Looks Like ‘The Big Lie’ Ain’t Feeling So Good


Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice and, and, and you won’t fool me again!   George W Bush

This is actually an update to an article I wrote a couple of days ago, with new and relevant polling information. According to a poll shown multiple times today on MSNBC, in a just released poll, when you ask Republican voters who the legitimate President is, the results are 53% Trump, and 47% Biden. This six months after the election.

So, what’s your point you say? Simple, mon chere. If you look at the same poll, taken on inauguration day, the results read 80% Trump, and 14% Biden. After only 4 months of the Biden administration, Trump is now barely keeping his head above the waterline with the suckers of his grassroots donor list.

This was predictable, and I did. Trump and the GOP have been dealing for more than 5 years almost exclusively with The Big Lie. And keeping The Big Lie going for the long term requires two things. It requires near constant repetition multiple times a day, 24/7. And it requires that the lie not be effectively contested anywhere in either government or the mass media. Those are things that are hard to achieve in a country that hasn’t already gone full autocratic.

And Trump and the GOP no longer have either. Even before his social media exile, Trump was in deep trouble. After all, there’s a big difference between 40 million twitter followers, and The Big Lie being broadcast from remarks from the Oval Office press room podium on every nightly news broadcast. Once Trump got bounced from social media, he might as well have gone mute.

Which leaves it up to the wee beasties and toadies remaining in the GOP caucus to try and carry the water for Trump, and they ain’t doing so good. The problem is that there is nobody currently in the GOP, House or Senate, who has the chutzpah and national recognition to command a national microphone to consistently jam home The Big Lie. And when the eww beasties and toadies, at both the national and state level keep trying to push the mantra, the media is pushing back. And obviously they are winning.

Here’s why this is so important. It’s not like the GOP is lovingly holding the seat warm for El Pendejo Presidente in 2024, they hope he’s up to his ass in legal alligators by that time. They’re kissing Trump’s ass because he literally controls the purse strings of the grassroots GOP donors. And this polling is showing that tat base is shrinking.

The GOP, and especially spineless twit Kevin McCarthy, fluffed Trump in order to keep the money spigot open. And as Bill Murray said in Ghostbusters 2, Oh, Viggy,  Viggy, did you back the wrong horse! These are not registered voters, they are Republican voters, base voters and contributors, and they just don’t care so much anymore.

There are two reasons for this. For one thig, it’s really hard to keep up a white-hot piss off forever. Without the daily social media pounding of Trump on Twitter and Facebook, people started actually finding other things to occupy them. Trump was no longer constantly in their ear. Second, life is actually getting back to normal. People are getting outside, going to ball games, and the 2020 election just doesn’t seem quite so earth shattering anymore. Especially with Biden not blowing up the earth.

Kevin McCarthy, meet rock. Rock, meet hard place. McCarthy took the chance that Trump could survive one more midterm election before imploding. Looks like he bet wrong. Those support numbers you see melting away are likely donors, now likely gone for good. But worse yet, people don’t like being played. The longer time goes on, and the more people who peel slowly away from the Big Lie, the more they start to feel like suckers. But The Big Lie is all that the GOP has to push, and how do you think these former acolytes of Trump are going to feel getting their noses rubbed in it? Don’t touch that dial.

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  1. Michael Steele, former chairman of the GOP, pointed out on Brian Williams yesterday that the biggest sucker is Kevin McCarthy, who “put out a tepid statement — has taken no action with respect to Marjorie Taylor Greene. Her crazy just goes up exponentially. And so she doubles down, triples down. She wants to be the female version of Donald Trump and she will do everything she can in her power to do that, because she knows, ka-ching, there`s cash at the end of that rainbow. And so that`s where the party is. They will kick out a Liz Cheney and they will elevate [Greene]. And here`s the little dirty secret for YOU, Kevin. Next year if you get the House and you`re making your bid for — oh, I don`t know, speaker of the House — who do you think Donald Trump is going to support? ..
    .. Sucker.”

