Donald Trump is toast. Burnt toast, at that. His BFF of 25 years now, Laura Ingraham, has said in essence, the party’s over, it’s time to call it a day. This is particularly intriguing since just last Monday Ingraham said, “When we get power back, it’s time to hold everyone accountable. The military leadership, the civilian leadership, the civil service, those in Congress who have abused their power, all of them have to held accountable.” That was the night of the raid, but this is now. The Hill:

“People conflate Trump with people’s overall sense of happiness in the country. Donald Trump’s been a friend of mine for 25 years, and I’m always very open about this on my show. But, you know we’ll see whether that’s what the country wants,” Ingraham said during an appearance on Lisa Boothe’s podcast. “The country I think is so exhausted. They’re exhausted by the battle, the constant battle, that they may believe that, well, maybe it’s time to turn the page if we can get someone who has all Trump’s policies, who’s not Trump.”

Trump has unleashed a streak of populism in the Republican Party that might not appeal to voters writ large in 2024, Ingraham theorized.

“The other problem is that it’s really not about Trump, right, this is about the views that Trump now brought to the floor for the Republican Party,” Ingraham said. “They don’t like his views, they don’t like the fact that he called out the military for their failures, that he wanted us to pull out of Iraq and Afghanistan. That he wanted to treat China and our trade relationship with China in a much — it was smarter, but much different way than the globalists preferred. And they certainly didn’t like the fact that he sent all those illegal immigrants back to Mexico with that Remain in Mexico.”

And Ingraham’s not the only traitor at Fox News. No, Sir. Not by a long shot.

On Monday morning, “Fox and Friends” host Steve Doocy called on the former president to “tamp down the rhetoric” against the Justice Department and FBI following the Mar-a-Lago search and implore his supporters not to threaten members of federal law enforcement.

“Whatever we can do to help — because the temperature has to be brought down in the country,” Trump told a Fox News hours after Doocy’s remarks. “If it isn’t, terrible things are going to happen.”

Terrible things have already happened to you, Donald. Fox News doesn’t love you anymore.

This is going to be an eight-ketchup bottle night when Trump gets wind of this. If you thought he was mad when Fox News called Arizona for Biden, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

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  1. As I’ve said elsewhere I’ll believe Ingraham is serious about having conservatives move on from Trump when she talks this way on her prime time TV show. Which Trump would actually probably see live. And keep saying in in the days and weeks ahead.

    Saying this on a freaking afternoon podcast is the equivalent of the NYT or Wapo burying a retraction of a headline grabbing piece/series way the hell deep in the paper in a one paragraph blurb to the effect “We made a mistake publishing such-and-such story. We didn’t get the facts right. Oops. Our bad. We’ll try harder. So sorry.”

  2. Fox will say anything for ratings.. they are a bunch of panderer’s and talking puppets from the people behind the scene..they talk about Trump’s rhetoric but it’s the whole dem party that incites violence..msm news is a joke and I watch some for entertainment only..I’ve yet to find a reputable and honest news..Newsmax seems to be the closest

    • Well, bless your heart, sweetie.

      I really think you need to travel down the yellow brick road to see if the Wizard will give you a brain. (Of course, even at the start of “The Wizard of Oz,” the Scarecrow was 100 times smarter than your average Trump supporter.)

  3. I’m a huge Trump supporter n I’ve been watching fox news 5 nights a week from 7-11pm for about a yr… if this is true about Laura Ingram, whom I just love, n she feels we should forget about Prez Trump n move on…… I find this shocking to hear n she’s willing to throw away a 25yrr friendship!! Maybe, we the ppl dont want to forget about Trump n want him back in…. has Laura changed her mind n is giving up on us, you know “we the ppl”,maybe the globalist elites got to Laura Ingram, I’m immaybe the globalist elites got to her network, maybe that’s who cuts a paycheck for Laura Ingrams show or worse yet…… Bidens, Clinton’s n the rest of the global elite bought out fox news!! IF THIS ENDS UP BEING TRUE, ABOUT LAURA INGRAM N PREZ TRUMP N HER TELLING THE PUBLIC TO MOVE ON FROM PREZ TRUMP IN HIS MOST TIME OF NEED……. I CAN FIND SOMETHING ELSE TO WATCH AT 10PM N IT WONT BE FOX NEWS. IM SURE THERE ARE MANY PPL WHO FEEL THE SAME WAY! If Laura Ingrams house got raided, which it could…it could happen to any of us, do you think PREZ TRUMP WOULD TURN HIS BACK ON LAURA INGRAM N TELL THE PUBLIC TO MOVE ON N FORGET ABOUT HER….HELL NO, HE WOULD FIGHT FOR HER TO THE VERY END…. SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT MS INGRAM….

