I think this is the personally saddest article I’ve had to write since the one on the passing of the legendary Kobe Bryant. I said this a couple of days ago, and I’ll say it again. I’m a Biden man! And I’m still a Biden man. I said a few days ago that the doomsayers and breast clutchers needed to put it away one more time, and unite behind the man who beat Trump in 2020, and would beat him in 2024. I wasn’t wrong then, in the days directly following Biden’s tragic debate performance, but recent events, especially today, have overtaken me.

How many times have you guys heard me say this? You never get a 2nd chance to make a 1st impression. It’s always been true, and it’s still true now. And Biden demolished his candidacy on that stage in Atlanta a week ago yesterday.

See, that debate was supposed to be Biden’s 2024 first impression. I clearly understood the logic and the political tactics in that debate, and I agreed with them wholeheartedly. It was crystal clear. With Trump’s sentencing on 34 New York state fraud convictions looming four days before the opening of the GOP nominating convention, get him on the stage in late June, demolish him, and let it be the GOP who went into their nomination convention doubting the wisdom of letting a convicted felon be their standard bearer. It made, and still makes perfect sense.

Instead it was Biden that cratered. He looked old, feeble, had trouble maintaining a coherent line of thought, and seldom spoke in a decibel much higher than a mumble. Even when he slammed Trump with, My God Man! You have the morals of an alley cat!, what should have been a devastating line at the moment it was delivered almost conversationally, with no passion, not even a finger raised and pointed at his opponent.

I will ask you to remember this. When I live blogged the debate, my head was down, and I was concentrating on hearing and understanding the words, so I could relate them to you. It was only later, when I saw snippets of the debate that I realized how lethargic, confused, and wooden Biden looked throughout.

Biden knew he tanked it, and the rehabilitation tour began immediately. Personally, I don’t believe that Biden was actually scheduled to stop by at that watch party, but he couldn’t let the debate be the last impression of his performance. He jogged onto the stage, grabbed the microphone, bellowed at the top of his lungs, and excoriated Trump. Which begs the simple question. Where the f*ck was that wellspring of energy at the debate?! If you’d found that energy on the debate stage, you could have gone straight back to Air force 1, and we wouldn’t be having this conversation. If the cold was that bad, where did the energy at a tame watch party come from? That was like letting the Rolling Stones sleepwalk through a performance, and then the backup band comes and rocks the house down. It makes no sense.

The rehab tour continued, with two barn burning rallies in North Carolina and today in Wisconsin. Biden blew the roof off. And why not, these were impassioned crowds of core Biden supporters, how could he not have them rabidly in his corner following the reviews of the debate performance?

And then came tonight, what should have been the crown jewel to put Biden back on top again, and quell the persistent rumors of his mental acuity problems. A prime time, uninterrupted 22 minute interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos. No teleprompter, just mano-a-mano. The chance to turn the tables.

And as a true Biden man, I have to admit that he failed miserably. It was better than his debate performance, but hell, Biden reading from the Akron, Ohio phone book would have been better than his debate performance. But once again, while Biden sat there clear eyed and composed, and his sentences were coherent, his voice was seldom much above a whisper, and there was no passion or fire in his voice throughout the interview.

But here was the capper for me. randomly but repeatedly during the interview, Stephanopoulos pressed Biden on any diminution of his physical or mental and cognitive abilities over the last 3 1/2 years. And Biden steadfastly denied that he had lost a step. Bullsh*t! Biden has spent 3 1/2 years in the most high pressure, stressful job on the planet. Biden had an edge, we went in with white hair. Obama went in with curly black hair, Dubya went in with thick brown hair, and when they left, they were both shot through with silver. The f*cking job takes a toll.

Look, I don’t agree with former Democratic Ohio congressman Tim Ryan on much, but he nailed it tonight on MSNBC. as did former HUD Secretary Julian Castro, with whom I agree on most things, that they watched the interview tonight, and saw a man in denial. And so did I. Biden has spent his entire life in selfless public service. It’s what he lives for, and he’s loathe to have to admit that age has finally taken its toll. especially when , like a Theodan King, he has his faithful Wormtongues ready to assure him that he’s still the hottest ticket in town. He’s not.

