I guess we can file this news in the “Be careful what you wish for” category. According to Gym “He GROPED ME COACH!” Jordan Special Counsel David Weiss will, according to this article by The Hill will appear before the House next month. Details are sketchy, not much more in number and quality than positive results from what Jordan and pal Comer get from their respective committees filled with GOPer Howler Monkeys but it’s still worth keeping an eye on.

Jordan and Comer, along with the asshats in the House GOP KKKaucus are unhappy that Weiss doesn’t have Hunter Biden in prison, being bent over and sodomized until he confesses all manner of crimes he committed with the help of his father. Our President, who was Vice-President when so much of it went on. That last part is important because Weiss was appointed by Trump toadie (well, at the time) Billy Barr to get dirt on Joe Biden, who Trump feared more than anyone else as a Presidential candidate. The thing is, Weiss was appointed back in 2018! Granted, it can take a while to get up to speed with an investigation but Barr made sure Weiss had all the resources he needed to go digging through Hunter’s foreign business dealings and other stuff (like taxes) from the get go. Hell, Barr himself got in on the action in some overseas networking to grease wheels and “get stuff” on Biden.

Yet the 2020 election came round and Weiss didn’t have jack to charge Hunter Biden with. That of course hasn’t gone over well at all with GOPers. Knowing full well how THEIR side does things, especially the Trump kids they simply can’t accept that Hunter Biden was a pretty damned good attorney who knew how to avoid breaking laws, both our own and in foreign countries he worked in. Helping foreign businesses navigate international laws and regulations was after all his specialty. But the point remains that Weiss was appointed by a Republican President (Trump) with a rabid AG (Barr) with a mandate to get Hunter Biden!  On something.  ANYTHING. And there was no “there” there.

I’m sure GOPers were chomping at the bit to howl to the moon when (they assumed) the new, Biden appointed AG shut Weiss down. But damn if Merrick Garland didn’t, as he made clear last week keep Weiss in place and make it clear that he had full and autonomous authority to continue his work. Let’s just say GOPers were disappointed. Ok, they were enraged. How DARE the Biden administration keep it’s hands off the workings of the DOJ? How DARE AG Garland continue to stay out of Wiess’ work?

Well, they weren’t about to sit back and do nothing so when the GOP got control of the House it was their chance to “shine.” Full moon’s do shine brightly and both Jordan and Comer as well as their fellow Republicans on their respective “Get Hunter and Joe Biden” Committees have repeatedly shown their asses! I don’t know about you but that’s not the kind of moonlight I like. The jackassery of their sorry excuses for hearings has left them with rotten egg dripping from their faces every time they hold one. We saw it again last week. You really think at some point they’d learn their lesson, but no.

Jordan (and Comer) are convinced Weiss hasn’t gone after Hunter (and Joe) Biden hard enough. And despite their best efforts to manufacture credible witnesses with actual evidence or at least corroborating testimony they have come up empty as the article notes:

The investigations so far have not found the president directly financially benefited from his son’s business dealings or proved that he made any policy decisions because of them when he was vice president.

There is plenty of real, meaningful work all of Congress needs to be focused on as I write this. Since a govt. shutdown is likely we come October that will be even more true. But none of that matters. After five years and many millions of dollars the most David Weiss could come up with was a couple of years of not enough taxes paid and a gun purchase charge that’s virtually never prosecuted on it’s own. (It’s always an included charge as part of a larger crime/crimes by someone) Even that is, according to an appellate ruling an un-Constitutional gun charge so we’re down to taxes. Which btw Hunter Biden has long ago paid along with a hefty penalty.

In the end, though Weiss has gotten an indictment the judge is going to call both sides up to the bench early in the case and say the court shouldn’t be wasting its time on a matter that’s already been dealt with. Work out a plea for a conviction with probation and do it right away. Jordan and Comer both know this, so they are going to try and do to Weiss what they tried to do to Garland.

I don’t think it’s going to go well for them.

Well, we’ll see next month. Sadly, with Trump’s civil trial in NYC, goings on in Georgia and the shutdown and/or aftermath and trying to clean up the mess it’s not exactly going to be must see TV for people. I’m not sure even Fox will carry it live. MAGAs love monkeys flinging shiite at the kiddies but there’s going to be too much else going on for them to pay attention. Still, I predict we’ll have a few moments of Jordan or Comer getting their ass handed to them by Weiss that we’ll see on the news.

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  1. Those two clowns could phuck up an iron wedge. Maybe Weiss will bring up what the Italians brought forth about the illegality of trump’s foreign dealings. Of course, we already know they run like cockroaches when the lights come on, when their own failings are discussed, as gymbag did before he was confronted about his own defiance of congress. Coma, I hear, is traveling to transylvania to inspect Dracula’s dungeon to see if he can find any of his witnesses. Gymbag will continue as the honorary title holder of PIGPEN, i.e., disheveled, rumpled, and looking like he slept on the capital steps. Actually, that is where he belongs.


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