There are some great lines in the two clips you’re about to see. At one point, Mike Lindell declaims that Doug Mastriano’s election was “front loading.” Like a washing machine? Whut?

Steve Bannon, as you can see from the image above, has had better days. I don’t know what he’s got in his hand. It sorta kinda looks like a pencil cup and maybe that’s where he kept the key to the rest of his booze. He looks like he could use a stiff one right about now and we certainly don’t blame him.

Bannon has a lot on his mind. He’s going to lose his appeal and then have to serve his prison sentence of four months and he can’t do his podcast from the House Of Many Doors. So he’s going to lose traffic and who knows where a fickle right-wing audience will go when he’s out of it? Meanwhile, Bannon’s stuck listening to this dummy, because he’s a big advertiser.

And again.

Lindell is a key part of the MAGA ecosystem. He feeds it from both ends. He’s an advertiser and a pundit.

And Lindell is at Mar-a-Lago for the big event. All of MAGA is gathered to bend the knee.

Let’s see if Melania shows up at Trump’s side tonight. Or, let’s see if Trump announces a running mate. Let’s see if Elise Stefanik is there. Let’s see if Kari Lake is there and if she and Stefanik get into a bitch slapping contest on the beach. Anything’s possible.


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  1. Put these two away: one because he’s an effing criminal and the other because he is effing insane. Put them away so we do not have to see them again. Some silliness is funny. Constant asinine behavior over the same bullshit is not. Is a media outlet putting these two on the air? If so, revoke their license to broadcast just because this has gone beyond bad taste into execrable taste.


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