Look, I get it. Biden is responding knee jerk with pride, as well as the feisty never-say-die nature we Irish are known for. And why not. At the moment, the vast majority of naysayers are 2nd level congressmen, former officeholders and donors. What the hell do they know about it, or Biden and his strength of character?! I get that too. But Biden’s new rallying cry is, Where I come from, if you get knocked down, you get back up again! With ya there champ, but I can’t help thinking of this. When a 40 something Muhammad Ali got knocked down by a 20 something Mike Tyson, he got right back up again. And got knocked right back on his ass, where he stayed. Pride dies hard, as my tungsten knee reminds my dumb Mick ass every day.

As heartbroken as I am, I can still find a historical reference point for this. During Watergate, Richard Nixon was adamant about fighting off his upcoming impeachment. But Nixon was a hot mess, reportedly wandering the halls at night, drunkenly seeking solace by talking to the portraits of long gone Presidents. It was only when about a half a dozen of Nixon’s most loyal Senators took that 12 block walk from the Capitol to the White House to tell Nixon that the game was up, and if tried, he would be convicted in the Senate for him to step down. Why? Simply because his actions had lost their confidence. And Nixon wasn’t even running for reelection.

From where I’m sitting, this needs to happen again, and quickly. For the good of the party, and the country, some of Biden’s longest serving partners, Nancy Pelosi, Steny Hoyer, most certainly his presidential savior James Clyburn, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, and his long time ally Dick Durbin need to get together and plan an intervention. They need to walk, or more likely ride to the White House, and calmly explain, as lifelong confidants and brothers of the fight, why it is time for President Joseph Biden to step down, and complete the process of turning the mantle over to the new generation.

And when its done, I don’t want to hear any more of this Gavin Newsome, Jay Pritzker, Gretchen Witmer, Josh Shapiro bullsh*t! Vice President Kamala Harris is the only one with the national gravitas, name recognition, and access not only to the entire DNC operational, fundraising, and grassroots operation, but the bully pulpit to pull this off. Remember the old Pottery Barn adage I recited to sob sister Katy Tur? If you break it, you’ve bought it. Put your big boy pants on, take the shards home, grab a tube of Krazy Glue, and put it on your mantle.

I thank you for the privilege of your time.


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  1. If President Biden steps down, he hands the White House to the orange menace. He knows it. We all know it. Yet the media wants the fat f*ck in the residency so badly they can practically taste it. Shameful. I’m embarrassed to call myself a Democratic voter. I am equally embarrassed to call myself an American.

    • That’s how I see it. If Biden leaves the race, it will descend into chaos. And it’s in chaos already. Maybe that’s how this should be analyzed, is what is the least chaotic solution?

  2. Murf, I rarely if ever disagree with your political instincts. And I’m not doing so now. But if Biden steps down that’s going to virtually assure a Trump win. It makes the Democratic party look as dysfunctional as the GOP.

    It’s a terrible thing what we’re seeing here. I don’t know what I would say if I was working in the White House. This is a terrible shot to call. Yes, Joe has aged, as have we all. And the media is hounding him for it. Would a fresh young face on the ticket, would Kamala be a magic wand? Or would that doom us to four more years (or forever) of Trump?

    For what it’s worth, Dana Milbank just published in the Washington Post and he agrees with you. Again, I’m not saying you’re wrong. I’m saying the timing is likely to throw this race into an insane level of chaos and I don’t know if that’s a wise choice to make.

    • “…I’m not saying you’re wrong.” Well, maybe you’re not Ursula but I am – you’re wrong Murph, sorry but that’s just how I see it and I have to call it like I see it. No one, especially at this stage will be able to beat Trump… but Joe – period. I’m voting for Joe all the way and I say this knowing full well that he may not be able to serve out a full term but I don’t care. I have followed Kamala Harris since her time in CA (I was a CA resident during that period) and I know she is up to the task should it roll out that way. But I also do not think, as the top of the ticked candidate she can win on her own. And any other attempted strategy change in candidates will simply hand it to the orange shit gibbon. The way I see it, we need to gather ’round, hunker down and hammer that useless, entitled, orange POS into oblivion once and for all.

