It’s time to play a game of Connect the Dots and what I’m about to put forward is very reasonable. You remember a few days ago there was an article in the Daily Beast wherein it was revealed that Hope Hicks and Julie Radford, who was Ivanka’s Chief of Staff, had a lively text exchange?

The January 6 Committee obtained the text messages.

You won’t know whether to laugh or cry when you read them. Washington was under siege, Trump was watching it all on TV and grinning, and the two texters were worried about their own employment opportunities — or, more specifically, the lack thereof.

And of course it gets worse, that’s the pattern right? Hicks and Radford went on to comment about tweets that Ivanka’s sister-in-law, Karlie Kloss, had sent.

After the riot, Kloss took to Twitter to write: “Accepting the results of a legitimate democratic election is patriotic. Refusing to do so and inciting violence is anti-American.” She also responded to a Twitter user who encouraged her to “tell your sister-in-law and brother-[in]-law” by replying, “I’ve tried.”

The newly released texts show that Hicks flagged the Kloss tweets for Radford, who responded, “Unreal. She just called me about it.”

Hicks then texted back: “I am so done” and added, “Does she get how royally fucked they all are now?”

Ivanka gets it. Yes, indeed. If there is one concept that burned itself into Ivanka’s mind on January 6, it was that she was forever and perpetually screwed, politically speaking. Prior to Daddy screwing it up for everybody, there was talk of a Trump dynasty. There was gossip bouncing around Florida that Ivanka, or maybe even Don Junior, would run for Senate. Say, bop Marco Rubio out of the way in a primary, why not?

All that went up in smoke. Ivanka stopped tweeting that day, after she caught hell for  calling the rioters “American patriots.” (Her father still hasn’t learned. He calls them Strong American Patriots or SAPs.) She pulled down that tweet and replaced it with one saying, “Any security breach or disrespect to our law enforcement is unacceptable,” and “The violence must stop immediately. Please be peaceful.”

Ivanka knew it was over that day. She has since returned on rare occasion to Twitter, notably when Ukraine was invaded so that she could appear saintly by doing a photo op where she was putting food on a plate to feed a child.

But the old magic is gone. Trump self-immolated that day and everybody in his circle along with him.

Ivanka knows. She is basically boycotting Trump’s parties even though he lives right down the beach. She’s pissed. Don’t look for reconciliation any time soon.

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  1. My contempt for wannabe Princess Ivanka (and her for the time being still hubby) is something I’ve expressed regularly over the Trump years. That contempt hasn’t changed, except to grow only stronger/more intense. I have zero sympathy for her. But there is a bright spot for her in all this, especially considering reports that “Jarvanka” is headed towards a dissolution of that particular business venture – as in they will divorce. Her daddy would normally be really putting the pressure on her given the news she was about to be single again. But, he’s too busy trying to keep his ocher ass out of jail and his company (and its assets) from being seized by creditors as well as state & even the federal government his obsession with trying to fuck her is so far down his priority list she could actually visit daddy’s “palace” without continually having to reject his “advances.”

    I know many will consider me small & mean but she wouldn’t be shit if she hadn’t been born into a wealthy family. We see it all the time, an average or even mediocre person born to wealth and privilege who has one talent – portraying themself not as someone born on third base but rather as someone who hit a triple. Some get carried away with their delusions of grandeur and try to steal home. Sadly, say in the case of George W. Bush or worse, Donald Trump the proverbial pitcher the proverbial pitcher doesn’t pay any attention and they are successful. But sometimes they get thrown out, and that’s the case with wannabe Princess Ivanka. Her social status in NYC is gone forever. And while they tried, “Jarvanka” flat-out failed to ingratiate themselves into the “upcomers” of FL high society. The sooner she’s forgotten the better. (after a well-deserved stint in prison)

    • Divorce huh? At who’s request? I hope she realizes that if she does not receive a Get from Jar-jar, the people she joined to marry the putz will consider her an adulteress if she were to re-marry. And he seems like the vindictive type. lmao

      • It’s highly doubtful the public will get to see it but I’ll bet their pre-nup is awfully interesting. Each came to the marriage will (ill-gotten) money. Ivanka had her business ventures funded by daddy of course, and on the surface one might presume she amassed some of her own wealth like her mom did. However, I’d be willing to bet Daddy Donald made damned sure to have his hooks in whatever stuff Ivanka did so how much of her own money is under her own name/control is an interesting question. As for Jar-Jar he might have taken over his own family’d business but he got it into huge financial trouble in a fucking heartbeat. The expression “in way over his head” comes to mind, and it could well be that Ivanka had the upper hand in the pre-nup negotiations. That would in turn affect how much each would get from an assets accrued after they were married, and now that Jared is flush (thanks to selling off classified stuff to middle eastern dictators!) Ivanka will probably be fine. Assuming Jared can keep his own ass out of jail. After all, unlike any of the Trumps he knows what the inside of a federal prison looks like and I keep saying one thing he learned was he sure as hell didn’t want any part of the view from his own father’s side of the glass! If that means cutting a deal to stay out of prison or minimize his time (say, less than a year) by admitting guilt and causing that two billion dollar deal to crater and the feds clawing it back he’ll do it.

        If Jarvanka does dissolve it will be the divorce of the century. And the leaks of what’s going on will be epic!

  2. That deluded, stupid b**ch NEVER had a political career in her future. The left despises her and the misogynistic right sees her as a life support system for a pair of tits.

    • Indeed. I was quite unaware she had a political future. If she thought she did even before J6 she was as delusional as her father and brothers. Furthermore, blaming it all on daddy is pretty fucking stupid: we all remember the can of beans, the tone deaf mother’s day message while daddy was putting children in cages, using daddy’s office to get concessions to do biz in china, etc.

      I’ve read/watched/listened to media types calling her the brains of the family. I haven’t seen any evidence of this.



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