There haven’t been any bombs going off in the Nevada desert for quite some time, but Lindsey Graham, lapdog to Donald Trump, has just succeeding in righteously pissing off the local election officials not to mention the local press, who are diligently following every twist and turn of the Laxalt/Cortez Masto race for the Senate and have been for days.

Lindsey Graham, aka Lindseed, aka Graham Cracker actually had had the hubris to suggest that there is election fraud in Nevada, Clark County specifically. This is not going over well.

It’s intriguing that he would voice Donald Trump’s favorite theory, election denialism, under these circumstances and especially at a time like this when he’s got so much bigger fish to fry, i.e., testifying before Fani Willis’ grand jury. But it does make sense that he is praying like hell that Adam Laxalt wins so that the defining race will be in Georgia and maybe that CTE-addled idiot can pull the fat from the fire and deliver the Senate back to GOP hands. Lindsey? If you’re depending on the likes of Herschel Walker to save your bacon has it occurred to you that you are in a world of hurt?

Ladies and gentlemen, the Graham Cracker knows more about the mathematical probabilities of this race than the people who game out these probabilities for a living — and who are nationally respected for doing so. His comments went over like a fart in an elevator.


On a Republican conference call Thursday, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), went so far as to suggest fraud in Nevada if Laxalt isn’t declared the winner. The midday call was hosted by Sen. Rick Scott (R-Fla.), chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

“There is no mathematical way Laxalt loses,” Graham said on the call. “If he does, then it’s a lie.”

No evidence of election fraud has emerged and independent analysts have been expecting Cortez Masto to take the lead for days based on the number of outstanding mail votes in the most Democratic part of the state.

Besides having legal teams on the ground in Nevada and Arizona, there’s now little the GOP can do to salvage its shot at a majority but go all-in on Georgia.

And all-in on Georgia is where they may think they’re going, but the fact is it’s not going to matter if Kelly and Cortez Masto stay in office. And they know it. All this just underscores how the linchpin seat this election is Catherine Cortez Masto’s.

Jon Ralston wasn’t the only journalist who got pissed. This is no time for Graham to pull this. The country as a whole is trying to get away from the election denial madness and the “MAGA Curse” as Jennifer Rubin puts it.

What happened to the man who was best friends with John McCain and called Joe Biden, “one of the finest men God ever made?” I wish I knew. But the iteration of Graham that we deal with today is a broken down circus clown in the thrall of Donald Trump. I guess that will be his legacy.


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  1. After he knee-capped his caucus w/ his well-timed (for us) plan for a national abortion ban, he now throws this defeated election denialism into the mix. Poor Graham cracker just can’t get his timing right.

  2. Yo Graham. It isn’t mathematics. It’s basic, simple GRADE school arithmetic. Let’s break this down. The person that gets the most votes wins. You don’t know who got how many votes UNTIL the ballots get counted. With me so far? Your fellow Trump ass licker Laxalt is currently leading by around ten thousand votes. BUT, there are still fifty or sixty thousand votes yet to be counted. Because they were mailed in, or dropped off at drop boxes and because of NV law mailed ballots postmarked by election day can be accepted up through Sat. after the election those ballots have to be processed. All that signature matching and other “let’s make it as hard as we can for people to vote” shit you and your pals are the reason for that! But I digress.

    The point is that there are an awful lot of ballots still to be counted. In order to win, Cortez Masto needs to have more of those votes be for her than Laxalt. IF there were less than ten thousand ballots then you’d be correct – there would be no way for her to beat your fellow fuckwad fascist. BUT, there are fifty or sixty thousand!

    Simple ARITHMETIC Lindsay. Even a dumbass MAGA in grade school knows 50 (thousand) is greater than 10 (thousand). So it’s possible for Laxalt to lose his lead and the election. It’s really that fucking simple you asshat. I suppose what’s got you all worked up is that it’s not only possible, but likely that given where those uncounted ballots have been cast they will break for Cortez Masto by sixty or sixty five percent. Again, simple grade school arithmetic can determine what percentage of the remaining votes to be counted she will need to get to overtake him.

    But regardless, when all the votes are counted the person who got the most votes will have won. ONE number will be bigger than the other. The person who got the bigger number will be the winner. There are at least TEN time more votes out there to be counted that the amount your guy is leading by. You are a fucking Senator for Chrissakes! What part of that don’t you understand?



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