Oblivious is Donald Trump’s waking mode. The rest of the time he’s asleep, including when he’s dressed, made up, and sitting in a courtroom. Kristi Noem’s puppy debacle went on for two weeks. This week would be the third, if it was still raging, but late last week, right after Noem’s book dropped to horrific reviews, Noem decided to cancel interviews on Fox News and CNN. She also canceled her book tour but then there is this.

Whatever that may be, Trump was asked to weigh in on the Noem debacle. He doesn’t know what happened. It’s evident from how he just sticks to compliments and platitudes. PuppyGate came and went without registering on Trump’s grey matter.

Trump waffled and spoke in generalities. He has no opinion on this because he either doesn’t know about it, or he got wind of it and didn’t care and that also makes complete sense. I listened to this three times and Trump simply isn’t tuned into the story. So either he didn’t know, or as I said, he knew but sounds so blase because he really could not care less about somebody shooting a dog in the face. He used to kick Ivana’s dog, so you think he’s concerned about Noem’s?

And no, *people* all over the country, all over the world, feel the same way, not differently. They’re appalled. I emphasize the word “people” because anybody with a heart, on either side of the cultural divide, had a hard time listening to the Noem debacle about “hating” an innocent puppy and shooting it in the face.

Looking into this a bit deeper, if Trump didn’t keep Noem offstage at his last Mar-a-Lago VP bash, then it was likely his campaign team that did. The bigger picture is that Noem isn’t out of the VP running in Trump’s *mind* but she’s unquestionably damaged goods in the campaign’s mind.

And on an even larger level, the puppy scandal was intense. It dominated the Sunday political shows for two weeks. Social media went into passionate meltdown over the topic. And it allllll just sailed on by, unnoticed, by Trump. Why? Because if he’s not the center of a story, he has zero interest in it, plain and simple.

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  1. It’s hard to find out anything if all you’re interested in is news/xits/s.m. about yourself. Dingleberry is a narcissist and an extreme one at that-he wouldn’t know if the sun rose unless the headline was “sun rose today, did trump notice?”

    It’s not just that he is stupid and doesn’t have the wherewithal to learn, it’s that he isn’t interested in anything other than that said about him and what he creates about himself in that pea brain of his.


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