Pride goeth before a fall. Arrogance goeth before a pratfall

Look, if there’s one incontrovertible rule in boxing, it’s this, If your man is on the ropes, you keep punching until a) he goes down, b) the bell sounds, or c) the ref steps in. Anything else is boxing malpractice.

And right now Trump has Biden up against the ropes on rubber legs street. He’s leading in all of the major polls, Biden blew himself up in the debate, and the Democratic party is a circular firing squad. All Traitor Tot has to do is to shut up, sit back, and keep handing the Democrats more ammunition.

But instead, if he makes this sudden U-turn permanent, then he’s about to perform the most spectacular 10 meter face plant the world has seen since the 1969 Cubs. the old mantra for running a S&L was The 3-5-2 Rule. Pay 3% interest on savings. Charge 5% on loans. and play golf at 2:00. That should be the Trump playbook as well. 3 idiotic  posts on Bullsh*t Social a day, 5 brain dead rallies a month, and play golf at 2:00.

But no, the Roslyn Village Idiot has a brand new master plan to crush Biden and cake walk to the election. Which of course means that he’s going to be an ass clown.

And I think that the more cautious Democrats are starting to feel the shift in the wind. While nine House Democrats have asked Biden to step down, so far no Democratic Senator has. All weekend the hot news was that VA Senator Mark Warner would hold a conference call with senior leadership Senators on Monday. Late Sunday afternoon warner’s office reported that the call was cancelled, and there was no schedule as yet for a replacement.

I think there are two reasons for that. First, the rogue pundits and Democratic House members looking for Biden to step down are running into a much stiffer resistance from the Democratic base, especially the Biden base than they thought, much as in the pushback I received in my article. Keep it up guys, you aren’t the only ones. Second, I think the smarter Democrats want to put a damper on this for a few days, and see if Traitor Tot is really serious about pulling their chestnuts out of their own fire.

Here’s the raw genius baron von Schitzenpants secret plan for world domination. There is already a good reason for the Democrats to put out the brush fire and unify behind Biden. That’s because the sane analysts and strategists at the RNC and the Trump campaign are scared sh*tless of this whole Project 2025 debacle. As well they should be, the Democrats and media have exploited it beautifully, and non Trombies are taking a very close look at it.

But Trump is nothing if not arrogant and imbecilic. He is so jazzed by his poll numbers, and so proud of himself for engineering Biden’s terrible debate performance, he’s going for the kill shot. He’s going to campaign for, and pitch to disaffected moderate Democrat and Independent voters, hoping to strike while the iron is hot, and snare enough of them now to put the contest out of reach, no matter what the Democrats do.

Dear Sweet Jesus. The thought of Trump actually trying to talk to moderate voters is as absurd on its face as appointing Steve Bannon the Editor in Chief of GQ. And it is doomed to failure before it ever gets off of the ground for two simple reasons.

First, Trump has never even tried to communicate with a moderate voter in his life. In 2016, his blatant racism and sexism made him an ass clown. Unfortunately he hit it off with other racist, sexist ass clowns. And when his ass clown primary base became large enough to get him the nomination, the more moderate GOP voters accepted him as the nominee and fell in line. He never uttered a word to them trying to convert them. He did the same thing in 2020, when some 3.5 million of those moderate voters said enough is enough, and voted with their feet.

The second reason is that a moderate GOP, Democratic or Independent voter is as alien to Trump as the main character in Predator. Trump couldn’t relate to a moderate voter if he bought and memorized an Ass Clown-English dictionary. Trump only knows how to talk about one thing, Trump. And Trump talking about Trump is what made them Never Trumpers in the first place.

But Il Douche is already taking it for a test spin. Trump has no immediate rally plans. And while his handlers are begging him to disavow Project 2025 as Heritage Foundation mental masturbation, Trump is being Trump instead. He’s trying to say that he knows nothing about Project 2025 or its creators, but he knows that there’s large parts he doesn’t like. Right. And if it’s approved at the national convention next week, for the first time in more than 50 years the GOP platform will not carry a platform calling for a national abortion ban. Trump’s trying to ditch that hot potato too.

His handlers, already smelling a 32 car NASCAR pileup, are calling in the replacements. VP wannabes Marco Rubio and JD Vance hit the blatherfests airwaves to try to put out the fire. They said what El Pendejo ex Presidente wouldn’t. That Project 2025 was nothing more than a political philosophical exercise, and not Trump’s agenda. And they also tried to separate Trump from his own longstanding promises of revenge and retribution. Good luck with that.

But here’s why trump’s outreach is doomed to failure even before it starts. The gulf between Trump’s base and moderates and Independents is unbridgeable. Trump can say anything he wants to his drooling mob of pound puppies. They live in a sealed bubble on Earth 2, indoctrinated by FUX News,OAN, Infowars and NewsMax. What he says is all they’re force fed by the media, like baby birds.

But Democratic and GOP moderate voters, as well as Independents, live on Earth 1. And as such, they tend to get their information and news from verifiable sources. And they didn’t become moderate and Independent voters without long ago learning to indulge in a little something we big kids like to call critical thinking on a regular basis. Trump actually trying to converse with moderate and Independent voters would be like that time they had Ozzy Osborne guest sing Take me out to the ballgame several years ago. A slobbering, incomprehensible mishmash.

The GOP has shown a real relish of snatching-defeat-from-the-jaws-of-victory. The 2020 election. the 2022 midterms, and now unintentionally diverting attention from the Democrats self inflicted implosion. The Naysayers took their shot. But in the last eight days, whether he convinced me or not. Biden has the confidence and support of the DNC, the moderate base, and the power groups like the Congressional Black Caucus. Not only their confidence and support, but most importantly, their loyalty. That’s why Warner and the Senate kept their powder dry. Time to shut this down, make a powerful show of party and voting unity, shut up, step back, and let the GOP succeed at what the Democrats failed at. Namely F*cking up a good thing. 

Personal Note

I am going to be AWOL for the next week or so. My oldest daughter is flying Teri and I out to Honolulu for a weeks visit. I’m not taking the laptop, and it wouldn’t do any good if I did. When I type for you guys, I’m already three hours behind the Eastern time zone, and HST is another three hours behind that. Anything I typed would have all the relevance of a 3 Stooges episode by the time you read it. But fear not. After a week in Paradise, I should return with a fresh, fully charged piss-and-vinegar battery. See ya then!

I thank you for the privilege of your time.


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    • No problemo my brother…With my balance issues I can’t get up from a low rider beach chair…It’s pool chairs or benches on the beaches for yours truly…lol And with my fish belly white Irish ass, I’ll be sunscreened like a turkey ready for basting…lol

      • Natural.deep Ted Irish American. I get burned in 20 minutes. I plan on going tp.Carrie Fest in the last week of September, and I wearing sunscreen if my dress doesn’t make it, and wandering with a parasol. I stay indoors from.July 1 the out th September. You have my sympathy.

  1. “… for the first time in more than 50 years the GOP platform will not carry a platform calling for a national abortion ban. Trump’s trying to ditch that hot potato too.”
    This is a perfect example of the GOP circular firing squad in action. Because a very large number of Trump supporters support him mainly because of the abortion issue, and they are very pissed off about this.


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