It’s been a long hot summer, on a lot of levels, and it’s heating up very rapidly for a certain orange man with a red cap. Jack Smith was expected to indict Donald Trump today, but didn’t. Instead, there is a superseding indictment and it names a new defendant in the classified documents case, in addition to Trump and Walt Nauta, his Diet Coke valet. The third defendant is Carlos De Oliveira, a maintenance worker, alleging that the three of them hatched a conspiracy to delete security footage showing their concealment of boxes of top secret information.

This is a tape of a conversation on CNN which was happening as the revelation of the maintenance worker’s identity and the superseding indictment was breaking as well. As Dan Rather is fond of saying, “This story’s moving faster than a hummingbird’s wings.” It’s moving faster than a hummingbird on meth’s wings.

Honig said, “And now if and when this charge comes through, this person’s going to have to make a decision, do I fight this charge and risk potential jail time, or do I try to help my own bottom line by cooperating. So this gives Jack Smith and his team potentially some more leverage, and Donald Trump potential one more thing to worry about.”

We are beyond the when and if. We are there. The charge has been made. Again, we’ll see if somebody is willing to go to prison for Donald Trump. If the maintenance man is a normal sort of fellow, I would think that his instinct would be to extricate himself from this mess any way possible. If, on the other hand, he’s a dyed in the wool MAGA, then who knows.

But I believe we’ll know a lot more about Mr. De Oliveira before the day is out.

Meanwhile, nothing cooking on Truth Social. There’s just a couple of new polls announcing Trump’s “race to the White House.” Apparently that’s his message, do what you want to, I’m still going to win.

I guess that unless a UAP lands on the lawn at Bedminster and takes Trump away, that the GOP will just ignore it all, like it’s not happening. Maybe even then. Maybe Trump can still run for office and campaign from his cage on Tralfamador, beats me.

I sure wish Kurt Vonnegut was here. Only he could speculate what would happen next with weird stories and characters like we’re dealing with on the American political scene. It’s beyond me, I’ll say that much.


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  1. Without Montana Wildhack or Natasha who appears to have returned to the old country, or down a rabbit hole.
    In his book Cat’s Cradle, the author, touring the factory the father of the atom bomb worked in as a researcher, recorded the brainless secretary. Soon another factory worker sidled next to his group. He stated: she hated people who thought too much. At that moment, she struck me as an appropriate representative for almost all mankind. Bingo Kurt!!!

  2. I can’t help but wonder how Vonnegut would re-write his “Listen, Billy Pilgram has come unstuck in time” opening line and the subsequent few sentences.

  3. Having been a prisoner of war after the Battle of the Buldge, he was fortunate to have survived the firebombing of Dresden. Going into the bunker in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, and coming out to a landscape that ‘looked like the moon’, is hard to imagine. He suffered from PTSD…who wouldn’t? So many citizens suffocated in the bunkers/basements, and the stench was so bad, they just burned them where they died. No wonder he felt humankind was stupid, cruel, and vicious. He did convince me to recite the serenity prayer often. He once said he was convinced he didn’t win the Nobel prize because he was such a lousy Volvo salesman in Barnstable on Cape Cod, and the swedes took it personally. Ha. I know the area well. If he couldn’t create dark humor, I don’t think he would have survived until his eighties.

  4. I think Heinlein is more apt than Vonnegut this time, Ursula. I’ve just been re-reading ‘Friday’ – where you have a dystopian US and the border wall is in the north (erected by Canada to keep the crazies to the south out)

  5. What polls? I mean, I’ve seen a few showing him ahead of the current nominees on the ‘pube side and I’ve seen one where he is dead last against potentials. I have yet to see one with him winning the general.


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