basketball team. I was in a Catholic School at the time and many had problems reconciling the teachings of the church with reality. I was the same rambunctious, street thug, rebel without a cause, caring and loving person that they had come to know and love and now a day after I was gay and yet the same. That blew their minds.

    I am so glad that I was outed back then because ever since I have lived a life without regrets, without explanations to anyone for who or what I am and with a whole bunch of people loving me unconditionally. And always demanding respect with my head held up high.

    Every time I encounter these phobes I always ask them to look up the meaning of homophobia and wait till they get to the psychological part were it explains the reason for the mirrorwing/projection then walk away with a grin from ear to ear.

    Too bad they don’t take literally the expelling of the money lenders/changers and merchants from the Temple by Jesus known as the “Cleansing of the Temple”. It would be more apropo these days!


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