Joe Eviscerates McConnell on Private Trump Complaints/”It Is NOT a Great Conserv Era”


One can say a great many things about Joe Scarbarough, and I could play at how cool I am and spend an hour listing his sins, but I’d rather point out one of Joe’s strong points. Joe’s show is watched almost exclusively inside D.C., in the way Imus was before him. Forget the “Today Show” in and around “the Beltway,” and in Manhattan, it is “Morning Joe” that everyone – including Republicans – watch. That gives Joe (and Mika, but Joe is a former Congressman) access, especially among Republicans. When Joe says something like: “Privately, all the Republicans bash Trump,” while eviscerating Mitch McConnell for being a public Trump sycophant, I believe I am getting the “real stuff.” It “feels right” anyway.

It is also encouraging, to hear that even though we don’t hear it from the Republicans publicly yet, they do know that the White House is institutionalized insanity.

My eyes widened over the quote below which demonstrated a depth of thought that us kewl kidz aren’t supposed to acknowledge in mainstream media types, but is self-evident in its breadth and insight. Most conservatives, not just McConnell, see themselves making great strides. Not Joe, quote per Raw Story:

“You have the biggest spending bill in the history of America, massive increases in the deficit, the most reckless spending spree in American history, I think, this past year,” Scarborough said. “He talked about conservative values in a faith meeting, paying off a porn star, getting busted with a Playboy bunny. You could talk about all the racism after post-Charlottesville, defending white supremacists, trying to ban 1.5 billion people from coming into this country based on their faith, based on his campaign promise.”

“The litany goes on and on and on and then a left wing trade war and the disemboweling of the alliances that held this country together and made us the strongest country on the planet for 50 years — explain to me on what planet is Donald Trump’s presidency been the high water mark for conservatism?” he added.

That’s awfully solid-stuff. I’ve said many times – throughout the weekend, even – that there’s nothing “conservative” about Trump. Mike Huckabee speaks of Nicole Wallace having a “liberal lobotomy” (that’s where doctors replace the lobe taken at the RNC meeting) because she won’t support Trump. Yet, there’s nothing conservative about Trump, and I’d like Huckabee to look at Scarborough’s statement and tell me exactly where the conservative victories lie? Later Joe added that blasting America’s closest ally as deserving a “special place in hell,” isn’t particularly conservative.

Joe ends the segment on the most positive note, stating that each Republican will privately acknowledge the insanity of it all, but all are too afraid (not John McCain, nor Jeff Flake) to confront him publicly. That will hold true while Trump remains at 87% approval rates among Republicans. But, a lizard would have 87% approval ratings among Republicans if it bashes liberals regularly, and the economy rips along. (Though one can feel the approval ratings chipping away at the insanity over the weekend).

Watch that latter half. The Democrats plan on focusing on something real, something undeniable, health care costs have sky-rocketed under Trump. Voters will be asked whether Trump kept his word regarding the “best” healthcare delivery and be asked if they’re paying more today than two years ago.

Also with respect to the economy, “Free trade” is not the norm that it’s become because it is always “fair,” it is the norm because it provides predictability and stability. Now that we are throwing out such norms, the economy can’t help but experience the inevitable instability, and Trump’s trashing of fellow G7 levels won’t play near as well in an economy that has had the choke button pushed by tariffs. Wall Street will take notice, Wall Street loves stability, not calling out the country’s biggest trade partner as deserving of a special place in hell.

So, Joe, thanks for bringing us the inside dish, telling it straight, and hear me, bro. They will be more willing to criticize Trump when the economy isn’t as hot. Book it. Oh, and Mueller has some solid evidence that won’t look very “hoaxy” to many, and then the long knives will be out.


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