Wow. This sure isn’t something that you see every day.

You well remember Ann Coulter, she who penned “E Pluribus Awesome” and was Donald Trump’s biggest cheerleader for many years, part of his Blonde Squad, along with Kellyanne Conway and Kayleigh McEnany and his daughter?

Trumpty could do no wrong back in the day. Now that day is done, and here is what Coulter has to say to the man she formerly worshipped.

Coulter said back in January that Trump is “done” She said, “You guys should stop obsessing over him.”

And she also said this.

So much for this sycophant, Donald. Time to go find yourself a new one.

And then there’s this.

Alex Jones’ head is cut off at the bottom of this tweet, but it quotes him saying, “I’m voting for Ron DeSantis.”

Anybody got one of those long bar-b-que forks? We need to stick one in the GOP. It’s done.

And I can’t wait to hear what Coulter’s new nickname will be when Trumpty gets wind of this. Oh, mama.

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  1. Grifters like Coulter are somewhere between jackals and camp followers. You know the time of a ruler is done when they start backing away. The grifter’s continued viability depends on such adaptability.

  2. “Alex Jones’ head is cut off at the bottom of this tweet, but it quotes him saying, “I’m voting for Ron DeSantis.”

    Oh, boy. De Santis is despicable but not even he needs that kind of threat posed in his direction.

  3. it is fucking impossible to read your article for all the ads popping up and making the text jump up and down or dissappearing because of forcing advertisments. May block politizoom off flipchart.

    • I find them annoying on lots of sites. Especially the way those who develop them write instructions in the code for them to suddenly “jump” and cause people to miss the tiny “close” box or x. Nice logic – piss off people by sleazing them to look at your product! Personally, when that happens I have my mouse moved to the right hand top of the screen before the ad often even completes loading and click THAT. (it doesn’t jump or move!) Anyway, I’ve never bother paying for ad blocker services. I always figured that assholes will figure out a way to work around it. However, with THIS site I’ve found it pretty straightforward. The only ad that is problematic is the one on the left. Wait six or eight seconds and then it is “set” and easy to close. All it takes is a bit of patience and all the text is easy to scroll through!

  4. Coulter, you blithering harpy, you are one of the reasons the mango moron became normalized in our country. Normalized enough to win in 2016 and run again in 2020 and we see where THAT went. Had the idiots like you not given him the time of day, he did nothing to earn it, he would have never made it out of the primaries leading to the 2016 election. He would have been recognized, again mind you, as the joke he is. You supported an incompetent which is not in and of itself unusual given you are a conservative but this time you supported someone so ignorant of anything other than his own personal desires. You supported a stupid person, one of the stupidest, to occupy the white house.

    You know something Ms. Coulter, the next time you feel the need to speak, write, or what the fuck ever, please remember your own words and Shut the Fuck Up. Forever. Quite frankly it would be the most patriotic thing you are capable of.


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