    • I saw that and loved it. Was glad I didn’t have a mouthful of liquid as I’d have shot it across the room. Well said, Michael! Kev is definitely a moron, a sucker.

  2. If it really was a big lie we wouldn’t have vote recount in Arizona and Georgia. You can’t fight lies as they have no legs. The result will speak for itself and until then you can’t tell me it was a lie when I have seen the truth.

    • Methinks your username should be “Truthiness” seeker, or to paraphrase KellyAnne Conway “Alternative Truth” seeker.

    • Those votes have been counted and recounted and audits have been done – all according to actual state laws that had been in place for a long time and proven effective. Oh, and by people who actually had proper training and experience with doing it AND in full view of the media and independent observers. How many such recounts would satisfy you? There’s an old and popular definition of insanity of it being doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. However, what makes my blood boil is how many folks (are you one of them) who aren’t insane (under that definition) but something much more troubling.

      What I mean is that you goddam well know that the counts and recounts produced accurate results – despite all the attempts to suppress the votes of people who aren’t hard core Trump loving Republicans. And still lost. So now you are resorting to the worst form of CHEATING yet an doing so brazenly in the hopes of destroying the system and installing your orange turd wannabe Emperor (and his spawn) for life. You are saying fuck election laws and established procedures, and allow secretive processes to “count the votes” and having a pre-determined result in mind.

      What I’d find laughable if it was so dangerously (to democracy) disgusting is that you and others who HOWLED like like you’d been scalded with boiling oil fought so hard in 2000 to stop the FL recount and took it all the way to SCOTUS which had five conservatives who were so ashamed of their decision to stop THAT recount that they included a statement in their decision that had never before appeared in a SCOTUS decision and hasn’t since – that NOTHING in it should be taken as or used as precedent setting.

      Now we have a state (soon to be a second) where multiple recounts have ALREADY taken place, and you are whining like a toddler about stopping a recount being conducted by people who have NO intention, much less the ability to conduct an honest one.

      Go find a pile of toxic waste to fuck, and convince your pals to join you.

    • U wouldn’t know the truth if it bit u in the ass. Just drink ur cyanide grape juice like the ‘Christian’ cult in jimbo’s ‘church’. Don’t plan on meeting Jesus cuz he called liars like u children of the devil (John 8:44).

      • He didn’t say anything about being a Christian, so your reply is misdirected. But even if he had, certain aspects of reply are still beyond the pale.

        • The essential point is these folks, Christian or not, are liars. Why not slap them down for that instead of attacking me? Since, MANY are so called religious folks, I keep pointing out JESUS’s reported statements. Since he was so wayyy “beyond the pale”, in response to the lying pharisees, I’m in damn good company.

          • Um, the word “attack” has been way overused. In any case, I can both call them out and call you out. It ios not an either-or proposition. Furthermore, MANY does not equal ALL. We understand this logical fallacy when people like Greene consider ALL Dems perverts because she thinks gay Dems are perverts. Jesus was criticizing the hypocrisy of Pharisees who emphasized overly-scrupulous observance of the Law while missing the main point. He did not criticize them for lying. https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Matthew%2023&version=NIV However, you are attacking, and you are attacking even Dems who are Christians with your overly broad brush. But hey, you recognize on some level that the GQP hypocrites who call themselves Christians are not really Christians when you refer to “”Christians” in jimbo’s “church.””

          • If you want her to take you seriously, you probably shouldn’t mix an admonition to read the bible with a euphemistically spelled profanity.

    • Why are you pretending the “vote recounts” in Arizona and Georgia is anything but an amateur fraudit with zero official gravitas? You have those amateurs pretending to do a vote recount precisely because they would like to give the Big Lie legs, not because there is any actual evidence to back up their effort. They have no credibility. If you were actually a truth seeker, you would ignore right-wing propaganda entirely. Some of us are actually truth-seekers, and us truth-seekers have even been known to scold writers on sites like this one when their emotions lead them to veer toward propaganda.


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