You gotta hand it to former North Carolina ultra-MAGA frat boy Congressman Madison Cawthorn, he really knows how to amp his knuckle-dragging gun fetishizing base, filming himself dramatically tracking down a dangerous legless mannequin through what looks to be a crack/paintball shack to deliver a heroic kill shot…

Ron’s followers were as impressed as we are…

Which means not very.

Hungover Games.

I already feel safer…

Don’t you?


They should really stick to their Play Stations.

Yes he did🙄

You saw that too…





Sleep well, America, Madison is cosplaying commando…

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  1. Those other guys better be careful. If you’re a male friend of Madison Cawthorne, you don’t want to be anywhere near him and a bed! 😆

  2. Seems about right for these emotionally crippled pre-teens. Stalking a mound of plastic lying on a bed is all they can handle. Legends in their own mind. What??? No classroom of real 6 y/olds to shoot at??? Oh. The horror.


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