UPDATE: 3:50 a.m. PT April 5, 2023

It would be helpful if the Trump Brothers, in reporting “breaking news” of vast import, or in their case half-vast, which is how they do everything, would learn how to cite and source. Finally, many hours after this story was blasted all around Twitter and right-wing media (with the result you’ll read below) the Associated Press confirmed the story.

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Stormy Daniels must pay nearly $122,000 of Donald Trump’s legal fees that were racked up in connection with the porn actor’s failed defamation lawsuit, an appeals court ruled Tuesday.

The decision in California came at about the same time that that Trump became the only ex-president to be charged with a crime. Trump pleaded not guilty in a New York City courtroom to a 34-count felony indictment accusing him falsifying business records in a scheme to hush up allegations of extramarital affairs with Daniels and Playboy model Karen McDougal that broke during his first White House run.

In all, Daniels has been ordered to pay more than $600,000 in Trump’s legal fees, tweeted Harmeet Dillon, one of his attorneys in the case.

That is the real story. I hate to accuse anybody of fake news, but the two brothers posted this story right after Truth Social posted the absolutely fake mugshot that never happened, so you can see where I became immediately skeptical. Plus, there was nothing from any news service at the time they tweeted, and I looked high and low. This information was released last night.

If you want to read the story as posted yesterday, here it is.


Friends, this is starting to get scary. I mean it. The Trump crime family has always lied like the rest of us breathe, that’s nothing new. But the level of lying has just escalated in the past hour or so, literally.

First Donald Trump’s campaign issued a fundraising email, asking for money for a mugshot tee shirt. A mugshot was never taken of Donald Trump. It’s pure fake.

Within minutes of that, both Eric Trump and Don Junior posted this “breaking” news story. Take a look.

It is indeed old news. Courthouse News Service has a piece dated July 31, 2020 which reported that a “Ninth Circuit panel upheld a decision to toss porn actress Stormy Daniels’ defamation lawsuit against President Donald Trump, finding he was merely expressing his opinion when he questioned Daniels’ story of being threatened to keep quiet about an alleged affair between them.”

Evidently this issue went to a higher court, and on March 22, 2022, just over one year ago, NBC News reported “Adult film star Stormy Daniels has lost her appeal in her failed defamation suit against Donald Trump — leaving her owing almost $300,000 in legal fees to the former president.”

Where Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dumber are getting these facts and figures is anybody’s guess. If there is any breaking news on this issue today, the New York Times, Washington Post, The Hill, Axios and other outlets don’t seem to know about it because I have no alert in my inbox.

So I guess the Trump brothers are getting messages from the spirit realm or something. Hey, over in the next dimension, this may be a breaking story, what with how time and space bend, and so forth. It’s too far over my head to contemplate these matters, I just read what’s posted in this dimension.

But you see what is going on here: That the Trumps feel very comfortable in openly lying to people because they believe they can get away with it. And why not? The GOP will back Daddy no matter what. They’ll lie for him. They’ve been doing it for years.

Undoubtedly, Eric and Junior believe that they can get away with this, and they probably can, if the MAGAs stay in their MAGA bubble and never read or watch anything out of it. Plus, this will gin up sales of the fake Trump mugshot tee shirt.

These people are the scum de la scum and having a lot of money doesn’t change that.

Mary Trump posted these words in her The Good In Us newsletter:

Perhaps most importantly of all, we need to be clear that the reason Donald poses such an existential threat is because of the lengths both he and the entirety of the Republican Party will go to protect him.

Now that Donald has been indicted, he will run even more aggressively. He and his base will be even more energized. He’ll raise more money, and the Republican nomination is his to lose. This son of extraordinary privilege, the man who was only two years ago the most powerful man on the planet, will portray himself, as he always has, as such an aggrieved victim. Now he has actual evidence that he is under attack because the Republican machine is doing everything in its power to push Donald’s preferred narrative—that any attempt to hold him accountable for the crimes he has committed is a politically assault committed against him—and his followers—by the Deep State.

Kevin McCarthy has shown us that he is all in. Fox anchors may complain about how whiny Donald is and they may prefer he stop re-litigating the 2020 presidential election but they, too, will fall in line when it’s clear no other Republican can challenge him.

