I know, I know. I’ve already announced my early departure, and yet, here I am again. What can I say? I’m addicted to providing you good folks with information I think you should know, but may not have heard or collated elsewhere. Humor Me.

I feel sorry for the people of Georgia. Their voting rules make it easy for 3rd party candidates to make the ballot, but their moronic 50%+1 general election law makes runoff elections almost inevitable. It’s not fair.

Which once again leads us to the looming December 6 runoff between Democratic incumbent Raphael Warnock, and Trump anointed Mountain Troll, former football lug Herschel Walker. Speaking personally, Walker has run absolutely the worst, most disqualifying campaign I have seen in 50 years! I have never heard a major political candidate say that he actually wanted to be either a vampire or werewolf, and I have never seen a candidate for anything call a woman with printed receipts from an abortion a liar. Welcome to Georgia politics, I guess. HOWL!

There are reasons for both sides to fear a runoff. For starters, both sides whipped their base voters into a frenzy of participation on election day to determine a winner. Now they have to try it again, on a day in the middle of the holiday shopping season. besides, voters on both sides are sick of politics, they just suffered through a 7 month general election season. Enough already.

But the I wanna be a werewolf, not a vampire guy camp had 2 reasons to fear the runoff that the Warnock camp doesn’t. First, the GOP Super PAC’S and even McConnells Leadership PAC shuffled tens of millions of dollars to Walker’s campaign, wanting him to help tip the Senate. But with the calling of AZ for Kelly, and NV for Cortez Masto, that hope is gone. No reason to funnel more money into a dry hole. And the 2nd thing the Walker camp is desperate to do is to keep Traitor Tot from appearing in GA to campaign with Walker. They realize that’s the kiss of death.

Raphael Warnock on the other hands is free of those constraints, and the national Democratic party is exuberant to get him elected, and give Schumer and the Democrats complete control of all of the Senate committees. Warnock will not lack for funds.

But on the last few days, there have been several shifts and judicial decisions, and every last one of them have not gone the Werewolf Warlocks way. For instance;

  • The GOP dominated GA Supreme Court told GA SoS Raffensperger to go suck an egg, and allowed early voting on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, the only Saturday before the shortened electoral schedule before election day
  • The 2nd woman to accuse Walker of pressuring her into, and paying for an abortion she didn’t want held a presser with feminist lawyer Gloria Allred. While she declined to give her name, she produced photographic and audio evidence to prove her relationship with Walker. Of course the Troglodyte immediately branded her a liar
  • A new poll released today showed Warnock with a sturdy 51-47 edge over Walker. Full Disclosure. The poll is within the margin of error, but at the fart edge
  • A report broke today in the media that Walker received a tax break on his home in Texas. The McGuffin is that the tax break was based on the property being his primary residence. Which calls into questions Walker’s actual eligibility to run for office in Georgia, 2 weeks before the election
  • And earlier today the GA Supreme Court upheld Georgia’s uber restrictive 6 week ban, ensuring that once again Georgia voters will be motivated to the polls by the abortion issue

None of this is of course probative as to how the eventual vote count is going to go. but when you look at the cases I provided above, the ill winds only seem to be blowing one way going into the final 2 weeks before election. Tick-

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  1. “The poll is within the margin of error, but at the fart edge…”

    Probably the most profound comment I have read concerning the 2022 elections. Happy Thanksgiving, Murfster, and long may you wave!

    • Yeah, how come the pol pundits don’t use such exacting language when speaking of statistical probabilities? I’d probably pay more attention to them…well, maybe not since their fart edge is still going to be way off base. lmao

  2. “And earlier today the GA Supreme Court upheld Georgia’s uber restrictive 6 week ban, ensuring that once again Georgia voters will be motivated to the polls by the abortion issue.”

    The only problem is that, with the House now in GOP hands, any attempt to codify abortion rights under national law is pretty much done with. Sure, it could be attempted during the lame-duck session but McConnell will pull the old filibuster card in the Senate and I doubt there are enough GOPers willing to break with the national Party’s official anti-abortion stance to break the filibuster and pass such a law. And after January 3, whatever GOPer becomes Speaker, I can’t see him (or her) bringing a national right-to-choose bill for a vote.

    I’m hoping voters will stay motivated to fight against the forced-birther movement and return Warnock to the Senate but any real fight against the ban will have to be fought in the GA Legislature and hold THOSE bastards accountable.

    I still want a pregnant woman forced to carry to term under this law gets a lawyer and sues every single state legislator who voted for the ban–as well as Gov Kemp and the bastards on the GA Supreme Court who upheld the ban–for 18 full years of child support. Not a combined amount contributed by all of the bastards but a payment from EACH INDIVIDUAL bastard. Eighteen years of child support having to be paid individually–and not directly from the state coffers but with checks bearing the name of each individual–by some 100+ dipshats might finally get these morons to understand. And after this first woman gets her child support, then let open the floodgate of lawsuits by the other thousands of women forced to bear an unwanted child.

    • I want the partners of every woman denied an abortion because of a,fatal heartbeat and who dies,as a,result to sue every legislator for wrongful death, voluntary manslaughter, loss of conjugal.rights and practicing medicine without a license. The only things they care,about are power and money,so hit ’em where it hurts.

  3. I don’t understand the Democrats high-fiving themselves for turning the “red tsunami” into a pink drizzle. These elections should all have been blow-outs, not nail-bighters.
    Nut-jobs losing by the margin of error?
    Now we have Geriatric Joe muttering (though I guess that’s his normal speaking voice) about running for a second term in 2024. Given the way things are going, it wouldn’t surprise me that Donnie Doughnuts beat him.


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