    • Thank you for this comment. I am so sick of the naysayers and the doom and gloom.
      The owners of all these media sites, NYT, WAPO, etc. are no longer here to inform us of the news. They are doing nothing but gaslighting all of us to get their preferred outcome, trump. They don’t want to share in the upkeep of our country through paying taxes, so they are going with the fascist candidate.
      We the people have this, as long as we stay behind the best President many of us have ever seen. We’ve got this!!

  3. Biden is the president now. Scotus has decided the president has immunity for official acts. Can’t Biden go after Trump and the republican fascists. weve heard what Trump has in mind for democracy and the rule of law.. lets get it on!

    • He’s too nice a man and he also believes in playing by the rules. He Should go after the project 2025 people, orange man, and others like miller, stone, etc., but he never would. iIt would be nice to think about though…

  4. Saying the quiet part out loud, corporate America and the billionaire class want Biden gone. When he surprising won the election in 2020, he seemed like a more conventional choice than Elizabeth Warren and a few others. And they could breathe a sign of relief, but he won by stealth hiding his more progressive side, and surprising me. As time has gone by, it became increasingly clear that he is the first president in a long time, who actually shifted the balance of the wealthy class for the rest of us, and got things done, to relieve poverty and the middle class burden, and at breath taking speed for government. Hence they are afraid that four more years of this, and average Americans will actually have a life in America that is worth living for, and the rich will not be so rich. I think we should stay the course, or we may not have another chance to change this country to something that JFK and FDR envisioned. Just ignore the panic, they sound to me, some of these hysterical voices, like they are just waking up to how much Biden has accomplished, and even some Dems don’t like that.


        • I disagree with your premise but will still extend the courtesy of suggesting that if you want people to take your opinion to heart in the future use the shift key and don’t SHOUT at everyone in an caps post.

  5. Poland played by the rules until 1939 when Hitler rolled into town. The democrats seem to be in DENIAL about where the ‘rules’ will be if this fascist moron steals the office AGAIN! GODDAMNIT HE WANTED THE MILITARY TO FIRE ON PEACEFUL PROTESTERS! I wish Biden was up for the fight but it appears NONE IF THEM REALIZE WE NEED TO FORGET THE GODDAMN RULES UNTIL THE RULE OF LAW IS RE-ESTABLISHED. HAVING A SUPREME COURT CREATING A KING, THROWING ROE ON ITS ASS AND SO ON SHOWS THAT TIME IS PASSED. Whatever they decide they need to do it now.

  6. Putting the questions about his fitness and energy aside, does this whole thing come down to money? What happens to his war chest if he loses the nomination?

    • UT stays with Biden/Harris. That is the rules of the election.
      If Biden steps down, and the DNC picks someone other than Harris, the new person will have to get their name on the ballot in all 50 states, raise a ton of money, and try to get name recognition in 4 months time. This looks like 1968 all over again, and the Democrats lost! We do not want to go down that path.

  7. Just my two cents, having provided health care to elderly people: cognitive and physical decline can be gradual, or it can occur rather quickly. My guess is that at the start of this year, Biden still felt fit and capable of running for a second term. But he has declined in the last few months. Yes, he can pull it together at times, enough to convince him he’s okay.. But we’ve now seen him when he couldn’t pull it together, and that’s what will be on voters’ minds.
    That is why this is different from Nixon’s downfall. If today’s corrupt GOP had existed back then, Nixon would have survived. But Biden needs the trust and confidence of American voters, and that’s been badly damaged. With the corrupt GOP ready to move in for the kill.
    if Biden steps down now, decent Americans may be willing to give President Harris a chance. We know for sure she will get lots of media coverage, something that will drive DJT even crazier.

    • I know I’m a stuck record but I just see this as utter chaos if Biden steps down. We’re talking four lousy months. Then if he wants Harris to shoulder the load, terrific. Good set up for 2028.

    • I’m sorry but I must beg to differ Karen. While I know Kamala would make an excellent president, she cannot win, in my opinion. There are far too few of the “decent Americans” you speak of to make it happen. She is a woman, and of mixed ethnicity. That’s 2 strikes to a very large swath of this divided country. While I would vote for her (and encourage everyone over whom I might have the slightest influence to do the same) I just don’t think there are enough of us. Makes me incredibly sad. But as I said before, if we elect Joe and, God forbid he becomes unable to continue his term – we have Kamala ready willing and able to step up.

