Man, does this take me back over the decades. If there was one routine which was drilled into our minds in high school, over and over and over again, it was the sin of premarital sex. And this was an era when birth control pills were available, so it wasn’t nearly as strange in the early 70’s as it had been in the early 60’s.

But all that caution has been thrown to the wind by the MAGA “Christians.” They think it’s great to have kids and have them young. Hell, start when you’re a kid yourself, why not?

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and Lauren Boebert is jazzed that her eldest son is going to become a daddy before he can even take a legal drink. Here’s Colorado law. Let the debates begin.

I don’t see any good coming out of this. Let’s put it this way: I’ve seen teenagers have kids and it rarely, if ever, is a good thing. The odds are against it.

Imagine having Lauren Boebert for a mother-in-law. Then imagine being hitched to the Boebert clan for life.

Oh, and excuse me: isn’t premarital sex a sin among Xians? Seems to me that it was a holy thing, how do they put it, “Between one man and one woman in a marriage bed.”

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  1. ‘Christians’

    Don’t listen to what they say, look at what they do.

    These people don’t have Christianity as a moral value.

    They have hypocrisy instead.

  2. At least teach him not to pull his dick out in a public place like his daddy did in a bowling alley. The phrase ‘piece of work’ comes to mind.

  3. Looks like Bobblehead has decided to challenge Palin for the title of America’s Trailer-Trash Queen, and install the Boebert clan as the country’s premier Trailer-Trash family. If that sounds overly harsh I have no fucks to give.

  4. Ironically, abortion is legal in California – in fact, we are gearing up to accommodate people who need to come from other states for it. Maybe the poor kid will get lucky and have a family who will support her getting an abortion. I fear it’s not all that likely … but it is at least possible.

  5. Isn’t this why she wants to eliminate sex ed from education in schools? She was so afraid they were being taught to have sex, but would rather they learn as they go, like she did. 4attempts for a GED and grandma at 36.
    She is truly of the flock trump loves.

  6. Like son, like mother.
    The boy ruined the girls’s life, as she may drop out of school, similar to Boebert.
    Worse, that girl is now tied to Boebert’s family.
    Hopefully those 2 Kids will stay in school and get a diploma unlike a certain Congresswoman who got knocked up and dropped out of high school though later got her GED, on her 4th try.
    Karma is following a particular family.

  7. No fair!!!! Why does a 36 year-old get to be a grandma, while 61 year-old me, whose 33 year-old son has been married for years, am STILL waiting for him to get off his ass and make me a “zaidie”??!!! Should I tell my son that “grandma” Boebert is but 3 years older than he and his 61 year-old “old man” is still waiting???
    No, my wife will kill me for “rushing” them! (Harumph!)
    Like I said, no fair!

  8. Well I was there in the seventies. The one thing that was drilled in to our perverted little minds. Wrap that rascal. You are right though. The right is getting out ahead on the population thing. Gotta get those votes one way or another. Like I said. Been around for awhile and it never fails to amaze me. Here this little shit ruined this girls life and mommy is patting him on the back with an attaboy to boot. Her with a GED which I seen somewhere was like two weeks before she got sworn in. Makes me wonder if she actually passed it or if the fix was put in. Being a poor judge of character I would say that whoever gave her the test got a envelope when she handed over the test. Considering that government jobs require a diploma or like documentation. And of course she will get food stamps whether she needs them or not. The republican way. Vote no on all socialist programs but be first in line when they hand out the money. Isn’t america a divine place.


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