Many years ago I had a friend who moved back to the mainland from Hawaii. She told me that the word in Hawaii for a soulless creep was “howly.” It derived from the Hawaiian word “haole” meaning a non-Hawaiian person and in street parlance, it was a bad thing to call somebody. Isn’t it ironic that the only nay vote to the COVID-19 Anti-Asian hate crimes bill passed by the Senate today was Josh Hawley?

For reasons known only to himself, Hawley voted against the bill which was passed 94-1 and he’s getting plenty of heat.

Two thoughts pop to mind: One, he figures that there aren’t enough Asian people in his constituency to matter to him vote wise, so screw them and two, this is an affirmation of white supremacy and it dovetails with all the right-wing conspiracy theories, China sent the virus, the election was stolen, all of that. As one person on Twitter said, “Josh Hawley is the Marjorie Taylor Greene of Tucker Carlsons.” Wow. What an identity.

We’ll see how this plays out. I’m guess Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Green and the America First caucus crowd is snickering right now.

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      • Always good that the Bad Guys have three names.

        Lee Harvey Oswald
        Marjorie Taylor Green
        Donald John tRump
        Tucker (Fill in the Blank) Carlson
        Josh Ass Hawley
        Raphael Edward Cruz
        Lorraine (Lost in Space – lasers by MTG) Boebert
        Louie The Louse Gomert

        …endless idiocy…

  1. “Haole” actually translates more closely to “newcomer” or “outsider.” It just happens that white people are the most recent newcomer/outsiders. “Kama’aina” is recognition that you’ve been here a while, you’re one of us. A white person whose family has lived in Hawai’i for generations may be “kama’aina.” That word is also used to designate things like discounts for residents.
    I had the pleasure of living on Oahu for several years. As a white newcomer, I was denied job interviews in some places. It was an instructive experience.


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