Whelp, it looks like the Orangeutan may have to go begging to Elron to dig through his couch cushions to come up with another $382,000 dollars to pay off Cristopher Steele’s and his firm’s legal fees, after a judge in England threw out the suit drumpf brought against Steele for compiling a dossier acknowledged to be comprised of both chatter and hard intel about Trump’s Russian adventures prior to the 2016 election.

In throwing out the case the judge gave drumpf’s suit the fitting epitaph “bound to fail” which would describe most all of his legal actions:

AP News

“LONDON (AP) — Former U.S. President Donald Trump has been ordered to pay a six-figure legal bill to a company founded by a former British spy that he unsuccessfully sued for making what his lawyer called “shocking and scandalous” false claims that harmed his reputation.

A London judge, who threw out the case against Orbis Business Intelligence last month saying it was “bound to fail,” ordered Trump to pay legal fees of 300,000 pounds ($382,000), according to court documents released Thursday.

Orbis was founded by Christopher Steele, who once ran the Russia desk for Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service, also known as MI6…

Steele was paid by Democrats for research that included salacious allegations Russians could potentially use to blackmail Trump. The so-called Steele dossier assembled in 2016 created a political storm just before Trump’s inauguration with rumors and uncorroborated allegations that have since been largely discredited…

… “(Trump) Attorney Hugh Tomlinson said at an October hearing that the former president “suffered personal and reputational damage and distress” over claims in the dossier that he’d taken part in “sex parties” in St. Petersburg and consorted with sex workers in Moscow…

Orbis said the lawsuit should be thrown out because the report was never meant to be made public and was published by BuzzFeed without the permission of Steele or Orbis. It also said the claim was filed too late.“

Besides that what are the chances that Trump didn’t consort with sex workers in Moscow?

Good call, judge.

The AP article spun a very entertaining thread on Twitter:










Bust out the GOP too!

$500,000,000 here, $382,000 there, soon it adds up to real money.

Elon is going to find out that Trump is very expensive.

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    …….wait a minute……isn’t that where he met Malaria….ol’ “Moose and Squirrel” herself???


  2. This should be fun if the orange ape decides he isn’t going to pay. Brit courts don’t take kindly to being told what to do with themselves and he does have property over there which CAN be seized to pay any judgments.

    Plus he can be arrested for failing to pay if he shows up to visit his golf course.

    • I gather the UK is “your patch” as I think folks there would put it. As such I was hoping as I read this you’d weigh in. American courts are as you know very much a two-tiered system. One which shit hammers most people but quite solicitous towards the rich and/or powerful who get away with working the system. Trump, infuriatingly is more skilled at gaming the system via delays than most. It’s one of the few skills he’s had in his despicable life. So I’ve been wondering as I kept an eye on this from afar IF over there in the UK the rich/powerful get away with the same shit as happens here in the states. Or even if so, whether the same consideration would be given to a foreigner. I gather while Trump has some soul-mates in the upper classes in the UK it’s far from the bulk of them and most there hold him in little regard. In fact he’s mocked by the majority over there.

      If he tries to delay or game the system or pleads poverty (well, cash flow at least) how easily and quickly can the court move to collect? I LOVE the idea of them attaching a lien to one of his properties over there. And throwing up roadblocks to him trying stunts using them as leverage to address other financial problems. Especially with a golf course like Turnberry I would think upper crust Brits turn up their noses over someone like Trump owning it, much as the late Marjorie Merriweather Post is spinning in her grave over Trump owning Mar A Lago!

      • UK????
        Excuse me – I’m IRISH!! LOL

        However, Irish law (both jurisdictions) is based on Brit Common Law so when a judge says ‘Pay up’ – you’d better start getting the cash

        • My bad. And my apologies. My own “Irish” goes back well over two centuries and it’s just the one guy. The Dutch roots are over 150 years old so I’m pure American mutt. A blend of all kinds including some native American (Lakota) on my mom’s side but even she was a great grandmother and I’m no more Native American than I am Irish or Dutch. I’d love to win the lottery and see Ireland, Scotland and yes even England. But I got the sense you know the UK and though Irish I’m still sure you do. At least a lot more than I do. Well, the President’s getting started.


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