  8. Murf, I’ve been with you for years. But not on this one. Don’t buy the Kool Aide. This “age” thing is a mad up republicon ratfucking campaign. That’s all it is. I watched the debate, the post-debate rallies and yesterday’s Wisconsin speech. He’s fine. The Melon Felon is a liar and is being tied to Project 2025 as we speak. THAT should be story. Any guesses why it isn’t?

    • Murf, I disagree with you and all of the other doom-sayers! President Biden is 100000000000000000 times more capable than THE ORANGE CONVICTED FELON. His physical and mental health are not in question at all! STOP LISTENING TO TO THE MAGAPUBLICANS AND THE MEDIA THAT ONLY CARE ABOUT CLICK-BATE HEADLINES!

  9. I hated my American history class, but the one thing that stuck with me was this: in history what really happened was NOT important—it’s what people THINK happened that WAS important. And after his poor debate performance, people THINK Biden is too old and feeble to be president. My own middle-aged kids think that. I think he should step down now while there’s still time to regroup and get a younger person up and running.

  10. it’s you and the vast majority of your MSM compadres that ran interference for the Biden admin the last four years who are solely at fault for this debacle.

    You *knew* Biden was declining.
    You saw it almost daily.
    But instead of raising red flags a year or two ago, you people kept running interference for him while convincing the American people to ignore what they see because Biden’s some kind of superman behind closed doors. You also knew that Kamala was an equity hire who had no business being a heartbeat away from the presidency but again, you chose to lie about her capabilites when it was plain to see she was not ready for prime time.

    Yes, you and the vast majority of the MSM are directly culpable for the predicament your party is in now, so don’t think for a moment that your prose means much.
    All this gnashing of teeth rings hollow when you abdicated your duty and responsibility as journalists to report facts instead of gaslighting the American people.

    All of you journalists should reflect on that and maybe cease being a mouthpiece for the DNC and start telling the unvarnished truth for a change. The American people deserve that, at least.

    • Uhhhh… To my way of thinking, your “unvarnished truth” that Murph and many of us should have been drilling into and warning everyone that this doddering fool of a President is dropping the ball must have been taking place in your alternate reality. The actual truth is that Biden in his 3+ years has done more to right the ship and help even things out for ordinary Americans that the “melon felon” did or ever will do. And since he is the current and only alternative candidate I must assume you think he could have been doing better than Joe. Hmmm…

  11. Trouble with all of this is that we and America as a whole needs Biden more than Biden needs us now. And there’s no one that can come up from the farm system to star in the Big Show.

  12. Sorry frank…you’re head is up your ass concerning the STARK DIFFERENCE between Biden and Trump. Why aren’t you screaming at the Republicans for choosing EVIL AT EVERY TURN OF THE PHUCKING ROAD??? Hmmmm????

  13. Two old men, one of which is slowed down a bit, while the other is mentally unstable. …. One heeds the advice of experienced advisors while the other only surrounds himself with those who tell him what he wants to hear. …. It is an easy choice for me.

  14. You’re a “Biden man” Murf? Really? Hell, I’m not a “Biden man” but f.f.s. I know that if we do not shoot down (or just fucking shoot) the stoopie fucks mouthing off about Biden has already lost then he will lose.

    If you can’t write anything positive about Biden then shut the fuck up Murf. We really don’t need your bullshit on top of all the bullshit coming from the wealthy owners of msm. Or are you being paid to write this garbage? hmmmmm murf?

    STFU if you don’t have anything intelligent to write and if this screed is any example, you don’t.

  15. I sit here with tears running down my face. I supported Biden in all of his earlier runs for president. I have admired his big wins in legislation and the general way he has been the chief executive. Such a big difference after the trump years.
    The existential importance of this election hangs heavily over every choice. I have no answers first I think stick with Biden regardless. Then a glimmer of hope that Kamala could pull our asses out of the fire. This is the reason placing people in positions that can be crucial for any reason other than their competence and ability to do the job if it becomes necessary is a mistake. I still vasilate but whatever decision is made needs to be made and we have to get behind it 100%.


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