Oh, yeah. And Lindsey Graham was on Fox News the other night crying great big crocodile tears about how people should send Trump money.

It’s unfathomably difficult, if not impossible, for Donald to process the idea that he may not be invulnerable to justice after all. The cognitive dissonance created by his unshaken belief in his right to impunity is creating a perfect storm of paranoia, fear, and rage that should put all of us who care about the rule of law and the increasing dangers he and his followers present on our guard.

At his Waco rally and elsewhere Donald has stopped short of name-checking the likes of David Koresh or Timothy McVeigh but he has. invoked them in a way designed and almost guaranteed for some of his sycophants to become proxies in the battle he is calling on them to enjoin. The more he is threatened, the more he will increase his demands for their action.

We can only hope that Judge Merchan will use his considerable authority to mitigate the potential for disaster. Much like Bill Barr undermined the impact of the Mueller report by pre-empting its release with lies about its findings, Donald and the Republicans are pre-empting any reasonable analysis of the 34 charges he faces in New York.

This leaves open the opportunity for Republican leadership and the powers that be at Fox to continuing enabling Donald along the destructive course Donald he’s barreling down. They will encourage him to flout the rule of law and stoke violence. In other words, they’re not just letting Donald get away with his vile behavior, they’re allowing it.

This is the simple truth of why these outrages by the Trumps (minus Mary) are allowed to continue unabated. The Republican party is enabling all this. Every bit of it. Our problem in this country is not Donald Trump and never has been. Our problem is the horse he rode in on, the corrupt GOP.


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  1. True. I just witnessed his attorney, outside the courtroom, saying the indictment contained no facts showing he violated federal or state law! Really? Then how is it YOU are being paid to defend 34 felony counts? God this has to be the stupidest nation on earth if anyone buys this shit and we already know millions, not a few, DO buy it.

    • There were no “facts” because they hadn’t recieved “discovery” yet. They will get all of that in the next 4 months. Then they can counter and NY court then has another 4 months to deal with any counter argument, etc., which is why 12/4 is the date for the next court appearance. The American public isn’t stupid!

      • I GOTS to disagree with your last sentence. A year ago I saw a take-away pizza box with the warning “Remove pizza from box before eating” printed on the front. And have you ever watched any of those “ask a random person in the street a simple question” bits that Jay Leno used to do, or Jimmy Kimmel does sometimes? College students who literally don’t know how many a dozen is. Idiocracy is on its way here.

    • I am gobsmacked that people believe whatever Don Junior and Eric say in a tweet at face value. What’s next? They announce invaders from Mars.

      • Pictures of Dump J, show he is on that pretty color show on the inside of his eyelids, it MUST be fantastic … Most of us regular people need to wear one of those special goggles that show virtual reality videos right into your eyes, hence, allowing one to believe they are in another world of make-believe …

        The boys are totally a true waste of precious oxygen …

        The fat mouth of shame, Senior, likewise will be crushed by lack of access to the web, hurling vicious memes onto public officials, who, just doing their jobs, are being put into REAL danger, dumbass -2 needs immediate incarceration and it won’t be pretty, because he will be put into a criminal mental hospital with high fences and padded cells, with his minimal intelligence and chemical addled mind, he will fit right in, easily forgotten, no longer a threat to the public …

        • I certainly hope junior isn’t placed into a criminal mental hospital. He needs to go straight to prison, real prison, not white collar prison. He needs a big, fat dose of reality. Something he is escaping through whatever chemicals he is abusing.

  2. Beavis and Butthead just had to get their two cents worth in, regardless of having nothing new or true to say. It’s in the DNA.

    • This is all a joke to them. Making up lies in order to gin up the sales of merchandise (which is itself predicated on a lie) seems like a good idea to them. Wow.

      • Their, “Ideas”, are scary, like the old days of black and white movies, showing the re-energized Mummies coming to your home, dragging un-winding gauze strips … we were a LOT younger those days, the reality of todays threats, backed up by REAL freaky gun nuts, needing to show US how we are wrong to hang true criminal charges on Trump’s ample ass …

        I’m concerned for ANY family members of ANY public office holder that is being trampled by Trump’s shit spewing mouth, and Junior just showed he can be just as dangerous or worse, using simple photo-copy-pasting techniques, along with shit streaming rhetoric …


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