By getting this wrong, Junior managed to at last get something right for a change when yesterday on his “Triggered” podcast he slipped up and used his own family’s moniker while trying to trash Florida Governor and drumpf rival Ron DeSantis when he stated…

“Trump has the personality of a mortician, and the energy that makes Jeb Bush look an Olympian.”

It’s really hard to dispute the spawn of Orangeutan, but it must have been one powerful nose cocktail that caused a misstatement of such colossal proportion…

Luckily, the ever vigilant Ron Filipkowski was on the job and managed to preserve the moment for posterity:

Senior will be wondering where he went wrong…

Fat chance.




And my doorbell…

True dat.

But, apparently, Jr. can’t read.







👍 👍 👍


You keep right on podding, Junior, we can all use the laughs about now…

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  1. My bet is that pic of him looking confused it going to get real popular real quick and like the classic Tucker Carlson confused pic will become a “go to” choice for folks. Ole Tucker has some competition now for the title of Poster Boy for the “”I’m confused – it felt REALLY good to make that dooty in my diaper but now my butt is wet and swishy so I don’t know if I feel good or bad!” Has Junior been heard/seen publicly since this? No doubt he wants NO part of being anywhere near close to his pops right now. The panic as the realization sunk in that he’d blown his script, that he said Trump when he meant to say (or did he?) DeSantis surely had him diving into the big pile of cocaine he’s got and snorting up a storm. Enough to put him in the ICU for a while!

  2. His dad probably realizes by now the apple did not fall far from the tree and the boy is an idiot: jr. has proved that every day of his miserable life. Still, fuck ups like this could result in jr. not having his bills payed by daddy anymore.



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