I have one quick bit of advice for House Squeaker Cavein McCarthy, Get to know who your friends are, fool! News Tip: You had it right on the floor of the House, when you blamed Traitor Tot. But because you’re a spineless jellyfish, Trump is about to make you look like a fucking idiot! for the second time in two years.

A quick recap. In December of 2020 His Lowness summoned the far-right violence loving nitwits to D.C. for a rally, Will Be Wild! Trump tuned ’em up, set the battle lines, and turned them loose on the Capitol. Post riot McCarthy blamed Trump before sniveling down to Mar-A-Lago to kiss-and-make-up.

And for the last 26 months McCarthy and the House GOP have desperately tried to rewrite history. They refer to it as a spontaneous event, largely peaceful protest, and a walking tour through the Capitol. And now world class shit-for-brains, F*cker Carlson of FUX News is trying to rewrite it visually through a series of highly selective video clips provided to him by McCarthy. No expense has been spared to make El Pendejo Presidente look like The Infant of Prague.

But here we go again. As I’ve reported twice now, the NYPD, FBI, and Secret Service have all coordinated on security and barricade procedures, including road closures and physical barricades in the event that The Tiny Thumbs Dictator is indicted and processed next week or beyond. Clearly three of the pre-eminent law enforcement agencies in the country are taking the possibility of violence, either spontaneous or provoked very seriously. And this time they’ll be ready.

So, how is this any skin off of the noses of McCarthy and the House GOP? Normally it wouldn’t be. After all, it’s a totally different event under totally different circumstances in a totally different place.

But here’s what binds the cheese. Once again the Mango Messiah just can’t STFU! On Bullshit Social today he pulled the same lame shit. He fired up his mental defectives by telling them that he will be arrested on Tuesday in Manhattan, which of course means a trip to the courthouse for arraignment. So now his army of misfit toys know where and approximately when. But then he just had to gild the lily and throw in that stupid action verb, We must protest to take our country back! 

Excuse me squeaker, but haven’t you ass clowns spent the last 26 months calling a vicious insurrection against the United States a peaceful protest? Personally I hope that all of the bucketheads and bedsheet banditos tip wise to the fact that the element of surprise is lost this time, and just stay away. But if they come, I can pretty well guarantee you that this time there are going to be enough cops, security, and physical security to secure that courthouse.

What are ya going to say then, Cavein? Just another peaceful protest that antifa riled out of hand that The Cheeto Prophet just happened to call for again? With how many injuries, and God forbid fatalities? And what happens when bloody detainees start bragging to the media that it was an honor to fight When called by Trump!? And this time, there will be no lame ass wimp like you to give Carlson doctored footage. It will be what everybody sees. And how long after that before the comparisons start, and the questions get very pointed every time you stick your head out of your hole?

McCarthy is so far out of his league he’s playing a different sport. But here’s the funny part. McCarthy may not go down as bad as his Lord and Master. If the capitol riot is replayed on Tuesday for Trump’s arrest and arraignment, I have a feeling that Jack Smith will make it his life’s mission to hang Trump high for inciting the J6 insurrection. After all, prosecutors have a saying, Coincidences are bullshit. Don’t touch that dial.


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  1. Wouldn’t it be awesome if having directed everyone to NYC, AND it taking until Wed. or even Thurs. for Trump’s arraignment causing his asshats to have to hang around AND with all that Fani Willis in Georgia beats Alvin Bragg to the punch. And Georgia indicts Trump first? All those goobers loaded for bear, many of them from down much closer to Atlanta being in the wrong place at the wrong time? (Something to think about. And maybe hope for cause it would sure pop Trump’s balloon)

  2. Here’s a thought – once charged in court, bail conditions should include a massive bond and a restriction on movement (he won’t be allowed to fly back to Florida and will have to stay at Trump Tower – and then the bank forecloses)

  3. “Get to know who your friends are, fool!”
    I doubt he has any actual friends.

    “Trump is about to make you look like a fucking idiot! for the second time in two years.”
    To me he looks like a fucking idiot every single day.



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