One can hear the roar from here. Trump is going to go fcking nuts. On the other hand, he is the one that invited Jared and Ivanka to work in official positions in the White House as government employees who might be exposed to “difficulties” if Trump had difficulties. And Jared? Jared better be damned careful because he’s been a busy little bee lately. And they best get their own individual lawyer because Jack Smith just subpoenaed both of them.

They both better get ready to answer whether they ever used communication apps that were not their government accounts while doing government business. They are going to know that they’re under oath, and Smith can get the records…

According to the New York Times:

Former President Donald J. Trump’s daughter Ivanka and his son-in-law Jared Kushner have been subpoenaed by the special counsel to testify before a federal grand jury about Mr. Trump’s efforts to stay in power after he lost the 2020 election and his role in a pro-Trump mob’s attack on the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, according to two people briefed on the matter.

The decision by the special counsel, Jack Smith, to subpoena Ms. Trump and Mr. Kushner underscores how deeply into Mr. Trump’s inner circle Mr. Smith is reaching, and is the latest sign that no potential high-level witness is off limits.

Ivanka was in the White House on January 6th. Interestingly, Jared boarded a plane for Saudia Arabia on the evening of January 6th. I would be interested in knowing whether that trip was scheduled over the course of an hour or two after the plan failed and it became clear that Trump would be out of office in 14 days.

Meanwhile, Trump has yet to respond, but you know that he’s going to be furious that someone is putting his baby girl, his only true “love” (or lust), between her and her father. One thing that nearly all of us have always sensed, every single one of these people are out for themselves first. They may not want to give up someone else, but they will, if needed, to save themselves.

Jared, in particular, might have huge reasons to want “immunity” in order to hang Trump. Of course, there’s always the downside: Why didn’t this happen last summer?
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  1. Wasn’t ‘Hilary’s emails’ all about the fact that they weren’t on government devices?

    If the republicans didn’t have hypocrisy they’d have no moral values at all.

  2. “Jared, in particular, might have huge reasons to want “immunity” in order to hang Trump. Of course, there’s always the downside: Why didn’t this happen last summer?”

    Um, because this isn’t a TV or movie law drama where the outcome’s already been predetermined and scripted? Real lawyers have to work building their cases and have to work within the confines of the real world.

    Now, as for Smith’s decision, I’m surprised you’re not screaming/whining that he didn’t do it in the first 10 minutes after being named as special counsel. (HE couldn’t do it “last summer” since he wasn’t named special counsel until last November. But, I suppose you’re just using it as yet another cudgel against Garland because what would a Jason Miciak story be without another slam against Garland who seems to value how the law works. I guess some folks have forgotten the outrage at Trump’s 2016 rallies to “lock her up” despite there being no actual evidence against Hillary Clinton. It was just something to rile up “the base” and I guess the right and the left do have SOME things in common–like just ignoring the rule of law when it’s convenient for your position.)



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