Revenge is a dish best served cold   William Shakespeare

I previously wrote an article in which I clearly defined the durance vile that Trump currently finds himself in as regards the criminal and civil investigations in New York state against him. But every story has a genesis.

A little less than 2 years ago, the New York Attorney General’s office and the Manhattan District Attorney announced, under great fanfare separate but equal investigations of President Donald Trump. The AG’s probe was a civil fraud investigation, and the Manhattan DA’s investigation was criminal. But they didn’t spring out of thin air, especially not so close together.

Every corrupt organization needs a turncoat. The New York mob was undone by Joe Valachi, and the corrupt NYPD needed a Frank Serpico. For the Don Cornholeone crime family, it took a Jewish lawyer.

On February 27th, 2019, Michael Cohen appeared to testify in front of the House Oversight committee. And Cohen was nothing if not a bird of ruffled plumage. Cohen had been Trump’s hatchet man for a decade, making his problems disappear, And when the shit hit the fan, Trump scraped Cohen off of the bottom of his shoe like dog shit.

Cohen came loaded for bear, and he came loaded with documents and evidence. It was Cohen who identified Don Jr., Allen Weisselberg, and Matthew Calamari who were aware of the hush money payments. He provided checks with Trump and Trump Jr’s. signature on them. Worse yet, he provided chapter and verse on Trump’s switch-and-bait in under pricing his properties for tax purposes, and then over inflated their value when looking for a loan on the properties. He highlighted Trump’s failed manipulations in his failed attempt to buy the Buffalo Bills.

What did I say at the top? Revenge is a dish best served cold. Cohen testified knowing that he was heading off to federal prison, and accepted responsibility for his sins, something his boss has never done. But wonder of wonders, within a week of Cohen’s testimony, both the DA and the AG announced that they were conducting investigations into the Trump organization.

Michael Cohen  is now a free man. But his testimony led to sudden announcements from the DA’s office as well as the NY AF’s office that they were investigating. It couldn’t have been more prefect.

Trump has spent his entire life treating other people as disposable objects. But disposable people have ears and eyes, and they keep records. And if you fuck then over, they just might come around to bite you in the ass. Welcome to the brave new world Donald!

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  1. Michael Cohen is the one person who was ever in Trump’s orbit that is worth rooting for. He did his time, came clean and is atoning for the harm he has caused. He even did everyone still in that orbit the solid to tell them “Get out while you still can.” Not that they listened, of course (see Mark Meadows), but it’s more than I would have done.

    • Agreed. As difficult as it is for most people to ever admit a mistake, even a little one, I have as much respect – maybe even more respect – or some one who can not only admit to a major, life-altering, destructive mistake and then work to undo it as/than I have for the dude who didn’t make the mistake in the first place.


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