    • Um, you really need to go back and check on your history, sweetie. Donald Trump was a FRIEND of both Bill and Hillary Clinton until about 2010 or so. There are even pictures of the Clintons with the Donald floating around the internet.

      And the talking head’s name is Laura INGRAHAM, not “Ingram.” (Her name’s spelled in this article’s headline and three times in the article not including the material quoted from “The Hill.”)

      As for anyone’s house getting “raided,” you need to understand that (at least, if you’re white) can ONLY happen if you’re genuinely suspected of COMMITTING A CRIME. Donald Trump’s STEALING TOP SECRET GOVERNMENT DOCUMENTS is a CRIME. None of the documents that were seized was Donald’s “private” papers–they were GOVERNMENT DOCUMENTS. The FBI got the LEGAL PAPERWORK that allowed them to enter Trump’s little estate just as the CONSTITUTION REQUIRES in the Fourth Amendment: “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.” See that little line about “no warrants shall issue, BUT UPON PROBABLE CAUSE . . . ?” If the cops or the FBI get a WARRANT that indicates your home *may* have material connected to a crime or with criminal activity, then the cops or the FBI has every right to search your home. If you have nothing to hide from the cops or the FBI, then why would you care if they search your home?

    • Laura ingraham has not turned her back on trump at all. The objective of every single Rider on this website is to divide the Republican Party. That’s it. They make up stories and innuendos and then they try to convince their viewers that their lies are true. These riders take things out of context because they lack comprehension skills and basic reasoning skills. This author did not interview Laura ingraham he is just speculating and turning his speculations into Fake news. Laura ingraham is just making people wear that the policies and the agenda of trump is bigger than Trump himself and even Trump knows this. Democrats want us all focusing on one person and forget about the policies and the agenda that President Donald Trump represents. It’s the Democrats and leftists who are the real ones who follow political cult leaders because they project their own attitudes and their way of thinking on to Republicans so many times that we Now understand that their attacks are an indication of how they view their leaders.

    • Do u not understand why there was a raid in the 1st place??? The idiot had highly sensitive files or does that not count?? What is your reasoning that makes this OK?? IF THIS GOES ON BETTER START TEACHING YOUR CHILDREN TO SPEAK RUSSIAN…

    • You watch 5 nights a week? No wonder you’re so delusional! fRump would turn his back in her in a heartbeat!! He turns his back on everyone he’s done using up! Look at Rudy! Prime example! Won’t even pay him!! He’s a user and a looser!!!

  4. Fox News is total propaganda. U being proud fox supporters means you are proud to be told what you want to hear from those who are happy to lie to you. You would make a great German in 1933 buying hitler’s lies & propaganda. Remember your boy praised the nazis in VA as they killed a young woman. He has also praised Hitler. So now you know who you are. Nazi lovers & traitors. As a vet, I find your willing ignorance, & mental laziness evil & disgusting.

    • That’s funny …when groups of liberal Democrat students were listening to mein Kampf being read they were cheering and clapping because they were talking about every single big policy the Democrat Party supports. Even today Democrats hate and the Jewish people. Every single thing that Democrats accuse Republicans of: Democrats are thinking about doing, are about to do, democrats are planning to do, or Democrats have always done. The the Democrat Party is a monolith of fascist thought. Vote them all out!!!

  5. Debbie Bixler you are so delusional. All those hypothetical and not one fact. Are you a smoker or a drinker because I think you killed your brain cells. Stay out of politics it’s not your thing. Grasping at your racing thoughts will get you no where accept conspiracy theories.

  6. Oh, if ONLY Trump would incite his many followers against Fox “News” the way he did to get them to attack members of the FBI.

    To quote Eliza Doolittle, “Oh, wouldn’t it be loverly?”



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