RFK JR. so far in this campaign has been a real equal opportunity pain in the a##, showing the potential to shear off potentially more anti-vax Trump voters than stealing votes from Democrats disaffected by Biden’s policies.

But all of that might have changed last night as stories circulated about highly trained Secret Service agents being tasked by the easily offended Mousseolini with rounding up from the libertarian crowd before his speech at their convention squeaky rubber chickens with “Debate Bobby” emblazoned on their rubber tummies – an attempt to prod Trump into debating the fail son.

The internet, and most particularly Twitter, roared in laughter at the thought of highly trained trained agents on the look-out for gag chickens…

Celeb Tattler on MSN

“In a striking display at the Libertarian Party convention in Washington, D.C., independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. stirred controversy by distributing rubber chickens to attendees ahead of Donald Trump’s speech.

The rubber chickens, emblazoned with “Debate Bobby,” were seemingly aimed to disrupt the former president’s address and provoke a reaction from his supporters. The move quickly ignited a backlash on social media, particularly among Trump’s base…

Amidst the unfolding drama, CNN reported that Secret Service agents were actively confiscating the rubber chickens at the venue, underscoring security concerns and the unusual nature of the protest.

The agents’ directive of “No lighters, no water bottles, no noisy chickens,” highlighted the stringent measures in place. The convention, which also serves as a platform for the Libertarian Party to select its presidential nominee, has become a focal point of political intrigue, with Kennedy’s provocative gesture drawing attention to his criticisms of both major political parties and their handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.“

The ensuing hilarity on Twitter (and last night’s epic boo-fest) just might mark an inflection point in the entire campaign…



Secret Service Tests Air Force wanting to join their ranks: 🤣🤣🤣


In 3…2…1…






If you plan on protesting at a Trump event this summer or fall be sure to bring a sneaky rubber chicken.

The future of Democracy itself may hinge on it.


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  1. Kazoos. Now that is a good idea. Pass those noisy f*ckers around to all the attendees and not only will it give a perfect theme song for Von Shitsinpants, it will drown out that irritating voice of his–two birds with one, well hundreds actually, kazoo.

    • Oh yeah, and add to it the choruses of “go f*ck yourself”. Would love to see that-would be worth it to go to that convention.

  2. I wonder how the Libertarian Party officials felt about the government’s intrusion (whether it was somehow part of standard Secret Service protocol or just Trumpian paranoia at work) into *regulating* how Libertarian Party delegates were to act at their own *private* function?

    Libertarians always make a big show of “free thinking” and “self-reliance” and, yet, they allowed an OUTSIDER to dictate to them.


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