I don’t know if this qualifies as child abuse, but it’s certainly a strange decision to make, if in fact that’s what’s happening. And it very well may be. Let’s review the facts of the DeSantis campaign so far. Casey DeSantis is the architect of the campaign. That much has been known from square one. Casey evidently believes that all that is necessary to become president of the United States is to project the right persona on the television screen. We don’t blame her for having that belief. That, after all, is how the least qualified, least mature, least intelligent, and most stupid, venal, and corrupt person in the history of politics got into the Oval Office seven years ago.

So going along those lines, Casey has demonstrated her belief in visuals. Ron DeSantis has sported heels — and lied about being 5’11”. He has worn quite a bit of makeup himself. He has worn crummy jeans, while out trying to be Mr. Joe Average and drinking a beer with constituents. DeSantis has yucked it up, with over-laughing, which has made him look grotesque. And he has adopted a weird smile, which nobody can figure out. Scholars, journalists, shrinks, you name it are shaking their heads over that one. So, on these facts, why would it be the least bit off that Casey DeSantis would be putting makeup on her youngest, Mamie, who is either two or three?

Now a lot of people are of the opinion that dragging small children around a political campaign is an unhealthy thing, physically and mentally. There’s a good argument for that. But putting loads of makeup on the kid?

That child looks made up to me — unless she’s the next Elizabeth Taylor. Elizabeth Taylor was born with two sets of eyelashes, a condition known as distichiasis. Taylor’s lifelong friend and co-star, Roddy McDowell, opined that Taylor was “born to be on the silver screen,” with that particular genetic mutation. Maybe Mamie DeSantis is as well. Good for her if that’s the case. But if it’s the case that her mother and father see her as a doll and a prop to be made up and dragged around to make them look good, then that’s a horse of a different color.

Not everybody can do a fake smile. I know that I can’t. I don’t smile for pictures much, because it looks fake. The best photos I’ve ever taken have been extemporaneous ones where I’m smiling naturally and those are fine. So it’s a skill to smile on cue. And Ron DeSantis doesn’t have it.

You know who does? The best fake smiler in politics is Kellyanne Conway. She can arrange her face in a smile and it looks genuine. I applaud her for this. It’s not a muscular exercise for me, or for many people. It’s from the heart and if it doesn’t come from the heart, it doesn’t look real. But Conway has that ability, or maybe it’s musculature, I have no idea, to put on a fake smile and look genuine in a heartbeat.

Maybe she should be coaching Ron DeSantis?

In any event, DeSantis’ campaign is going under and now it’s a choice of how long he wants to hang in. He will be present at the December debate. That’s a given. It’s now down to the fabulous four, DeSantis, Vivek “the fake” Ramaswamy, Nikki “Birdbrain” Haley, and Chris “Fat Sloppy” Christie. Tim Scott dropped out and if he got a pejorative moniker attached to him, I missed it.

DeSantis is counting on winning the Iowa caucus and that being the big turnaround of his campaign. Initially the Iowa caucus was going to be the rocket booster for the campaign but now it’s scheduled to be the salvation and the turnaround. And DeSantis could possibly win in Iowa. That’s not out of the realm of possibility. And if he does, then he will match the achievement of his fellow highly educated yet completely stupid compatriot, Ted Cruz. He won in Iowa, too, in 2016 and flamed out bigly from there on out. Then it got ugly at the GOP convention. Remember that fiasco? Delegates taking their credentials off their necks and hurling them to the floor before they stormed out of the arena in droves? I can’t imagine a worse scene than that, but we may in fact see one this year.

DeSantis doesn’t have a prayer and everybody can see it except him. I don’t know what it is with some people, that they have to get hit on the head with a two by four, when a simple nudge does for others.

In the most recent poll taken, DeSantis trailed both Haley and Christie. Only Ramaswamy is below DeSantis because he is so unspeakably vile. Let’s see what happens next. This is bad politics but it is great soap opera.

And I can’t wait until Mamie DeSantis grows up and pens a tell-all about her crazy parents and what she can remember of being made up and dragged hither and yon back when she was so small.

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  1. Why wouldn’t she? It’s ALL about “appearance”. How often do the magas screech about the left “sexualizing children”? It’s ALWAYS projection and ALWAYS confession. Of course she is. I know, “rhetorical question”?

    • The kid looks like she’s wearing make up. It’s amazing to me. I can’t believe this if it is happening. What kind of a woman would dry eyebrows on a 2-year-old? Or put mascara on? This is insane. But the alternative is literally that the kid has double eyelashes like Liz Taylor.

  2. These boots are made for walking…and that’s just what they’ll do. one of these days…these boots are gonna walk all over you…Nancy Sinatra

  3. Is Casey going to join the “Toddlers with Tiaras” circus with that little girl? I wouldn’t put it past her. She could have a taste of the Camelot royalty so unfairly denied to her as her husband flames out.

    I’m sure full length gloves come in child sizes.

  4. I just want to cry when I watch that video. That poor child needs a nap and her mother is totally oblivious, doesn’t even glance her way.


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